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Commodore's Corner March 2016

Chris Graves, SPSC Commodore, 2016

The Kona Midwinters North American Championship

After an almost 6 hour journey I arrived at the Bellville Motel and apartments, $75 and they upgraded me to an apartment with a full kitchen!

From the Belleville its about a very pleasant drive to the Clearwater Sailing center. The gulf side of Clearwater beach is populated with mansions and ever increasing high rise condominiums.

The clearwater sailing club consists of a very nice clubhouse with a wide variety of equipment that can be rented or used when one wants. Steve and Marty Gottlieb were there with Kona one design boards for charter; registration was fast and easy.

Day One Friday,

The races started around 11:00am and three races with a double upwind leg were held in winds from 15 to over 20 and gusty. It was all I could do to hold on to the 7.8 bin the downwind legs.

After three races we came in and had a delicious lunch.

The afternoon races started at around 2:00pm, and the winds had dropped significantly, but you could still hook in. We got in two more races and headed back for a wonderful dinner and and a keg of beer.

Day Two:

The races started around 10:30am and we got two races in before lunch. The first wind had light air but after complaints that we were not at the wind minimum for KONA we waited a bit for the second race, fortunately the winds blew the rest of the day from 5 to 15 and gusty.

After lunch we got two more races in with the second ending inshore, thank you!

A keg of beer was provided and dinner was at 5:30pm with a salad, chicken and pasta primavera.

Day Three:

Three races were scheduled but only two were held Sunday morning as the wind was very strong and the entire fleet was getting worn out. We were on the water by noon. Lunch was served but I left about two to head home so I missed out on the awards ceremony.

Please note that the of the top12 finishers, 5 were women with first place won by a woman. Your commodore came in 11th place and completed every race.

Chris Grave
2016 SPSC Commodore

Click on Image for Larger View (Race Results)

Past Commodore’s Muddled Memory

Didn’t realize how the successful coup to unseat me would feel at the first meeting. It was so strange that I responded to a question not even asked, and everyone just slowly turned and looked at me, thankful that I was no longer Commodore. The new Commodore, Chris, was definitely in charge. Tried to drown my sorrows, but after my second beer and seventh trip to the bathroom, I knew that wasn’t the answer. However, it was great to see the number of people who came to the first meeting of the year in support of the new regime.

The Keys trip for me was great. I got to sail five days in a row, went out kayaking with Sandy one day, and chickened out on the windiest day to sail some more. My loss. Kudos to Bill for giving it a go and to Chris, Perry, Wright, and Hugh for tearing it up between the sandbars.

On the way down to the Keys, Perry, Bill, Joe, Sandy and I stopped by Fish Eating Creek on a Wednesday night, hoping to stay until Friday when we would head to the Keys. However, mother nature had other plans for us. It rained, hard, and Perry got a call Wednesday night from the front office that they would be closing the park and shutting all electricity off at 10am the next day. Perry found another park only 10 miles away that was high and drier where we spent Thursday night. It was a nice park, but sadly, and Trump would agree with me on this, filled with furriners from Quebec, Canada, who only spoke French and played a game called Petanque.

Had a great time at Clearwater even though my racing skills are nonexistent. The venue is wonderful and a beehive of activity for all kinds of sailing and all age groups of people. Five fleets; Kona (30 racers), Race boards (5), RSX(7), Techno(5), Formula(6).

Windsurfing Fitness

After competing in the hardest regatta I have ever attended I realize the key to competing is not only getting on the water as often as possible but to also do regular strength training and stretching. While attending the Kona Championships I brought my yoga pad and did stretching in the evening, if not for that and an aspirin I would not have made it.

First Exercise, Hanging on for dear life with a 7.8 in gusty 20 knot winds.

I picked up a youtube channel “scooby1961” which is this old dudes fitness channel. The one exercise that I feel all windsurfers would benefit from is the 40 chin-ups Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You break the 40 into 5 sets of 8. If you are not able to start or complete a chin up stand a a bench hold the bar and lower your weight until you complete the set. Stretch for a few minutes between sets and do it again. When you first start you will feel like you have been beaten but after a couple of weeks you get in the groove. I am still not able to do all 40.

A piece of windsurfing boom can be made into a way cool bar.

Second Exercise, loading your board without damaging your car.

Take what ever weight you can curl about 8 times and perform a curl into an overhand push with extension completing the same 5 sets of 8. I suffer from gimpy shoulders and loading the long board on the roof can be the hardest part of a days sail.

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2016

Commodore: Chris Graves
Vice Commodore: Mary Rolling
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Joe Sisson
Ric Edmonds
Deb Greene
Bill Olson
Past Commodore: Bob Graves



"Whitton Effect"

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