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The Commodore's Comments - September 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014


Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

The Endless Summer classic is nearly here! We have confirmed attendance from some of the top windsurfers in the southeastern U. S. including Tom Pace of Pensacola, David Stanger of Charleston, Chris Voigt of Atlanta, and Ron Kern of Fort Lauderdale. With a week to go we had over 55 preregistered so I think we can look forward to a great crowd. This is the 27th Endless Summer Classic! There are not many windsurfing clubs in the nation that have such a track record. Speaking of track record, the FSU Sailing Association (now Sailing Club) has been around since the 60s. I stopped by the FSU Sail Club’s first meeting of the year at the Union’s Crenshaw Lanes last week and regaled them with tales of Megaladon cruising Lake Bradford while inviting them to join us at the Endless Summer.

This year we’ll have an influx of Kona sailors getting ready for the World Championships to be held in the Keys at Islamorada in the end of October. Steve from Sandy Point Progressive Sports is bringing a bunch of Konas and has already sold out his fleet. It will be nice to sail a Kona with the new deeper fin and an 8.2 meter squared sail.

The Konas, Raceboard, and Sport fleets will all share the same “Perry Morris Classic” course, monitored by our crackerjack RC of Merck Voig(no h)t and Lee (Don’t ask me again about Windy) Chapin. You do not want to be OCS (over the line early) with these guys! This course really pushes competitors to pick a side of the course to “go for the big one” and catch up or be conservative and risk it all.

Our novice and sport fleet sailors will be stepping it up and Novice RC Chair Tina will once again run courses close to the beach (our SUP chair will coordinate so we don't have any surprises during the races).

We are adding SUP races this year and will have a dedicated committee and patrol boat for the Paddle crowd. One course will be an “out and back” that will start off our beach, around the east channel to a buoy in the basin, then back to a buoy in the cove, and to the finish. We’ll also have some “speed trials” over a 100 m (more or less) course. Tom Pace, an accomplished SUP racer these days, will conduct a SUP technique clinic… I’d love to see how you turn those things around a mark!

Cafe Donaldo will be a bit different as Don and Sharman wont be available (we miss you guys!). We wont have the gumbo contest this time but several of our members will be bringing out their best Gumbo to be served at the cafe along with the gourmet “Digger Dogs”, to be followed by Scottie Dogs. I can attest to some very tasty Gumbo that Dr. Gumbo (windsurfer Dr. Tommy from Metarie) would be worried about. Thanks to Digger, Richard, and Scottie for coordinating and running the Cafe this time.

Our meeting this month will focus on annual elections but we will still have a program. Have you ever wanted to know how to rig a race board sail to win? No? Well you're going to find out anyway. We will have a demonstration of rigging a Severne 9.5 Raceboard sail, right there in the back meeting room of Beefs. Following the rigging (of the sail, not the election) we will announce the results of the election.

Speaking of elections, I want to sincerely thank our members that are running for openings on our board. We have sustained a club that knows how to provide a great atmosphere for time on and off the water. I hope those of you that may not have had a position before will consider it next time. There are plenty of folks to help and lots of advice to rely on.

See you at the Endless Summer!

Go Long or go Wrong!

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

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Bob Graves

The last lesson of the year (though we are going to train the Thomasville Boy Scouts on September 20th) was reminiscent of the days of yore. It was a great group of people that all did great on the boards with some return students getting in more practice. When folks weren’t sailing, they were sitting around, enjoying each others company, and sipping a beverage of their choice. A couple students came all the way from Jacksonville, had a great time, did great, and were concerned that JAWS was no longer active. Come on Jacksonville, windsurfing is making a comeback! Another couple we had from Texas, who had come to the previous lesson as well, is contacting the North Texas Wind Riders so they can keep going with the sport.

Lessons this year were great and the weather and water quality was good. Even though one lesson brought a pretty bad storm and some folks left, the trainers hung around so that the students that stayed could sail longer. We have one 10 year old, Sam, who was out there sailing a 3.7 sail, the only 10 year old to do so. He came to several lessons to hone his skills and is probably the best young sailor we have due to his perseverance.

The only reason the lessons work is because of the trainers. What a crew we have. Charlie managed to make it to the first two lesson but his chemo treatments kept him out of the others because I know he would rather have been on the beach. Our star trainers, Bill, Adam, Tina, and Linda, could always be counted on to be there, lugging equipment out of the trailer for the beginning of lessons and back in after lessons. We also had welcomed cameo appearances by Mark Voigt, Mark Powell, Mike Levine, and Bob Andrews. My heartfelt thanks go to all who came to help.

Adam made a comment to me after the lesson that was astute. I know, I was shocked as well. He mentioned that the group gathered during the last lesson was the future of the club. He was happy he would have a good group to hang with after all the “elders” move on.

August Club Meeting Minutes 2014

Meeting called to order again by Commodore Mark Powell at 7:31.

In a complete rejection of standard meeting protocol, we began with the program presentation by Leigh Fountain on various aspects of SUP. The presentation was well received by those present. The discussion wound up with possibilities for SUP racing at the ESSC. Thanks for your participation Leigh!

The minutes from the previous month are available on line where no one had read them, but that did not stop the assembled membership from approving the minutes by acclamation.

Bob Graves, mouthpiece of the Rum n’ Rootbeer Foundation gave a rundown, hats are available, the weather was good.

In accordance with the August bylaws of the SPSC, the sitting board recommended a slate of potential candidates for next year’s board:

Commodore Bob graves
Vice Commodore Nominations from the floor or Adam Bennet
Scribe Bill Olson
Purser Wright C. Finney
Nominations were opened for the 4 at large board members and included;
Linda Downey
Lee Chapin
Mark Voigt
Deb Green
Tina Mazanek
Mike Levine
Paul Hansard
Mary Rolling
Chris McMahon

At this point sanity prevailed and nominations were closed.

A budget request of $5,000 was made by event chair Mark Powell for the ESSC. In keeping with tradition, Mark Voigt was offended by the profligate ways of the Commodore. Tina M. made a motion to approve, which was seconded by Linda D. and the roar of acclamation silenced Merk’s bluster.

A call was made for support for the Gumbo contest this year, as well as Scotty’s Dogs.

Plans were made for the distribution of the Notice of Race for ESSC and to get the registration process rolling.

The purser indicated the club is still solvent. We have paid our insurance bill for the year, miscellaneous NIMBY costs, as well as our tithe to the Department of Business. Please note that our dues have not increased in 16 years, so up yours, it’s a bargain, plus that is the only way to vote in the election. Membership is up by one to 65!

Lee Chapin: A call was made for support for the Gumbo contest this year, as well as Scotty’s Dogs.

Plans were made for the distribution of the Notice of Race for ESSC and to get the registration process rolling.

Provided a Windy update, and was awaiting the return of the unit from the repair shop.

Bob Graves motioned to adjourn (as if he were already in charge or something), Linda Downey seconded

Meeting adjourned at 9:00.

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