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The Commodore's Comments - August 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014


Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

As I write this the Rum and Rootbeer has just happened (my apologies to the Big Derzypolski) and I am with my family renting a place on Cape San Blas for one last week before school starts. I brought the Kona with me and decided to brush up on my Stand Up Paddle (SUP) skills. I had last done some SUP paddling at Daytona Beach three years ago. I knew the drill, you paddle out through the break on your knees and then do the “stand-up” move, rapidly moving from a push-up position to standing up. Doing this successfully means having some board speed and getting started paddling right away. The board is more stable while moving and the paddle acts like “another leg” to give even more stability. Back then I wore a heart monitor to see how many calories I’d burn windsurfing. Once I got past the break in Daytona I stood up and noticed the huge rollers approaching and moving under the board. I was fascinated to be on the board barely paddling with my heart rate already at 90% of my maximum… just because I was scared to death! Now I’m in Cape San Blas with just wind waves… no big rollers in sight, and I can barely standup on the board. Eventually I get up and paddle around in the waves and I’m a bit more stable and turn in to start surfing the waves. That doesn't go too well. The lesson to be learned? The hip is quickly deteriorating and will need to be replaced. Next step? I’m providing the propulsion to the Kona so my son and his buddy can surf some waves. They lie on the board and when I see a good wave coming I tell then to start paddling and I give it a big push. Its great to see them surfing and even standing briefly. Life is good!

I’m really looking forward to seeing some SUP folks at our Endless Summer Classic September 12-14. I can see that the top results of some of the biggest SUP races in HAWAII are including names I recognize from windsurfing… Dave Kalama, Connor Baxter, Kai Lenny. I’ve also noticed that former pro windsurfer Tom Pace of Pensacola is now big into SUP racing. It’s a tough sport but also happens to be easy to learn (in flat water) and is getting lots of people on the water. We’ll be conducting some low key SUP races as part of our event next month. Lets give those folks a warm welcome to SPSC and show them how much fun we can have right here at Shell Point!

And remember,

Go Long or go wrong also applies to SUP racing!

Mark Powell, 2014 SPSC Commodore

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Rum n’ Rootbeer 2014, The Big Derzypolski

"Dude, The Big Derzypolski"

(Click on images for larger view.) If you stayed away from this event because you thought the weather would turn bad, you made a big mistake. Of all the RnRs Bill and I have done, the weather for this was perfect. No rain and the skies were overcast enough to ensure the temperature on the beach stayed pleasant. With the number of dudes we had on the beach, the full power of Dudeism kept things so that we could all abide.

Though the costumes were few, they were wonderfully done and very creative. We had folks dress up like the Dude, we had the Big Lebowski himself, a Nihlist, a Dudette, a tumbleweed, and a human parts exhibit of a severed ear and toe.

The swag this year was a hat with WHELP! emblazoned across the front, a bowling pin sipping bottle, and the scarf from the Blazing Harnesses Rum n’ Rootbeer 2013. The three first place prizes for the costume winners were Polish White Russians, a gift bag with a Natural Light, small bottle of Kalua, bottle of Vodka, and container of half and half. The best Derz imitator with his imitation of WHELP! won a battle of the bands CD pitting Creedence Clearwater Revival vs. Jimmy Sturr’s Orchestra. The root beer chug winner received a copy of the Big Derzypolski soundtrack.

The games included: Rug carry, shoe toss, ringer throw, cup carry, throwing Donny’s ashes, and bowling on the sidewalk. These were all team events with, surprisingly, the Nihlists coming in first, Treehorn’s Thugs seconds, and Maude’s Henchmen last. Prizes were handed out to everyone.

After bringing to life Viva Shell Point, 1 Million Years BC, Camullet, Blazing Harnesses, and the Big Derzypolski, the executive committee of the Rum n’ Rootbeer foundation have resigned. Do not believe the rumors about financial irregularities because we regularly screwed up the financials. XO Bill had done a Rum n’ Rootbeer prior to collaborating with BobbyG. We are not quitting due to artistic differences since we couldn’t claim anything we did had any artistic merit to begin with! The club needs someone else to come up with ideas for the next Rum n’ Rootbeer, if there is to be one, so get those thoughts flowing and let the board know you are willing to do it.

A big THANK YOU to all those who came out and made it a success. Some came to participate, some just to watch, but all were appreciated and appeared to have fun. With so many dudes on the beach, Dudeism kept the rain away. We had three people come to the event who had been at lessons this year. Hopefully some of them will return. For more event photos, go to SPSC Facebook.

Some more fear and loathing in Fiesta Key…

The first sign that the twisted meter was about to pop was when my mixologist had taken the last of the gravy from Avon Park and smeared his hair into a fin-like wedge atop his head, hitched his drawers to his armpits and started to speak Canadian, I must say.

Of course I blamed it on the psychotropic effects of conch chowder from Mrs Macs Kitchen liberally dosed with Busha Brown’s sherry peppers. Now you have to get the good stuff, the conch chowder, I hear that up in Miami they cut it hard with the entrails of some kind of giant invading African land snail, the huge ones that pop car tires and dissolve slow-moving children.

I saw two guys going to Sunset Point wielding spatulas and wearing white shirts, at first I thought they were the help that worked over at the bar and grill by the pool, but I quickly realized that they kept saying “no Coke, Pepsi” over and over again and probably weren’t bright enough to hold full time jobs, so I grabbed a cafeteria tray and joined right in.

Arrival at the point quickly resulted in one of those Captain Kirk moments when a curvaceous green wench with a slanted coiffure and smoking a big stogy was getting an attitude. It was the stogy that got my attention, Gumby. Apparently she was worried enough about temptation and moral turpitude that she had her own clergy in tow, one Father Speedo Squiducci, or something like that, who kept on and on about “murracals” and blessing people. Padre, you shouldn’t be expecting anything murraculous when you run with that green crowd….

July Club Meeting Minutes 2014

Déjà vu all over again as we started with about 14 people attending, mostly current members.. Meeting called to order again by Commodore Marl Powell at 7:40.

The minutes were approved quickly because of the outstanding job being done by our stand in scribe, Bob Graves.

Mark gave thanks to Bob G. for also running last month’s meeting, a man of many talents is Bob. The commodore also gave copious thanks to Paul Hansard for the History of the NIMBY presentation and accolades to WCF for this year’s edition.

Wright arrived he gave a blow-by-blow of the nautical nightmare that ensued from the 3 hour delay for thunderstorms which had a domino effect leading to lowering tide bottom contact and a motorized slog back to the hotel as only Joe S. had the right boat for the conditions. There were 36 registrants and a few miscreants in attendance; a good time was had by all. Punch, if you were there no others words are needed.

Rum ‘n Rootbeer budget request of $750 was respectfully presented to the membership attending ( this is why you should go to the meetings, important stuff happens that can change the course of history). The budget motion carried by acclamation.

The purser indicated the club is still solvent. We have paid our insurance bill for the year. We have plateaued at 64 club memberships, let’s drum up some new ones! And in that vein, 2014 membership cards are now available.

Bob G. reports that training is proceeding like gang busters (it’s that Bob G. guy again, have his tentacles extended to every aspect of the club?) and there have been a few really light wind days. Scheduled classes are about full, Bob G. has decided that people who reserve classes and just don’t show up are BANNED! Wright has picked up a few more training equipment items from Sandy Point at bargain prices, thanks WCF. Wright reported that Steve Gottlieb, proprietor of SPPS said longboarding was on an upswing recently, formula and dangling were on the down side and SUP is riding the crest of board type water sports.

The option of having a Kona class fleet with charters available for the Endless Summer Sailboard Classic was presented.

The presentation this month was by the Commodore himself, Dr. Mark Powell. The relationship between hurricanes and windsurfing, at least as Mark saw it from the 13 hurricane missions he flew in the NOAA aircraft was quite impressive, particularly the difference between what you get with a tropical storm versus a hurricane. Thanks Dr. Powell.

Meeting adjourned at 8:51.

Check the SPSC Photo Gallery for More Photos

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