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The Commodore's Comments - October 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

What a treat seeing my old buddy Tom Pace at the Endless Summer. He came in the pickup version of the Aloha Express (a Stiletto Cat retrofitted with twin Mercuries as a badass Escambia Bay-Santa Rosa Sound SUP carrier) with a Seminole paint job Division II looking SUP and his Kona on top. Tom’s an Auburn Tiger so I’m not sure where that paint job came from… did he lose a bet after the BCS last year? He was gracious on the SUPs, dispensing advice on SUP technique and taking names in the races. Tom also competed in the Kona class getting some valuable training time in place for the Kona Worlds coming up at the end of this month in Islamorada. Best of luck Tom and please come back join us again and bring some of those Pensacola sailors with you!

We had a great turnout for Endless Summer and I can’t thank everyone enough for all the work to make it a success! Deb Berlinger for online registration, Wright Finney, Lee Chapin, Mark Voigt, John Gilbert, Past Com. Mike Levine, Rick Knerr and Baab Andrews getting the site prepped and ready on Friday, Wright getting all our permits, arranging for the Beer truck, tent, and all kinds of other details, Lee handling the trophies, Lee and Mark running the race committee, Perry Morris and John Gilbert handling the race course and patrol, Linda Downey preparing breakfast and coffee complete with table cloths each morning, Richard and Chrissie Hill, Scottie Williams and Digger running Cafe Donaldo, Our wonderful Gumbo Chefs donating their dishes, Ann Getman and Sandy Layne taking care of registration and Tee shirts, Rick and Judy’s wings and chips Friday night, DJ BobbyG for his tunes and PA work all weekend, Tina Mazanek for runing the C fleet races, and Leigh Fountain for managing the SUP races and donating his therapeutic services to our aching muscles and joints. I also want to thank all of our sponsors: Athena Salon, Leah Chapin and Ketcham Realty, HWind Scientific, Ezzy Sails, Chums, Sandy Point Progressive Sports, VAPA, LifeForce, Subway at Southwood, WorldWinds, Isthumus, and DaKine.

I will be out of commodorission for November to undergo a performance enhancing procedure to help my windsurfing and ability to carry my board to the beach. Who knows? It could also help me defeat Bobby in the Festivus Challenge… a true Festivus Miracle! Not sure how long the recovery will be but I imagine I will be attending the Christmas-Holiday Party at the Marzuq Shrine Center. See you there!

Go Long or go Wrong!

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

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2014 Endless Summer Sailboard Classic Novice Fleet Wrap up

When members ask how their dues are used, the answer is usually items like paying for WINDY, taxes, insurance, sometimes the band (hint hint). Those are definitely items we need to sustain our club. However, another chunk of cash pays the cost of equipment for our lessons program. While the other items are necessary (band?-well yeah) our program is an investment on a couple of different levels. One of which feeds into our Novice Fleet arena.

This year we had seven registrants with six racing. (We missed Sherie Barber on the water because she is recovering from eye surgery, but she was able to do some paddling on a SUP.) The remaining six contestants have participated in the SPSC lessons program within the past two summers. Four of them used SPSC equipment for this event.

This year’s racers were: Josylyn, Deb, Rose, Sam, Brennon, and Brian.
  • Josylyn is now in her second year with us and used her own equipment to sail. When the races started, it was low tide. After some soul searching while she walked the board over the finish line, Josylyn called it a day early on. (And of course no pressure even though her honey was our **rabbit and her son assisted with the horn and flags.) However, she was ready to have at it on Sunday-that’s our Josylyn!

  • Deb also in her second year with SPSC, sailed her own equipment. She rigged her sail with the advice of a few other “experts” and she never could get that darn sail to flip around the right way-she was not happy about this. She was ready to re-rig and race on Sunday-sorry ‘bout the wind Deb. (We welcome Deb to the SPSC board-we appreciate her commitment!)

  • Rose is new to SPSC this summer, and she took to the sport immediately. During the last race she was the only woman to make it around the mark by sailing upwind way WAY past the mark in order to make it around in one tack-very good application. We’re glad she’s smitten!

  • Sam is the youngest racer who has ever sailed in our Novice Fleet. A resident of Georgia, Sam is ten years old. He often frequents Shell Point while visiting his aunt and uncle, our own Suzanne and Keith Long. Sam took lessons this summer and overcame his fear of the channel with the help of his uncle Keith, who hadn’t been on a board in “several” years. Sam respects the channel, but after racing on a low tide, he now appreciates it, as evidenced by his windsurfing in it on Sunday just for fun. They even had to call him off the water for the trophy presentation! Sam is a person of few words who spoke volumes at the event.

  • Brennon showed up just as the race sequence was about to start. We decided to wait while he rigged. After much tweaking of vintage equipment, Brennon joined the fleet. The “vintage” proved to be too much for his board but voila-he was able to use a SPSC board to finish racing and had a good event.

  • Brian took advantage of the lessons program this summer to refresh his skills. Well, it worked!!!!! He took a bullet in all five races!!!

We set the course as a reach (perpendicular to the wind direction). As mentioned earlier, it was low tide. The fleet had to walk their rigs out a bit so they could actually “hop” on their boards and sail away. Most came back to shore on a tack that led them into extremely shallow water. This meant they had to walk their boards across the finish line. (Yes that is allowed in C Fleet.)

It got better as tide came in, but then we had a strong current in the mix. As the day progressed, the wind direction turned more on shore. This turned the course into an upwind reach. We considered moving the mark, but decided these folks were up for the challenge. Well, a challenge they got-to the point here I called back half the fleet so they wouldn’t end up WAY down wind.

This was a fun group of people. It was obvious that they all learned more about windsurfing, about SPSC and about themselves.

After five races, the final results were:

  Overall Class
Brian Mastracci 1st Place 1st Place Male
Brennon Fogarty 2nd Place 2nd Place Male
Sam Burdette 3rd Place 3rd Place Male
Rose McCaffrey 3rd Place* 1st Place Female
Deb Greene 4th Place 2nd Place Female
Josylyn Bourgeois 5th place 3rd Place Female

* (not a typo-tie for 3rd overall-Novice Fleet scoring the last race)

Thanks to : Perry Morris and John Gilbert for the marks, Keith Long for setting and retrieving the marks, Lee Chapin-for the boat, David (age 6) for helping with the horn and flags, Jorg for being the rabbit**, John (again) for the tent that our cheering section enjoyed, to our members who support the SPSC lessons program by paying their dues, and especially our instructors who give many hours back to the sport!

**rabbit: an experienced windsurfer who sails with the Novice Fleet to show them the way.


SPSC The Endless Summer - SUP update from Leigh Fountain

(Click on images for larger view) You may have noticed on your Endless Summer Classic shirt both a windsurfer and stand up paddleboarder...for the first time SUPs were incorporated into the mix and they represented in 2014!

First of all, huge thanks to Sandy Point Progressive Sports and Steve Gottlieb for bringing demo SUPs for the weekend, and to Tom Pace for sharing his SUP enthusiasm and knowledge with folks throughout the weekend. This combination ratcheted up both capabilities and enjoyment, which led to more folks trying out SUPs for pleasure and racing.

Speaking of racing, we did three points races and had a total of 20 people participate: Saturday we did sprint (n=5) and downwind (n=7) races, and Sunday we did another sprint (n=8) race. Our SPSC had experienced and first-timers on SUPs, people from Pensacola to Vero Beach, and a family (Rose and Matt) join us in the races.

It was both a competitive and learning weekend for everyone. In addition to race events, people were sharing what they know about SUP techniques, gear, and helping everyone enjoy riding stand up paddleboards. Thanks to our timekeeper, Penny, and everyone who helped with the SUP races, and to all for sharing your SUP knowledge!

Weekend overall race results (trophy winners):
1st place: Tom Pace
2nd place: Dan Fortunas
3rd place: Leigh Fountain

Last Lesson of the Year, the Thomasville Boy Scouts by BobbyG

The last lesson of the year was September 20th, the weekend after the endless summer. The Thomasville Boy Scouts come down to Shell Point once a year and camp out a little ways down from the beach at one of the beach front homes. Last year we setup a lesson for them and did it again this year. The lessons went great except for one issue. We had a north northeast wind, so lots of rescues took place. Thankfully we had a great group of trainers in Adam, Linda, Bill, and Bob A., so none of the scouts got distressed. Sadly, one of Tina’s dogs was in distress and she had to take care of it that morning. When we were rescuing some of the kids that went out on the 2.0 and 2.5 and ended up sailing the rig back (Bill did one and I did another), I thought of how easy Teensy can sail those rigs!

The reason we do this training was exemplified in this last class. One of the scout chaperones said his son did not want to do the windsurfing. On that Saturday morning he told his dad he would try it. When they took a lunch break around 12:30, he told his dad windsurfing was awesome! Several of the scouts really took to it and I encouraged the scout master to let their parents know about the lessons we give all summer long. I would really love to have a junior class of windsurfers at our next Endless Summer Sailboard Classic. I asked Matthew Williams what should be the cut off age for junior sailors and he said 14, and then when he turns 15, to make it 15.

We could really use help at lessons. We have a really dedicated group of people that do it, but they can’t always be there. I would also like to have more practice days on Sunday afternoons, when we would only need 2 or 3 people, but I can’t ask the trainers to give up yet more time. Please consider helping next year and let me know. It truly is rewarding.

Club Meeting September 2014

Commodore: Mark Powell, Vice: Bob Graves, Scribe: Bill Olson, Purser: Wright Finney, At Large Members: Linda Downey, Tina Mazanek, Lee Chapin, Mark Voigt, Past Commodore: Mike Levine.

24 people present at meeting

Meeting called to order sometime around 7:30, or was it around 7:40, maybe I should just say the meeting started AFTER 7:30.

Election ballots were handed out for people to contemplate who to vote for. Mark P. talked about all the sponsors for this years event. Leigh brought his SUP in and spoke about the paddles and lengths.

Mark brought his race sail in to show how to rig it, but decided to just talk about the parts. You never realize how big a sail is until you get it in a small space.

New folks attending the meeting were Rose McCaffery, John and Kara Leeds, and Brennan and Juliet Fogarty. Welcome to all!

There were lots of things talked about at the meeting that the people at the meeting might remember that I forgot. It was a busy evening so these minutes are accurate in what has been reported.

The excitement for the evening was the election. After lots of mudslinging, police interventions, bribes, and voter fraud, we elected the 2015 board. 2015 Board consists (you can probably recognize them from the picture) of:

Commodore: Bob Graves
Vice Commodore: Chris Graves
Scribe: Bill Olson
Purser: Wright Finney
At Large Members:
Laurie Levine
Deb Green
Mary Rolling
Adam Bennet
Past Commodore: Mark Powell
Board is also known as the Guardians of the Windy Sea!

Christmas Party 2014

Annual Christmas
Holiday Party
December 13, 2014

That time again to mark your calendars for the SPSC end of Christmas/Hanukah/Holiday party. The date is December 13th at the Marzuq Shrine Temple on the corner of Tharpe and Monroe, and the time is 7:30 until 1amish. As is always the case, turkey and ham will be provided by the club and all others are expected to bring a side dish. This event is free to all CLUB members and their guest. If you are tardy in your dues, you can pay at the event.

What was once old is new again. This year the DJ is hosting an 80's dance party, wherein the bulk of the music will be from that time period, with well known artists such as Prince, Talking Heads, Michael Jackson, B-52s, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper, and lesser known ones like Rocky Burnette, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, and Fixx. As in all things, there is a lot of contemporary music which was inspired by the eighties that will also get airtime. Break out your video tape copy of Pretty in Pink, the Breakfast club, Ferris Bueller’s Day off, Risky Business, and your episodes of Miami Vice to get the right mindset and right style of dress.

Please submit any questions or comments to this year’s party host with the most, Bob Graves, via e-mail at djbobbyg@gmail.com.

Our New Commodore for 2015

The Commodores Past by Anonymous

(Click on images for larger view, PLEASE) This article will get you acquainted with our 2015 Commodore, Bob Graves. Please don’t get him confused with that clown that served back in 2009 as Commodore whose name was also Bob Graves. That guy had no idea what power the Commodore has and did not wield it to subjugate to represent his minions the masses other members

Our new Commodore’s past is somewhat checkered. After doin’ time in the Army, he could only find work as an exotic dancer. Though that work had its benefits, it was a bit ‘unseemly’, so he sought work elsewhere. As fortune would have it, the world renowned Swami and the Festoons let him join. After playing with the Festoons for several years, and becoming aware of what people thought of musicians, he tried to get back into dancing, but the hard life of a rock n’ roller no longer made his physique unique. Thankfully the Festoons let him back in, and seeing as he was already used to being a bottom feeder, he decided to jump into politics. Fortunately he was elected as Vice Commodore and the Commodore before his past came to light and now it’s too late!!!!

Since his election, Bob thought it might be best to provide a strong image, get rid of his granny jeans, get rid of his shirts, and project himself as one of the underling’s regular people. One of the first orders of business under his regime reign term is to ….. just kidding. He doesn’t intend on sharing anything. What he says, goes, got it?

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