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The Commodore's Comments - June 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

Wright Finney has put together a great venue for this year’s Not in my Back Yard Regatta!

I'm looking forward to my first real visit to Crystal River.  I’ve driven past many times on US 19 but never seemed to have the time to stop.  As shown on Apple Maps, the Great Western Resort HQ for the NIMBY is right along US 19 so its pretty easy to get there and they have all sorts of neat stuff to do near the hotel (snorkeling, kayaking).  You might even get a chance to see a Manatee!   The racing will take place a few miles from the hotel at Fort Island Park, a really nice beach shown at the left edge of the second map. 

Those new to the NIMBY will be treated to yachting on Friday, a long distance race on Saturday, Wright’s famous “hunch punch”, Perry’s famous Martinis (see last years newsletter for tips on proper etiquette), and some additional racing on Sunday. 

I know I’ll be ready for the NIMBY after sharing the week with Scout camp and meetings in DC!

Hope to see you all there!

Remember, Go Long or go Wrong!

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

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NIMBY, June 20 - 22, 2014

Notice of Race: NIMBY XVIII
June 20 – 22, 2014 – Crystal River, FL

NIMBY XVIII, the 18th Annual "Not In My Back Yard" Road Trip Regatta, is scheduled for Friday, June 20 – Sunday, June 22, 2014. It has now been eighteen years since we conceived the concept of taking our show on the road to different venues. This year, we're again going to a location that's new for the NIMBY, but one that some of us have been to for other reasons – Crystal River, FL. Although Crystal River might not immediately pop into your mind when thinking windsurfing venues, this location offers not only sailing but many other outdoor activities for non-sailors. Our host hotel for the NIMBY is the Best Western Crystal River, which is located on King's Bay, an inland freshwater lake which has dozens of springs and also has direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. The sailing launch will be at Fort Island Park, which is about a 10 minute drive from the motel. We extend a special invitation to our sailing friends from the Florida Panhandle and to those in the Atlanta and Charleston areas to join us at this year's NIMBY event. We'll have the best of both worlds – freshwater springs and gulf beaches in close proximity, so there will be plenty for the non-sailor and kids to do.

. . . . read more

News from the Training June 2014 front by Bob G

Venture Scouts 2014

Our first lesson of the year on May 17th went over flawlessly thanks to all the trainers (Tina, Linda, and Adam) that came out early to help set up the equipment and get ready for the scouts.  We thought we would be getting a lot of return scouts from the previous year, but of the 14 kids and adults, about 10 of them were new to the sport.

Wind predictions for Saturday were not good, with little to no wind until about 2pm.  However, the wind was coming out of the east when we started at 11am at around 4mph building to 8 to 10 by 3pm after the students had a chance to get used to it.  There were perfect conditions for the young people on the water.  Several of the kids sailed very well and we hope to get 3 of them to some practice sessions to prepare for the Endless Summer.  One young lady who was astounding out there will be leaving Tallahassee to go to the University of Virginia.

All in all, teaching this group is always great since they are well behaved and the adults that accompany them are very gracious. 

Our first public access lesson on June 7th went very well also.  We had our great contingent of trainers (Tina, Linda, Charlie, Bill, and Adam).  Though Charlie continues to undergo chemo treatments, he comes down and helps out with the training and got some sailing in himself.

This session had two folks from Ft. Walton come down who learned very quickly and never gave up.  Ft. Walton has lots of kiters and they had no desire to do that so signed up for the nearest lessons they knew available, at beautiful Shell Point Beach.  Hopefully, Liquid Surf and Sail can hook them up with some further instruction.  We had three folks from Valdosta come down, one couple and a third person who had signed up independent of the other two but they knew each other.  Folks from Inverness and returnees from last year’s lessons from Adel, Georgia.

Thankfully, the wind and weather once again cooperated beautifully.  Wind started out light and built to around 10 to 12 when lessons were winding down.  With storms overland, the wind kicked up around 2:30 so many of the trainers could sail and others started showing up at the beach.

If you are interested in helping out with lessons, we would certainly appreciate the assistance.  Currently, trainers have trouble finding time to take a break, so a couple more folks would be great. 

May Club Meeting Minutes 2014 by ex-scribe BobbyG

Sad showing of only 14 people.  Meeting started a bit late, 7:40, in hopes more would show, but, alas, no more did.

The minutes were approved quickly because of the outstanding job being done by our new scribe, Bill Olson.

Mark gave thanks to many of the SPSC folks who contributed to the Smith Foundation with their hard work in pulling off a successful event.

Wright spoke a bit about the upcoming NIMBY June 20-22, the wonderful Best Western accommodations and the fact that you only have to get on Apalachee parkway and stay on it, eventually arriving at the motel.  We can’t rig outside our rooms, well you could, but then you would have to de-rig, pack your stuff up, and take it to the launching site to rig it yet again, so do what you want.

Rum ‘n Rootbeer is on schedule and is based on the movie The Big Lebowski.  Bill and I are exhibiting the same work ethic as the Dude, Sobchak, and Donny, so hopefully we’ll get done in time.

The purser indicated the club is still solvent.

That was it for club business.  Next up was the presentation by Holly Parker, the Florida Regional Director for the Surfrider Foundation.  Holly was an incredibly knowledgeable individual in matters concerning Florida’s water quality AND access.  Yes, that’s right.  Not only do they care about the quality of the water we sail in and fall into, but they lobby for increased public access to the beach.

I can’t go into all that she spoke about, but for me and others it was very eye opening and heartening to have a clean water and beach access advocate and organization battle for what we desire.  Check them out at surfrider.org.  Holly also mentioned a site where you can report if your swimming at a beach made you ill at sickatthebeach.crowdmap.com

Meeting adjourned at 8:54.

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Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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