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Chris Graves, SPSC Commodore, 2016

Commodore's Ramblings May 2016

Thanks to all that helped out on the renovation of the training trailer, it looks fantastic. Special thanks to Wright for spearheading the effort and having it wrapped up in time for the Stephen C. Smith Regatta. The renovations reflect well on the club and our stewardship of the beach or what's left of it.

The Smith Regatta went very well. Camping at the beach, great friends, great weather, cold beer, and incredible fried fish. We are fortunate to have such events for a bargain price. Special thanks to S.P.S.C. members for their work.

The races were very well laid out with tight courses for many quick races. The winds were light from the southeast on Saturday and Sunday but Friday afternoon’s sea breeze yielded some good short boarding on my Tabou 125 with the tried and true Ezzy 7.5.

The entertainment for the night was Public Address which for some, is a bit intense, but Terry and I found it fantastic to dance to. The band cranked and the Jello shots were a special treat, thanks Sherry!

Holy buckets Batman! The breakfasts were fantastic with Sherry and Leah. Pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, along with the rest of the “continental” breakfast, must be the continent of north america with that much great food!

Thanks Dave for making our Scamp electrified. Glad to see your new gear. Looking forward to seeing you on the water.

The Spring Seabreeze:

In the spring along the Gulf coast we often get a sea breeze in the afternoon. This is caused by the mainland heating up and causing updraft that draws in more air from the cooler gulf waters. In my experience they are more likely to occur when the morning winds are north or northwest and very light. Our east winds tend to decrease towards noon and are less likely to rotate to the southwest.

This is a classic example on Saturday May 7th. Note the temperature drop. April through June we are blessed with this flow until the water heats up to much.

Yeah, it did it again (less dramatic) on Sunday and I got to ride it!

Chris Grave
2016 SPSC Commodore

Past Commodore’s Muddled Memory

There are those that may grouse about paying dues, or wonder what the money gets them. I was out sailing the other day when I saw two windsurfers, not club members, disassemble their gear and rinse it off over by the training trailer. One of them had mentioned earlier that they had called Windy to see what the wind was doing. Most people don’t realize that Windy and the accessible water used by sailors and fisherman alike, were setup by the hard work of SPSC members. True, we don’t pay for the water, but club members ran pipe from the water by the rest area all the way down the beach to the training trailer. Money was spent on a ditch witch to dig a proper trench, the pipe and associated materials, and the hose that everybody uses to rinse stuff. The hard work was provided free by SPSC members. As everyone should know, Windy costs the club monthly for the telephone connection. Thankfully, Lee had not only donated the informative wench, but had a major hand in getting it installed and operational.

In addition to all that, the club provides FREE windsurfing lessons and has been doing so for over 25 years. Again, club members donate their time to teach and the club has purchased items needed for training.

Though some might consider this frivolous, the Wind Ceremony is an event that both club members and local residents of Shell Point look forward to every year. Any event in which you can sell 180 shirts is one that is successful. The club has generously purchased a sound board for the band whilst band members give up their time to practice and then perform. Band members have to fork out about $50 each to the facility they practice in. Nobody said musicians have any business sense.

The club does lots of things that benefit all of us and your dues help a lot more people than you would think. Thank you for being a member, you have done a lot to help people in and outside of the club.

Training is Ready

Had a great group come down to get the equipment ready for training this year. Tina, Rik, Charlie, Bill, Bob A., and Bob G. were all down there getting the sails rigged up. This year our sails are in the best shape ever, with two new sails from last year that didn’t arrive until the last lesson, and two other sails that had panels replaced. We have our two new Kona boards from last year, and a variety of others that are in decent condition, especially after Bill did repairs to one of them. However, if anyone has an older longboard that may be a good training board, please consider donating it to the club.

The Stephen C. Smith memorial regatta saw a very vibrant and competitive novice fleet this year, with several of the racers using SPSC training equipment.

--- Bob G.

43rd Annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta
Windsurfer Race Results
Shell Point Sailboard Club

We had another great regatta weekend! Starting on Friday night with the social gathering at the Beer Garden. We woke up Saturday morning to breakfast on the beach with Leah & Sherry. After the morning Skipper’s Meeting, Perry Morris & crew set the race course, then the race committee went white flag up at 11:30 am. After two races the wind went weak, so everyone returned to shore for some lunch at the beach grille. As the wind began to freshen it was back to the race course with four more races. After “suppa on the ground” at the Yacht Club it was back to the beach for some music and socializing at the Beer Garden. Sunday morning started with another Leah & Sherry breakfast on the beach. Sunday started with plenty of wind for a long distance race out to the tripod and the flasher and back to the beach. After some serious ciphering by the race committee, it was on to the awards ceremony. The race awards results were as follows:

Kona Fleet
Sport Fleet
Longboard Limited
Longboard Unlimited
1st Dan Burch 1st Chris Graves 1st Steve Bogan 1st Dave Stanger

Linda Downey

2nd Steve Campbell 2nd Joe Sisson 2nd Mark Powell
3rd Jack May 3rd Gerry Myers 3rd Chris McMahon 3rd Chris Voith
4th Bob Graves 4th Bob Andres     4th Dan Oliver
    5th Julea Williams     5th Paul Hansard

The “Dan Smith” award went to a very deserving Linda Downey and the “Gallant Sailor” award went to Dan Burch for his unique performance.

We had a good turnout with 21 racers on the water. There were several closely contested finishes and the race committee had a front row seat for all of them. After the racing ended we were all treated to Chris Voith sailing a “foil-board” just off the beach. In addition to the four fleets shown above Tina had a lively group of ‘C’ fleeter’s that she separately reports on here in this month’s Newsletter. (Note from Webmaster: C Fleet will be posted later and members will be notified.)

Donna McMahon took a lot of great race photo’s from the committee boat on Saturday and on the beach on Sunday along with our Commodore Chris. Chris put together a great collage of all the photos and promptly put them on SPSC2.

Our faithful crew of committee folk include; Perry Morris for designing and setting the course in addition to keeping a close eye on sailor safety from the chase boat. Mark Voigt for start sequences and finish’s. We were assisted on the committee boat on Saturday by a father & daughter, Chris and Lizzie, from the Venture Scouts. Hopefully Lizzie will return for more sailing lessons again this teaching season.

--- Lee Chapin

Unpuzzling the ISAF

Rik Edmonds with Mark Powell

If you’re one of those whose significant other bans you from reading actuarial tables in bed because they keep you awake all night, then you’re the type that worries about Rule 16.3, Appendix B (Windsurfing) of the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing, 2013-16. For the benefit of everyone else, blithely ignorant of the menacing implications of this nefarious provision, the offending paragraph is reproduced below:

“16 CHANGING COURSE Add new rule 16.3:
“16.3 When, at the warning signal, the course to the first mark is ninety degrees or more from the true wind, a right-of-way board shall not change course during the last minute before her starting signal if as a result the other board would need to take immediate action to avoid contact.”

Now if this dump load of obtuse gibberish means anything to you, your rare talent is wasted here in Tallahassee, you should be in Washington DC authoring legislation for too-big-to-fail bank lobbyists to pass on to their employees in Congress, namely Senators and Representatives. Last time I did any serious racing, hails like “MAST ABEAM” and “BARGING” were as commonly used as today’s “STARBOARD”, (or Commodore Chris’ secret weapon, “PORT”). So, being a novice to sailboarding and the intervening iterations of the rules, I solicited former SPSC Commodore and Olympic sailor Mark Powel to unpuzzle this marble mouthed sphinx. Here is his response (with my parenthetical):

“Hi Rik,
“You are correct that most races are not started this way (i.e., with the course to the first mark being a reach or further downwind) but Slalom races are typically started like this and since the boards are going at very high speeds on beam or slightly downwind of beam reaches, I think this rule is an attempt to prevent serious collisions in which the sailors could be hurt. That’s my read anyway. There are plenty of races on Youtube you can check out . . .”

So basically, non-slalom racers can get out your scissors, carefully excise paragraph 16.3, wad it into a tight ball, and set it on fire - one less thing to loose sleep over.

And if any other racing rule specters caffeinate your pre-race slumbers, don’t waste your money on a new mattress. SPSC’s Ectoplasm SWAT squad is ready. Who you gonna call ?

When Thank You is not Enough . . . .

. . . an age old dilemma which for years has puzzled noted theologians, scientist, new-age gurus, and daffy duck. I cannot say "thank you" often enough to equal the work provided by this year's Smith Regatta Committee! So, the next time you see any of the following folks, be sure to thank them for their hard work:

Martha Robinson co-chaired the event with me. Thank you Martha for steering the committee alone at the beginning of the year while I was gone. Hopefully, once sound of mind and clear of heart, I jumped in and took care of my part. Martha not only co-chaired the entire event, she was committee chair for Social Media and, along with husband Scott, the ABYC representative. ABYC and members hosted the dinner location, and chairs and tables for the event. Thank you Martha and Scott. (Hey, Martha, do ya wanna do it again next year?)

Thank you Marianne Gengenbach. Marianne chaired the Publicity Committee, arranging for media support via newspapers, and WCTV and WTXL. If any of our event signs helped you during the event. . . . then thank Marianne!

Grand Master Wright Finney once again chaired the Logistics Committee. Thank you Wright. Wright is responsible for the entire event site from permits, tents, stage, PA system, port-a-potties, lights, water, electricity, boat access, t-shirt design, and beer. Wright took on extra work this year; announcing and describing the auction items for the auctioneers. Wright's other responsibilities include being the Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta Foundation Representative and is the Foundation's current Chair Person. Next time you see Wright, not only thank him, but buy him a beer (or martini).

Don Reeder, who chaired the event for the past two years, came back again this year to chair the Race and Awards Committee. Next time you are drinking beer from your SCSMR trophy mug and reminiscing about your sailing skills, be sure to thank Don. Don also coordinated the sub-committees for the PHRF, Portmouth and One Design and Windsurfing races. Thanks Don. And thanks to Lee Chapin (glad you were up and about, buddy), for his work with the windsurfing races. Thanks also goes out to the Venture Scouts, Chris and Lizzie.

Breakfast anyone? Leah Chapin is our American Cancer Society representative. The ACS is the reason for the event! In her spare time, she and Sherry Martin provided and prepared breakfast for YOU in the mornings. How freakin' awesome it is to wakeup to a prepared breakfast after a night of partying . . . Sherry and Leah did too (party). Thank you Leah and Sherry.

The "Smith Grill" falls under the Food Committee, chaired by Linda Downey, However, the grill is coordinated and operated by Wendy Beven-Baker and her volunteers. The grill brought in more revenue this year than last year . . . so thank you Wendy and crew, and all of you who were hungry.

The Registration Committee takes several folks; our tried and true registration chairs Joeann Vesecky who has kept it organized and efficient for 29 years and Ann Getman who has done the same for even longer working behind the scenes and under that hot tent with Joeann. Angel Ganey is our newest co-chair in registration, bringing extra organization efforts and even more efficient handling of all of those registration bags and products for sale at the tent. Many other people (Lisa Stephany) helped at registration, behind these key folks. I don't know everyone present, but thank you. Special thanks to the three key players, Joeann, Ann and Angel. And another special thank you to Joeann for accepting our new "techie" ways.

The Auction Committee is our largest committee. Every member of the committee works to procure auction items from the businesses and vendors around the area, but the auction committee makes it happen in an organized and timely fashion. Lisa Stephany and Dennis Imbler Whitlock took on the co-chair responsibilities for the first time this year. Welcome and thank you! You worked hard and displayed patience galore which resulted in another successful event. Other key players, include Stan Derzypolski (acquition and transfer of boats/vessels), Wright Finney, Dave Denmark and Tigger Gray (auctioneers), and Cam Whitlock, Amy Crowson, Angel Ganey, Liz Denmark, Bobbie Bailey (also donated from Bobbie's Sweet Creations), Leah Chapin (past auction chair - brought her years of experience). Oh, and if you participated and/or enjoyed the ParrotHead Hat Contest and Parade . . . thank Lisa Stephany and the Tallahassee ParrotHead Club. Welcome back!. Thank you. (My apology if I did not know you worked the auction).

As a side bar to the auction which made it the most efficient auction to date, I thank, Michael Ganey. Michael made internet access possible for the auction folks to run laptops, iPads, phones, and wireless printers. For the first time, we were able to go into the audience to register a bidder with a paddle, instead of a bottle-neck at the tent. The same bottle-neck is now gone when paying and picking up your priced auction items. Thank you Mike !

Hey, did you enjoy a cold beer? Well, thank Adam Bennett and his volunteers. Adam kept the dispensing of liquids at the "beer truck" legal, safe and responsible for the entire weekend. Thank you Adam.

Yes, I am saving the best for last . . . Linda Downey. While Linda is officially the chair of the Food Committee, she really plays a part in every committee mentioned. She is the one at the meetings who says, "I can do that", "I can get that", or "sure no problem". Linda is also the treasurer of the Smith Foundation and accounts for all of the event revenues and expenses. Thank you Linda. You are a sweet-heart and I love working with you.

Wow! Thanks for hanging with me and reading this article. I hold everyone above near and dear to my heart for their work on this event. Helping find a cure for cancer is hugh. I have never lost anyone to cancer and I want to keep it that way. Both of my parents are survivors of lung cancer, as well as I am with lung surgery to remove a carcinoid tumor, and surviving basal cell cancer and melanoma. Many of you are also survisors or have lost someone dear to you to that awful disease. Maybe next year, we can have a tribute board for all of us to post our experiences with cancer and as a memorial for the ones we lost.

--- Deb Berlinger

SPSC Club Meeting April 12, 2016

Meetings will be posted later and members will be notified.

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2016

Commodore: Chris Graves
Vice Commodore: Mary Rolling
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Joe Sisson
Ric Edmonds
Deb Greene
Bill Olson
Past Commodore: Bob Graves


"Whitton Effect"

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