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Commodores Commands and Comments by Commodore Bob Graves, aka ISUC - February 2015

Bob Graves, SPSC Commodore, 2015


Early on in my new term as Commodore, I will be proposing name changes to the various facets of our organization to better reflect my management style. People who have paid up dues used to be known as ‘members’ but from this point forward will be my minions. The group of folks that you thought you had voted onto the board will be known as your Overlords. I of course am the Imperial Supreme Ultimate Commodore aka ISUC, but you can call me Your Highness, Your Majesty, Your Excellency, or anything that reflects my great importance and your level of servitude. We have our minister of propaganda, Bill Olson, our Money Mogul, Wright Finney, who carefully places our money in the Bank of Barain, and the heir apparent to the throne, Prince Chris Graves.

There are people outside the reining party that are sometimes listened to who are known as the Ancients. They aren’t elders because they are too old to be called elders. They know who they are. An example of one of our Ancients is also the leader of a Windsurf Band. These Ancients bring wisdom to the club, which explains a lot. One other group of people is referred to as the untouchables. These people are…..well, I don’t want to touch that subject.

Fiesta Key 2015 - by Prince Chris Graves

Wind Ceremony - March 21

Online Registration

Come one come all to the annual Wind Ceremony at beautiful Shell Point Beach on March 21st, 2015! WE NEED WIND for this coming year, so get ready for some cosmic fun lead by Swami and his misfit band of Festoons! The band this year has lots of new songs and of course the classics that will get you off your butt and moving your feet, or at least tapping a toe, except for Rick.

The main event, "the music", starts around 7:30pm in order to get in 2+ hours of foot stompin’ music before 10pm rolls around. Registration for this event is just $20 which gets you one great Swami designed long sleeve shirt, and, if you brought a food dish, a meal ticket as well. If you don’t bring food, you cannot participate in the feast . The pot luck will begin sometime around 5:30. There is no theme for this year’s dishes, so bring what you make best. Registration on the beach starts at 3pm. If all you want to do is listen to the greatest wind surfing band perform, you are welcome to come and listen to the music, no fee required.

Registration: $20
Registration Begins: 3:00 PM
Potluck Dinner: 5:30 PM (only if you bring a dish)
Music: 7:30 PM

Contact Laurie Levine

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2015

Commodore: Bob Graves
Vice Commodore: Chris Graves
Scribe: Bill Olson
Purser: Wright Finney
At Large Members:
Laurie Levine
Deb Green
Mary Rolling
Adam Bennet
Past Commodore: Mark Powell
Board is also known as the Guardians of the Windy Sea!

Club Meeting January 2015

Meeting called to order at promptly at 7:30 (actually 7:34 but Our Commodore has decreed that all meetings will start on time, therefore the clocks were reset).. We started with 19 members present, minus the purser who will probably be ousted by a palace coup if he doesn’t arrive on time. Miniature hard copy agendas were provided to all present to provide a reminder of the benevolent wisdom of The Commodore.

Members were reminded to hop onto the SPSC2 list, just a click to join.

Minutes were approved as there had not been a general meeting in December, and no one wants a permanent record of the Xmas Party.

A Fiesta Keys trip update followed, with information regarding martini time and a big discussion of who was camping where.

The upcoming Wind Ceremony, hosted by Swami and the Festoons and chaired by Laurie Levine, was discussed and the date of March 21st was selected.

Festivus on December 20th.

At 7:48 (which we are calling 7:44 in New Bob Time, or NBT), the Purser arrived. We have money in our checking account, previous expenses for XMAS party/ESSC awards/sales tax plus costs for the new teaching gear we have ordered. The new gear includes 2 Kona Hula boards and 3.5 and 4.2 m rigs. The boards will arrive in March, the rigs before that.

Our memberships for 2015 now stand at 52, half single and half household, with some scofflaws to be pursued.

Training – New gear YAY! We have excess boards under the mobile crack house that will be dispositioned. Lessons will be limited to 12 in a class, current members are always invited to assist. Schedule may be out before Memorial Day.

A brief, open ended discussion ensued of the Smith Regatta, Keys Trip and midwinters at Calema. Dates for the Atlanta event will be checked.

The next meeting will be March 10th at Beef O Bradys.

At 08:05 NBT, Tina Mazaneck made the motion to adjourn, which was seconded by acclamation and a mad dash for the door..

Humbly recorded for the majesty of Bob.

Check the SPSC Photo Gallery for More Photos

Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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