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Commodores Commands and Comments by Commodore Bob Graves, aka ISUC - June 2015

Bob Graves, SPSC Commodore, 2015


Bob Graves, Commodore
Imperial Supreme Ultimate Commodore (ISUC)

My mid-winters article forgot to mention Mr. Dan Burch from the SPSC also being there. He was also very encouraging for the rag tag team of Olson, Sisson, and Graves to participate. Thanks, Dan!

May lessons got off to a start once again with the Venturing Scouts the first ones to come. We had one new trainer in Joe down there, and a big thanks to Bill, Linda, and Tina who taught from beginning to end. Charlie Yontz, who is still undergoing chemo, came down to assist where he could, as did Deb Green and Mark Powell.

I want everyone to be prepared for my Endless Summer budget proposal when it comes up. I only have 4 newsletters to convince you of my need for a $25,000 budget. Up until recently, the requested budget would have been in the $3,500 to $4,000 range, but recent events by some uppity malevolent minions has required additional expense. In order to protect me, the Most(ly) High Commodore, the budget will need to include the rental of a limousine for his Esteemed (esteamed?) ones safety and comfort, and, of course, a Blackwater Security team. These things don’t come cheap and, with a call to Dick Cheney (some people really like Dick) saying that I’m a benevolent Despot trying to stop some fanatics for fairness from a coup, he cut me a deal. I gave him oil drilling rights to Shell Point. I figure the oil slicks will make the boards really move. My backup plan in case the budget isn’t approved is to just give George Zimmerman a comp entrance. Your choice.

In order to support this high yet fair budget, we need to line up sponsors for this event, so please, everyone, anyone, and YOU please think of folks that might want to get name recognition in the club and who would be willing to donate product or money and let me know. THANKS!

Bob Graves, Commodore 
Imperial Supreme Ultimate Commodore (ISUC)

Summer Series

We got off to a great start with the picture telling it all. Decent winds and a good turnout turned in to fun for all. Racing started almost promptly at 3:30, as advertised. We ran three races using the channel markers as our courses. The race committee wanted to quit after two since the water was getting low, but was overruled by the desire for one more! So we moved the channel markers around and had one more race that kept us near deeper water. All starts were beach starts with a 10 seconds countdown from the race committee and the finish and order of finish was determined on where you were sitting on the beach at the picnic table. Finish was jumping off your board and running to get a seat. It’s amazing how these folks could sail around the marks, jump off their board, and stumble running.

So the first Summer Series race, after a very long hiatus had, some surprise finishers. Before posting the results, I want to thank the Vice Commodore, Chris Graves, for wanting to get the series going again. I encourage others to come out and join us. All our races took maybe 1.5 hours. Think about it, a 10 second start sequence.

Order of finish by race:

Open Unlimited Fleet
First Race: Chris Graves, Paul Hansard, Mike Levine, “Sleeper” Joe Sisson, Bob Graves, Bill Olson
Second Race: “Sleeper” Joe, Chris, Paul, Bob, Mike, Bill
Third Race: Joe (sleeper no more), Chris, Paul, Bill, Bob, Mike

Sport Fleet:
First Race: Adam Bennett, Deb Green
Second Race: Deb Green, Adam Bennett

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2015

Commodore: Bob Graves
Vice Commodore: Chris Graves
Scribe: Bill Olson
Purser: Wright Finney
At Large Members:
Laurie Levine
Deb Green
Mary Rolling
Adam Bennet
Past Commodore: Mark Powell
Board is also known as the Guardians of the Windy Sea!

Club Meeting May 2015

The radios struck 13 NBT as Commodore Bob, AKA Big Brother initiates the proceedings.

22 members were present to bask in the wisdom that is Bob.

Members from Venturing Scout Crew 44 provided a presentation of the outdoor activities they enjoy, including a nice video. This year will be the 4th or 5th year we have had a training day with them.

The purser arrives as the Commodore makes a passionate argument for an olive testing requirement and then distributes a quiz. There is discussion of using recipes in the newsletter, as well as reviving old “Jump and Jibes” to add some bulk.

Pursers Report
We have money in our checking account. Upcoming expenses for the NIMBY and Rum n Root Beer events. The new training gear is apparently being sailed across the Pacific Ocean by political refugees and will get here when it gets here.

Our memberships for 2015 now stand at 58, holding steady.

June 19-21 in Fort Walton Beach. Difficult to find a perfect event site there. We will sail from Beasly Park in the bay, we will have to drive to rig and launch, but we will be close to restaurants, bars shops etc. There will be a Friday boating trip.

Rum n Root Beer
Mary Rolling provided a presentation of the planned 2015 RnR, with phrases including “Just Add Water” and “Prepare to Get Wet”, which I assumed were in reference to the event. There will be games in the water. A Facebook event will be set up to engage the populace. August 2 is the day. A budget request was made and mayhem ensued. Commodore Bob in his wisdom tables the budget discussion until next month so that the numbers from last year can be massaged… errr reviewed to provide an accurate budget.

If you have game ideas, pass them on to Mary and Pam.

Endless Summer Sailboard Classic
– talk to your sponsors NOW
Linda Downey has different ideas for breakfast and Perry is to check on the screen house for Suppah

New gear will get here when it gets here. May 16th is a return engagement with the Venturing Scouts. Next lessons start April 30th and is full, other classes filling up fast. The SPSC Summer Series will commence at 3:30 on each lessons day.

General Discussion
A new Festivus pole is needed, aluminum, unadorned
Linda says that there are a few Smith T’s left.

The next meeting will be June 9th at Beef O Bradys.

Tina made the motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Paul Hansard, beating out Adam Bennett (who seems to want these things to end every time). Approved by acclamation

Humbly recorded for the majesty of Bob.

Check the SPSC Photo Gallery for More Photos
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