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Commodores Commands and Comments by Commodore Bob Graves, aka ISUC - March 2015

Bob Graves, SPSC Commodore, 2015


Never too early to get ready and start planning!!! The Endless Summer Sailboard Classic date has been set for September 25th-27th, a great date. We have high tide around 2pm which will make for great Saturday racing but a little less water for the long distance on Sunday morning. Knowing I was going to become Commodore (yes, it was fixed), I immediately gave Randy Spetman (FSU Athletic director) and Jimbo Fisher (coach) a call to make sure the FSU football schedule would not interfere with our event. After much rescheduling, they came up with a schedule I could live with, though I do apologize for the Friday night Boston College game. Sadly, the new UF regime would not work with me and they have Tennessee scheduled, a big rivalry. If Ray Graves were still Athletic director, I might have had someone to work with, but, alas, no.

I was in negotiations with Mother Nature to see if she would provide us with some wind when I realized she wasn’t in control, the Great and Powerful Swami, head of all the Ancients, is. In his wizened and powerful voice he said “The wind will depend on YOU getting your BOOGIE BODY to the beach for the WIND CEREMONY!!!! The band has a huge new lineup of songs that will get you offa yo’ seat!”

In closing, please think about sponsors for the Endless Summer, because the more notice they have, the more generous they may be.

Bob Graves, Commodore
Imperial Supreme Ultimate Commodore (ISUC)

Keys 2015

Sandy and I arrived at Fiesta Key a day early, expecting to be the first ones there, when low and behold, what should appear, but a Wright, Dan and Sherry with a martini right near! That was a great arrival.

What a trip! The weather was beautiful with the exception of a little rain on Thursday. Coldest was 62 one morning and daytimes were in the seventies. To top things off, there was enough wind to go around for everyone. There was short boarding and long boarding, often on the same day. Dave and Lee each got on the water two different days and Joe, who hadn’t sailed in 15 years, sailed everyday he was there and was hooking in on the second day. Some of the days that only got to between 12 and 15 mph saw Hugh back on a longboard tooling around and having a great time, redefining lazy by sitting on the board instead of standing.

A few of us went down to Key West on Thursday, the one rainy day, more like a drizzly day. We took our rain jackets, ponchos, and umbrellas and had a great, relaxing time. Due to the rain, we walked around, not wanting our tires projecting a stream of water up our backs. The rain completely stopped by 3, but Mallory square only had one entertainer. Of course, when we got there, the cruise ship was headed back out.

The new area they put us in was great. There were less people this year, thankfully, because with Perry gone, I made the martinis nightly, which was only 15. I know Perry has made in excess of 22 some nights in the past. I have a new appreciation for his work. In addition, two of the bathrooms have been completely redone with new tile, commodes, and showers. The hot tubs were working but the pool was still not heated. It is evident the new owner is putting a lot of time and money into invigorating the property.

The week was beautiful and company great, but we missed the many folks that did not make it this year. Hopefully next year will be kinder and bring you all back to what is turning out to be a really nice campground again with all the renovations that have taken place.

My Favorite Sailing Spot

White sandy beaches and turquoise waters will await you at St. Joseph State Park. The park is located at the end of Cape San Blas across St. Joe bay from port St. Joe.

The most scenic route is to take the highway 98 through Carabelle and Apalchicola as it incredibly beautiful drive. We budget about 3 hours from home to campsite usually with a stop in Apalachicola for gas and supplies. There are two small groceries on the cape one of which has a gas station. We like to stay put once we are in the park, fortunately the park now sells ice and other items at the marina store.

Sailing at Eagle Harbor is fantastic with on shore conditions when the east winds are blowing, which at the cape are often in the morning. The harbor is fairly safe to sailing as you are in a cove with shallows at all your jibe locations. The reaches in between cover some water that is 30 feet deep.

If you are comfortable with wave sailing the gulf side good with an afternoon sea breeze. The wave break tends to be fairly far out so if you can get going you can plow through them and have enough room on the inside to jibe on.

The rigging area is grass with lots of sand spurs but there is abundant space.

For folks that want to bring a boat there are very nice ramps with a small marina to tie up and lots of parking for trailers. There is also fish cleaning station.

There are two campsite loops and cabins are also available. We prefer the Shady pines loop as there is more privacy and less large RVs. Reservations are made through Reserve America and as St. Joseph State Park has become very popular make sure to book in advance.

I have a low resolution video on YouTube of a visit to the park. Double rainbow at 4:05.

See photos on SPSC Facebook

Wind Ceremony - March 21

Online Registration

Come one come all to the annual Wind Ceremony at beautiful Shell Point Beach on March 21st, 2015! WE NEED WIND for this coming year, so get ready for some cosmic fun lead by Swami and his misfit band of Festoons! The band this year has lots of new songs and of course the classics that will get you off your butt and moving your feet, or at least tapping a toe, except for Rick.

The main event, "the music", starts around 7:30pm in order to get in 2+ hours of foot stompin’ music before 10pm rolls around. Registration for this event is just $20 which gets you one great Swami designed long sleeve shirt, and, if you brought a food dish, a meal ticket as well. If you don’t bring food, you cannot participate in the feast . The pot luck will begin sometime around 5:30. There is no theme for this year’s dishes, so bring what you make best. Registration on the beach starts at 3pm. If all you want to do is listen to the greatest wind surfing band perform, you are welcome to come and listen to the music, no fee required.

Registration: $20
Registration Begins: 3:00 PM
Potluck Dinner: 5:30 PM (only if you bring a dish)
Music: 7:30 PM

Contact Laurie Levine

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2015

Commodore: Bob Graves
Vice Commodore: Chris Graves
Scribe: Bill Olson
Purser: Wright Finney
At Large Members:
Laurie Levine
Deb Green
Mary Rolling
Adam Bennet
Past Commodore: Mark Powell
Board is also known as the Guardians of the Windy Sea!

Club Meeting January 2015 (No club meeting in February)

Meeting called to order at promptly at 7:30 (actually 7:34 but Our Commodore has decreed that all meetings will start on time, therefore the clocks were reset).. We started with 19 members present, minus the purser who will probably be ousted by a palace coup if he doesn’t arrive on time. Miniature hard copy agendas were provided to all present to provide a reminder of the benevolent wisdom of The Commodore.

Members were reminded to hop onto the SPSC2 list, just a click to join.

Minutes were approved as there had not been a general meeting in December, and no one wants a permanent record of the Xmas Party.

A Fiesta Keys trip update followed, with information regarding martini time and a big discussion of who was camping where.

The upcoming Wind Ceremony, hosted by Swami and the Festoons and chaired by Laurie Levine, was discussed and the date of March 21st was selected.

Festivus on December 20th.

At 7:48 (which we are calling 7:44 in New Bob Time, or NBT), the Purser arrived. We have money in our checking account, previous expenses for XMAS party/ESSC awards/sales tax plus costs for the new teaching gear we have ordered. The new gear includes 2 Kona Hula boards and 3.5 and 4.2 m rigs. The boards will arrive in March, the rigs before that.

Our memberships for 2015 now stand at 52, half single and half household, with some scofflaws to be pursued.

Training – New gear YAY! We have excess boards under the mobile crack house that will be dispositioned. Lessons will be limited to 12 in a class, current members are always invited to assist. Schedule may be out before Memorial Day.

A brief, open ended discussion ensued of the Smith Regatta, Keys Trip and midwinters at Calema. Dates for the Atlanta event will be checked.

The next meeting will be March 10th at Beef O Bradys.

At 08:05 NBT, Tina Mazaneck made the motion to adjourn, which was seconded by acclamation and a mad dash for the door..

Humbly recorded for the majesty of Bob.

Check the SPSC Photo Gallery for More Photos

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