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The Commodore's Comments - February 2014

Well it’s not quite ideal windsurfing weather out there (right now freezing rain with ice pellets are coming down and Riley’s off to his buddies house to jump on the trampoline!). Thanks God we’re not crazy like those folks from New York and parts that still go sailing in the winter with dry suits! I used to be one of those many moons ago.

Our intrepid Key’s Trip folks (lucky dogs) get to leave these here parts for Fiesta Key where they will engage in all sorts of sordid yet warm windsurfing and fellow/gal ship. Please drive safely, especially on A1A and somebody please sip an IPA in the Commodore’s stead.

There’s no club meeting for February.

Please take the time to check out all your gear for spring. Get some marine tex into those dings and scratches, clean out and re-lube your mast tracks, order that 9.5 sail for the longboard, get a longer Kona fin, weed fin or pointer fin for the Steven C. Smith Regatta, and get your wind offerings ready for the Wind Ceremony! As Swami says, “It has always been thus”¦ “Those who feel it, know it”.

I must report that although Robbie Naish decided not to attend our Christmas Party, he and I are now Face Book Friends! Maybe he’ll visit us next year! I’m also FBF with Tom Pace, windsurfing legend from Pensacola. Robbie and Tom have thousands of friends compared to my 6 or 7, but we don’t really want everybody to know what the SPSC commode door is up to every second now do we? A man’s got a do what a man’s got a do.

For your entertainment and historical education I am providing an article that appeared in the now defunct WindRider Magazine just a couple years ago when I was at FSU in Grad school and pushing 30. It’s still something us long board sailors have to do from time to time, like if you commit a foul on the race course and want to exonerate yourself. What kind of foul? Oh say Gerry Myers is on port tack and planes his board over your big toe while you are on starboard. Well then you would politely ask Gerry to do a “360”. As long as you do not mention your political affiliation (and Gerry’s not packing), Gerry would abide by the rules and immediately exonerate himself. Back in those days this trick was also considered a freestyle move, and it was part of my “routine” which also included a “splits head dip” and a “pirouette duck tack”¦ oh yeah I can still do that!

See you all in March! Hopefully the Swami will take a few moments away from the festoon practices to engage us with his mysterious yet mystical origins and how the Wind Ceremony actually came about. Surely it has not always been thus; there must have been an “it is now being this” at least once!

Remember, Go Long or go Wrong!

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014


1984 Olympic trials (race 4) that shows our commodore racing the Windglider on Alamitos Bay in Long Beach CA (note there was no harness allowed in the Windglider class back then)

View from the Vice BobbyG

The view from down here is interesting. I was the vice once before, but not before I knew vice, but about the same time Sarah Palin tried to become vice. I’m vice once again because of the advice given to me by the godfather, who used a device called the telephone to be concise in what he wanted to do. Is that precise enough for y’all to follow?

Frankly, this new Commodore has a lot of interesting things he wants to do this year at the club meetings. There will be presentations and discussions about all kinds of windsurfing and Shell Point related stuff, and the more of you that are there, the more interesting the discussions will be. Perry spoke about the Keys trip last time, and even though most of us in attendance have been to the Keys, it was great to hear about how the trip got started, how Chuck got elevated to Swami, and how we finally ended up at Fiesta Key. Wish more of the originators were there and I wish more of the originals were still going to the Keys. Uh-oh, I’m going to break out in a songs “When you wish upon a star; Makes no difference who you are; Anything your heart desires; Will come to you”. Good thing you couldn’t hear me sing it.

Being the vice, as some of you know, means you have not much to do, like Joe Biden or Florida’s Lieutenant Governor. However, at the end of my term, I chair the Christmas party and challenge the Commodore to feats of strength challenges at Festivus. I think it will be a sailboard race. If I give Mark a 2.0 sail and not tell him the course, I have a slim chance of beating him.

I will be tracking your vices throughout the year, so, please, give me something to write about!

Club Meeting, Jan 14, 2014

. . .by sub-scribe BobbyG (don’t want Bill to get blamed for this mess)

Just when you think you’re out they pull you back in. In Bill’s second assignment as scribe (his first was the board meeting), he had to travel out of town so I’m filling in for him. I forgot I was supposed to, so the minutes were written on the back of the agenda, my arm, napkins, and whatever else was available.

Meeting called to order at 7:40 by our new Commodore, Mark Powell.

First order of business was the non approval of the club minutes from December that didn’t exist. All didn’t approve.

Mark is coming up with programs for the meetings for the rest of the year and is opened to suggestions. Some of the topics being considered are cold weather sailing, GPS sailing, meeting with Wakulla county parks and recreation folks, tuning for racing, training, the Swami’s rise, etc.

The tentative calendar of events was gone over and dates are slowly being established. We received notice that the Atlanta Fall Classic will be October 18th and 19th.

Purser reports we have more than $1 in our checking account . If you want to know the exact amount, come to the meeting. Christmas party was over budget by about $100 drawing cries of outrage from no one. Reasons for the overdraft were that the bar was down, Growlers were new, the economy hasn’t bounced back, and Obamacare. Our taxes were up as well which either means we are doing well or our Republican overseers in the great state of Florida aren’t giving us the whole story on decreasing our taxes. We have about 54 memberships even though there are still a few scofflaws that won’t be called out until next month.

Wright presented an award to Mr. Mike Levine for his service as Commodore this past year to the huzzahs of the throngs and a request for one more reading from the book of Levinicus. Levinicus 99:9 was read, and I believe this is a parable. When one of the minions asked “What has four wheels and flies?” the prophet Levinicus responded “A Garbage Truck”. Though we all understood, we were none the less astonished.

Perry presented the Keys trip program to everyone which was awesome as seen in the many in attendance going down memory lane. Lots of great pictures, reminiscing about the first trip down there to Bahia Honda where the Great Swami was first discovered. I’m not sure if this story is right, but something about someone in trouble on the water and Chuck walking ON HE WATER to rescue them, thus becoming his holiness, the Great Swami. Somebody else had some hogwash about wet hair and a towel. Kudos went out to Mr. Paul Hansard and Pam for discovering Fiesta Key sometime around 1993 where we have returned to since. A mention was made of “The Love Tractor” which I will not expound upon but for those that were there was a great story.

The meeting was adjourned about 8:20. That’s right, I said about. I’m the substitute scribe, so get over my approximation.

Ballad of Fiesta Key - SPSC Scribe

We gave Scribbles the former scribe back his crayon so he could document the club meeting in my absence last month. So I thought I would provide a little classy entertainment in the form of free verse. Yes I know this is doggerel but there is free everything in windsurfing, freestyle, free ride, free wave, free race ad nauseum, so indulge me please.

Ballad of the Ninth Annual Last Fiesta Key Trip
Well listen to my story of a guy named Bill
Winter in North Florida was bringing on the chill
His friends said “South Florida is the place you ought to be”
So he loaded up his windsurf gear and headed to the Keys
(Fiesta key that is, Hot tubs, Sunset martinis)

Well the next thing you know the martini horn is heard
Uncle Pervy has massaged the Gin, so you know it will be good
The sunset is around the bend, the SPSC crew appears
And they sound in unison those ritualistic words
(The toast that is, Na Zdorovie, Za tee-byá, Kanpai, Festoons!!!)

Well now it's time for the final toast at the Happy End….ing
We would like to thank you folks for kindly dropping in
You're all invited back next year to this locality
To have a heaping helping of our mild depravity

(20 Knot Snobs, that's what they call 'em now,
Nice folks Y'all come back now, ya hear?)

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