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Commodores Commands and Comments by Commodore Bob Graves, aka ISUC - September 2015

Bob Graves, SPSC Commodore, 2015

Bob Graves, Commodore
Imperial Supreme Ultimate Commodore (ISUC)

Well, my reign is coming to an end in just four months, which means elections are on the horizon, if I allow them, which I will! After September 8th we will all know who the new SPSC board will be. We had nominations last month, and if you weren’t there, there is a good chance your name is on the ballot.

Lessons have wrapped up for the year, with the last lesson of the year having the worst weather conditions bringing only two students to the beach. Very disappointing. Summer series has concluded as well with the result coming out in another article, so read on.

The Endless Summer is our next major event and there is a lot in store for you when you register and come to the beach. Starting Friday night we will have our traditional wings and fries cooked on the spot by Rick and Judy. We will munch on these delectables while sating our thirst with beer from the beer truck while LIVE music is played in the background.

Saturday brings breakfast, a gumbo contest and hot dogs sponsored by Café Donaldo’s, racing of both Windsurfers and SUPs, followed later in the evening by a Posey’s supper of fish or chicken and a prize giveaway. Prizes include an Ezzy boom, mast foot, mast extension, shirts, gift certificates, Dakine harnesses, and so much more. This will be followed by music and dancing on the beach by DJBobbyG.

Sunday morning of course brings breakfast and a long distance race with the right conditions, and more SUP racing as well, followed in the early afternoon with trophy presentations.

Included in your registration bag this year, along with the Henley style shirt, chums eyeglass holders, dinner tickets and gift chance tickets will be the Swami and the Festoons album “Songs about the Beach, Wind, Windsurfing”. These CDs are limited in number and will go to the first 80 early registrants. Not available for those who register on the beach.

Bob Graves, Commodore 
Imperial Supreme Ultimate Commodore (ISUC)

Summer Series 2015 by Bob Graves

For those who participated, we had fun. Overall, we had eight SPSC people participate in the Open racing and seven in the Novice fleet. Needless to say, we didn’t have that many for every race.

We ran 13 races over about 5 lessons. Had to cancel a couple due to weather conditions, either no wind or lightning. If you did not attend a race in the Open class, you got a score of 9 for that race, a DNS. The 9 was based on all the racer that had participated in a Summer Series race. There were only five people that made it to every race, and that is reflected in how well they finished.

The best thing is that the Novice/Sport fleet has only two names some of you may recognize, while the others are new to the sport.

Below is the order of finish:

Chris Graves
Joe Sisson
Bob Graves
Bill Olson
Jerry Myers
Paul Hansard
Mike Levine
Linda Downey
Adam Bennett
Rik Edmonds
Deb Green
Brennen Fogarty
Rose McCaffery
Gretchen DeYoung

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2015

Commodore: Bob Graves
Vice Commodore: Chris Graves
Scribe: Bill Olson
Purser: Wright Finney
At Large Members:
Laurie Levine
Deb Green
Mary Rolling
Adam Bennet
Past Commodore: Mark Powell
Board is also known as the Guardians of the Windy Sea!

Club Meeting August 2015

At 07:30 (plus 2) the meeting commenced.

The Commodore issues the monthly agenda, replete with a fun and informative quiz on the back of the agenda.

The Summer Series, we have had 18 races to date, 2 lessons days remain for this summer. In his wisdom the Commodore establishes the racing rules, so I think we know how this may turn out.

NIMBY XIX – A brief recap

Rum n Rootbeer happened, we have a video to prove it! A good time was had by all and we finished well in the black on this one thanks to our kind sponsors. How much? You should have been at the meetimg and you would know. Many thanks to Mary Rolling for chairing the event.

A race brainstorming session ensued, the intent is to get more participants from Shell Point on the water, and less whining. A variety of ideas were floated to liven things up;

End races closer to the beach.
Race on the flats.
Beach starting.
Short start sequence.
Multi-fleet starts.
Wider start lines.
One mass start.
Triangle course, easier to adjust if the wind shifts.
A pre-event race training day.
Room service on the committee boat.
Change lunch time.
Other items broached included sport fleet scoring, sail size, notice of race.
Bob in his wisdom decides to move on.

Pursers Report: We have money in the bank, insurance is paid (which includes our on and off the water activities and boats if used, which is why you should register for all our events).

Webhosting and domain name paid for. We have 63paid memberships.

Post office box paid for, brief discussion of reserving the XMAS party venue.

The new training gear has arrived, it is very nice and we even sold one of the old hi flys.

Upcoming events
Juanas Good Time Regatta SEP 11
Novice Racing Practice Day SEP 19

Endless Summer Sailboard Classic
This year there will not be an under 18 racing registration, more people chose that by accident than we ever had actual registrants.
Registration Categories:
Racer – windsurfing or SUP
Club member/US windsurfing member discounts apply
NON racer
Poseys will cater you can choose Chicken OR fish
The gumbo contest is back, be ready to spice it up!

After the ESSC is the Atlanta Fall Classic, the forecast is good times.

XMAS party has a ‘60s theme this year, interpret that how you wish.

Dates have been set, hopefully to minimize interaction with the people who have even less couth than we. We won’t be getting the great spots we had last year, we will be condensed in the 700/800 block to the north by the marina. With the influx of camping trailers, we need to identify tenters who can share lots. The main reservation will be Saturday to Saturday, January 30 to February 6, estimate $68 per night. Dave is the point man on this and would be the only one to change the schedule. Thanks to Dave.

Last meeting Chris Graves showed a video of Cape San Blas, he is camping there at the state park May 28 to June 5, @ $225 for 8 days, tenting available.

Elections are next month, the suggested slate of candidates is:
Commodore – Chris Graves
Vice Commodore – Mary Rolling
Scribe – Adam Bennett
Purser – Wright Finney
Nominations from the floor for at large members;
Joe Sisson
Jack May
Ric Edmonds
Deb Greene
Bill Olson

Nominations were closed, balloting next meeting

Deb Berlinger nominated for Webmistress, which is not an elected position but vital to the club, so we elected by acclamation.

Next Club meeting will be September 8 at BOB, keep in mind that dues must be current to vote or be elected.

Teensie motions to adjourn, Adam Bennett seconds, and the crowd goes wild.

Submitted for the glory of Bob.

Check the SPSC Photo Gallery for More Photos
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