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The Commodore's Comments - December 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

The Christmas party is upon us, soon to be followed by Festivus for the rest-of-us.

An 80’s theme has been selected for the party, which also happens to coincide with the heyday of windsurfng in North America. Some of us have experienced crowds of over 10,000 watching Windsurfers rounding course marks set in the beach break or have attended regattas with over 200 competitors spread into four weight classes in the Mens (light, medium, light heavy, and heavy) and light and medium in the Womens. I remember when Nevin Sayre (who raced in the heavyweight class) would tell the lighter weight competitors that he won the “Mens division” and the lightweights would be in the “Boys division”. The party is a highlight of the year and as former Commodore Mike Levine likes to say “you won’t believe what kind of music our members will dance to”. You also may not recognize folks dressed up nice and no longer wearing their sailing gear.

Even though the folks at the Capital have erected a Festivus Pole, nothing can compare to the SPSC pole at Shell Point Beach, accompanied by feats of strength, the airing of grievances in which we all share in how some of us have disappointed each other, and of course another Festivus miracle. The feats of strength pit your outgoing Commodore against the upstart horse-ravishing Vice Commodore, who is fresh from annexing the Crimea. Will we see a Festivus Miracle of the vision of the Purser arriving with beer on time? Will the Commodpre’s new Titanium hip cripple the upstart VC? Will any Growlers be left from the Christmas party? Only time will tell.

As I end my year of Commodore service I want to provide a parting shot at the upstart VC by providing the first Commodore Centerfold in an SPSC newsletter, and depicts your Commodore testing a Fanatic Ultracat. This appeared in the the 1986 Windrider board test issue and is therefore appropriate for our Christmas party theme.

Go Long or go Wrong!

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

NEW: SPSC Library

  1. WEATHER: A Forecasting Primer for Riders On The Storm
  2. INSTANT WEATHER: How To NOWCAST The Current Conditions For Boardsailing
  3. BREEZY BUSINESS: Nowcasting in Regatta Competition
  4. SwamiToons 1
  5. SwamiToons 2
  6. Learn to Windsurf - Brochure


As the outgoing scribe, my final official act will be a return to the glory days of hard hitting, cutting edge journalism that the SPSC Newsletter was famous for, before HE became scribe and inundated the membership with fluff pieces and propaganda. Think Emile Zola, think Woodward and Bernstein, and you will envision the scope of the threat faced by us all.

In his younger days, Bob Graves found himself in the idyllic Eden that was Shell Point and the utopian society formed by the SPSC. He aspired to heights that were beyond his grasp.

Returning decades later, because Bob moves kind of slow, he had recast himself as DJ Bobby G to radicalize the youth of the SPSC by providing subversive music for our rhythmic ceremonial rituals.

Later as a Commodore of the SPSC, he began to assert his hegemony, only to be ousted by D-Mac in righteous feats of strength at Festivus. He retreated and licked his wounds.

Recognizing the power of the press, he infiltrated the SPSC board as scribe to pervert this bully pulpit with his insidious propaganda.

If that were not enough, he began an anonymous campaign, masquerading as Trebor Sevarg to sow dissent in the Festoons Band, but the great and powerful Swami saw through this farce and Bob left the Band in shame.

In an election replete with fraud, disinformation, and sleaze, Bob was re-elected as commodore this year to reap what he has sown. Knocking over a hippy, how low can he sink?

Here are the sorts of venality the SPSC can expect with the establishment of Bob’s Leon-Wakulla State (BLWS), or BS for short

• We will continue to meet at Beef O’Bradys, which spells BOB
• Bob’s dynastic ambitions and control of the SPSC executive will be cemented by his brother Chris as the vice-commodore
• Implementation of Bob Blah Law, in a direct attack on the teachings of our Swami
• He will establish the BS Bobiphate, to be called Bobswana or Boblivia
• The National Anthem will be SAIL
• Issuance of BS currency in the form of the “BOBBER”, probably made from old beer cans

As my last act as 2014 scribe I felt a duty to expose this corruption in our midst before I join Eric Snowden in exile…

Oh, I was re-elected scribe?...

I, for one, welcome our new nepotistic overlord.


Your Scribe, Bill

November Club Meeting Minutes 2014

Meeting called to order by Vice-Commodore Bob Graves at some point before7:40, when the scribe bothered to attend. Commodore Mark Powell absent as he is a hippy (good luck Mark). The presentation for the evening had already commenced. 20 Members were present at the beginning of the meeting, including WCF.

Dr. S. Capstick provided an enlightening presentation on the physics of sailing, with a Q/A session at 8:15

There was a brief calendar review and XMAS party update.

Festivus will be on December 21st from 14:00 to 15:00 with the feats of strength at 15:30. Approved by acclamation. Come on down and watch the ruthless Bobby G challenge a person recovering from surgery to physical activity.

Pursers Report from WCF follows;
We made a profit on the Endless Summer thanks to generous donations. We have money in the BANK and 46 Memberships. The current bank balance is in a state of flux as event expenses for ESSC trickle in from the field. Remember that only current paid in full members can attend the XMAS Party.

New Business

Christmas party budget of $750 was presented by the chair, DJBobbyG, and all in attendance approved, amongst shouts of huzzah and do you need more? Life is good when you take the minutes of a meeting.

Dave Denmark _Keys Trip coordinator (who was actually at this meeting and not a hallucination of the scribe) followed with a brief rundown on the trip, the property owners have been working with us to make things happen. There was some discussion of the actual sites we will have available.

The training gear was stored for the winter by Bob G and Doug Smith, thank you gentlemen.

The discussion then switched to replacement training gear that we have been using. We are looking for replacements and donations. Suggested replacement boards are the Exocet Link 11’8” which will be about $1,000 per copy, WCF proposes a budget of $2,000 to acquire 2 boards, L.Chapin motions for a budget of $2,500 for the acquisition. A discussion of rigs for training gear followed.

Tina M. motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:49, Sandy L. seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 08:49.

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2015

Commodore: Bob Graves
Vice Commodore: Chris Graves
Scribe: Bill Olson
Purser: Wright Finney
At Large Members:
Laurie Levine
Deb Green
Mary Rolling
Adam Bennet
Past Commodore: Mark Powell
Board is also known as the Guardians of the Windy Sea!

Christmas Party 2014

Come one come all to the Marzuq Shrine Temple on 1805 North Monroe Street!!!! This is a members and guest only event, so I you haven’t paid your dues, you can do so at the party or on-line via PayPal. Bring a side dish and a be ready to party like its 1989! Doors open at 7:30.

When I first joined the club back in the mid nineties, I heard about the legendary parties the club would have, partying into the wee hours of the morning. Lately, I haven’t been a witness to any of that. I would like to encourage you to stay until at midnight this year. We are going to have the great Swami’s ode to Christmas around 8:30, at which time the party will kick into high gear. We want everyone to party responsibly, so please have a designated driver or imbibe moderately. For those that live far away, there are plenty of motels in the area.

After the event, we need to tidy the place up, so I would appreciate a few of you staying to help get it in shape. We have been fortunate, thanks to Lee Chapin, of getting this place year after year and wish to keep it.

The party is eighties themed, so if you still have clothes from that era that fit, wear them. We will have a VCR setup to show some great movies from that era and a DVD player to replay the video taken from the 1993 wind ceremony. Thou the video is from 1993, the eighties fashion and facial hair was still popular in Tallahassee!

See you at the party. If you have a favorite ‘80s dance song you would like to hear, please email the DJ at djbobbyg@gmail.com


Hear yea, Hear yea, I, Robert Graves, soon to be your Imperial Commodore, challenge Mark Powell, outgoing Commodore and he of a current hip replacement, to a slalom sailboard race at Shell Point Beach the day of Festivus, December 21st. The first to lose twice goes home in shame. Does he have the courage to accept?

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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