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The Commodore's Comments - July 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014


Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

Just wanted to take a moment to remember an old windsurfing buddy that recently passed away. Seeger was a gentle ridgeback who was not really too fond of the water… in fact the only reason he hopped onto our Mistral Windglider inflatable board was to get OUT of the water. Once on board he relaxed and sat down and Linda and Riley and I would all climb aboard to do some “windsurfing” with the tiny 3M sail off the Rickenbacker Causeway that runs between Miami and Key Biscayne. Tacking and gybing was pretty interesting, trying to avoid upsetting Seeger from his stable perch while turning the back to the beach. Seeger made the transition to Tallahassee very well and enjoyed the parks of Southwood. He passed the day of our last club meeting and I was in no shape to attend so I want to thank Bob Graves (DJBobby) for running the meeting on a very short notice and I also want to thank Paul Hansard for his presentation on the history and origins of he NIMBY regatta and why on earth it has Roman numerals now.

I finally pulled some time together to help out with teaching lessons last Saturday and even get an hour of sailing in. It was great to see my Sustainable Tallahassee friends John and Kara Leeds and neighbors Kathy Rodzinka and Connor Ingram out there as well as all the other new faces. Our SPSC instructors (DJ Bobby Graves, Charlie Yontz, Tina Mazarak, Linda Downey, Bill Olson, Adam Locke, and Mike Levine) looked very professional in their orange rash guards and were dedicated to providing hours of instruction to a diverse group of students.

Hurricane Arthur kept me pretty busy all last week. Now that I’ve retired from NOAA, I decided to start-up a new business, “Hwind Scientific” which is based on some technology I developed for NOAA that (fortunately for me) was passed over for transfer to hurricane operations. Luckily the tech transfer folks at NOAA don’t like these things to sit on the shelf so I was able to ask for and receive the commercial rights to “Hwind”. Check out our cool logo designed by Brian Ramos at Think Creative! Rumor has it that Wright Finney posed for the card but everybody knows it was Mike Levine on the fourth of July after getting skunked by no fireworks.

Endless Summer Sept. 12-14

We are developing some new ideas for getting more folks out on the water for the Endless Summer this year. We’ll be exploring adding SUP (stand-up Paddle) board racing to the lineup as a way to expose more folks to our windsurfing club. To that end we will be asking a SUP person to address one of our upcoming meetings. I will be calling an organizational meeting for the ES but in the meantime, I’d love to hear from anyone that has handled obtaining sponsors or helping out in other ways in the past to once again support our event as volunteers.

Hope to see you all on the water soon!

Go long or go wrong!


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Rum and Root Beer, August 10, 2014

"Dude, The Big Derzypolski"

Mark your calendars... Rum n Rootbeer will be on a Sunday this year, as "we do not roll on Shabbas". Be prepared; check out noteable quotes for the day . . . "shut the #### up Bobby"

Club Minutes for June 2014 by ex scribbler BobbyG

Meeting came to order at 7:30ish. Bob G, the Vice, was acting Commodore in Mark Powell’s absence and Bob G, the Vice, was acting Scribe in Bill’s absence, so the notes may not be too in depth. Plus, I was drinking.

Dates for events were gone over and confirmed as were the chairs for the events, meaning the people in charge of putting the events together, not chairs for people to sit in. You still need to bring your own chair.

We only had 13 present, including a young man named Scott who referenced Dave Denmark as the one who told him about the club. We didn’t hold that against him and allowed him to sit with us. He did wonder, however, where the heck Dave was. Guess he was still celebrating UF Women’s Softball National Championship.

We have money in the bank, but need to pay out some for insurance which is due June 26th. $250 was approved by the board for the NIMBY, so no vote was need at the club meeting since that amount only needs board approval.

We have 62 memberships now with the addition of a new family membership.

Windy is almost ready to go. Equipment is in trailer, conduit is run, I mean pipe was laid, and time is being sought to get down there and run the wires. Apparently some people in the club work.

That was it for business, ON to the presentation, and what a wonderful presentation it was. Dr. Paul Hansard did a presentation on the NIMBY which started 18 years ago when a bored Paul and Wright were sitting on the beach in the sweltering heat in August thinking “We gotta get outta this place”. Before delving into the subject, Paul, our presenter, wondered aloud how the event got moved from August to June, why have Roman numerals replaced good old regular numbers, and why does the punch only have trace amounts of alcohol? Great questions that cannot be answered, though I know there are those in the club who will attest that the punch still packs a punch.

All in all, there have been 5 events at Panama City and the club has travelled to Okaloosa Island, Pensacola beach, Alligator Point, Mexico Beach, Cedar Key, Port St. Joe, St. George, Fernandina Beach, Gulf Breeze, Fort Walton, St. Augustine, and Navarre Beach. One event had to deal with Tropical Storm Arlene and another had a grand rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody Karaoke style. The editor for Windsurfing magazine participated in one event, and comments about the goings on of Bobby Boucher and Dave Denmark were made. For those that have been to most of them, it was great reminiscing, and for those that have only been to a few, it was good to learn the history. Paul did a great job showing the maps and the animated nature in which we went from one place to another.

Those folks who can’t make it to the club meetings are missing a lot. The presentations thus far this year have been wonderful and they punctuate the wonderful nature of the Shell Point Sailboard club. I urge you to make the time to come to the next one, thus putting pressure on our Commodore to once again come up with something grand.

Meeting was adjourned when it was over. All were in favor.

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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