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The Commodore's Comments - May 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

We all thoroughly enjoyed this year's Smith Regatta!  A great turnout and some very competitive racing all for a great cause – The American Cancer Society.

Of course some of us got away without doing much other than showing up…..and in my case even that was debatable (falling off the board at critical times, over the line early, completely mucked up harness lines).  As usual, there were plenty of SPSC people helping out during the Smith Regatta.  Perry Morris on the course, Lee Chapin and Mark Voigt on the race committee, Tina Mazanek with the C-fleet, Linda Downey on the regatta organizing and food committees, Wright Finney on the regatta organizing and site/beverage/tee shirt committees, Ann Getman at registration, Dave "Digger" Denmark as the auctioneer, Adam Bennett at the beer trailer, Stan Derzypolski on boats, Leah Chapin organizing the auction, Marianne Gengenbach on publicity, and the list goes on and on.  Thanks for devoting your time to make this event such a success!

I wanted to take this opportunity to profile another long-time club member for her contributions to our Club and to the Smith Regatta.

Sweet Groove:  “She has a cowbell and she knows how to use it”

Deb Berlinger is not only our graphic artist and web host/designer, but she also takes on a variety of behind the scenes roles for the Smith Regatta and other club related events.  Deb is known in Tallahassee and throughout the southeast as “Sweet Groove” for her music as evidenced by her drum skills in several different bands:Tinhorn, CDH and The Porch Lizards, Brett Wellman and The Stone Cold Blues Band, The Crawlers, The Mayhaws, Cheap and Easy, and the Charles Atkins Blues Band; plus sitting in with music artists from other states.  Somehow she still finds precious time to devote to the SPSC, and she really stepped up this year for the Smith regatta in taking over the booklet layout, the registration forms, and the web site and online registration.  Thanks, Deb, for all your services over the years!  If only Deb’s cowbell could have kept me from crossing the start line early in the Smith!

Sweet Groove in percussion form . . .

Remember, Go Long or go Wrong!

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

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41st Annual Stephen C Smith Memorial Regatta

 by Lee Chapin

We had another fun regatta. We could have used a little more early wind. We had 35 windsurfers registered, 27 of them were racers, 3 of which were racing in the Novice fleet with an average of 16 racers in Open & Sport. Friday night was once again a great time to catch up with friends at the beer truck. Saturday morning arrived with Linda’s breakfast to get us started, unfortunately, it also arrived without any wind. We finally got enough breeze to start a shortened race. We managed to get three races in before taking a lunch break. After a trip to the beach grill and the beer truck it was back to the race course, this time with 8-10 knots of wind to get two more races before going to supper at the Yacht Club then enjoying music on the beach. Sunday showed up with no wind that never increased enough to overcome a strong incoming tide. Running out of Regatta activity time we decided not to attempt a long distance race, so we moved on to the trophy presentations.










Dave Stanger


Dan Olivier


Steve Campbell


Donna McMahon


Mark Powell


Dan Burch


Julea Williams


Bob Graves


Chris Voith


Paul Hansard


Bob Andrews


Gerry Myers


Steve Bogan


Wright Finney


Linda Downey


Bill Olson


Chris McMahon


Jack May





Many thanks to my committee sidekick, Mark Voigt; to Perry & John for planning, setting and managing the course.

NIMBY, June 20 - 22, 2014

Notice of Race: NIMBY XVIII
June 20 – 22, 2014 – Crystal River, FL

NIMBY XVIII, the 18th Annual "Not In My Back Yard" Road Trip Regatta, is scheduled for Friday, June 20 – Sunday, June 22, 2014. It has now been eighteen years since we conceived the concept of taking our show on the road to different venues. This year, we're again going to a location that's new for the NIMBY, but one that some of us have been to for other reasons – Crystal River, FL. Although Crystal River might not immediately pop into your mind when thinking windsurfing venues, this location offers not only sailing but many other outdoor activities for non-sailors. Our host hotel for the NIMBY is the Best Western Crystal River, which is located on King's Bay, an inland freshwater lake which has dozens of springs and also has direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. The sailing launch will be at Fort Island Park, which is about a 10 minute drive from the motel. We extend a special invitation to our sailing friends from the Florida Panhandle and to those in the Atlanta and Charleston areas to join us at this year's NIMBY event. We'll have the best of both worlds – freshwater springs and gulf beaches in close proximity, so there will be plenty for the non-sailor and kids to do.

. . . . read more

Club Meeting, April 2014

Club Meeting April 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:38, Mark Powell is slipping on punctuality. We started with 22 people present, just like last month, coincidence or conspiracy?.

Perry Morris moved that the minutes from the last meeting be approved (as presented on 20KnotSnob.com), Bob Graves seconded, they may be the only ones who read them, but everyone else kept their yaps shut.

Bob Graves provided a recap of the Wind Ceremony; a good time was had by all. Profuse thanks from Bob to all who assisted, especially Sandy. Five small t shirts were left unsold, and there was talk of adjusting the numbers next year, but only Bob knows what those changes would be, so we can’t let anything happen to him.

The calendar was reviewed, some of the dates have actually been chosen.

Wright Finney led a discussion of the merits of holding NIMBY in Tarpon Springs, but if you read the club email you would know this has been overcome by a far superior plan. A budget request will be floated at the May club meeting.

Items related to the Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta were presented. The books are out, posters available, Lee Chapin Race Captain. Perry Morris Marks “r” Us will set the course. A general call for volunteers and support for the cause.

Windy has been eaten up by ants again so the plan is to move the talker off the tower into the training trailer. Mark Powell asks if there will be power for a margarita machine, which makes up for the late meeting start. Concerns are voiced that any power at the trailer would be “dirty power”, even if from solar panels.

New business focused on the lessons program, Bobby G. says come on down! New member Deb Greene is looking for people to sail with.

Purser announced we have money in our checking account, the Wind Ceremony financials have not been updated. Upcoming expenses for domain registration/website, and our annual insurance bill is due in June..

Our memberships for 2014 now stand at 58, with most of the stragglers accounted for.

A SCSMR work day was called for Easter Sunday to repair the water line leak and generally spruce up the place..

The scheduled speaker, Holly Parker from the SRF had to postpone, so Bobby G gave a stirring presentation of the history of the lessons program at Shell Point Beach including a couple of videos from the internet on beginner board selection in lingerie and uphauling with touching, check with Bobby to have a look at the videos if you like, note to board, we should have Bob do that sexual harassment training again.

Next Club meeting May the 13th, with Holly Parker as our scheduled speaker.

Meeting ended. At 08:28 (see, not punctual), Bob Graves made the motion, which Tina seconded, and carried.

Thus endeth the minutes for April 2014.

Check the SPSC Photo Gallery for More Photos

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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