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1984 Olympic trials (race 4) that shows our Commodore racing the Windglider on Alamitos Bay in Long Beach CA (note there was no harness allowed in the Windglider class back then)

The Commodore's Comments - January 2014

As your new Commodore for 2014 I'd like to start off by letting you know how I got into this position. Yes, yes, I did manage to overcome a tremendous effort by Mike Levine at Festivus and that did officially allow me to unseat him from the commodeDoor position. The ENDO balance board was what finally got him (it also got Adam pretty good - ¦you OK Adam?). But what really got me here was a tap on the shoulder from the godfather, you know who, the George Washington (or is it George Costanza?) of windsurfing here in the big bend. He's the guy who had the honor of receiving the first Airing of Grievances by announcing he was bringing the Cervezas to Festivus and then showing up after the events had been competed and the miracle witnessed! Thankfully Bill Olson was able to supply your desperate new Commodore with some fine India Pale Ale once I bought a couple of Christmas party growlers off him. Which brings us to the Holiday/Christmas party: DJ Bobby stayed true to the Genuine Electric Eye theme and played plenty of that funky dance music and 'everybody got up'. The Growler Bar was a big hit (Thanks Bill) and of course Perry performed his Martini specialty. This Commodore is more of a beer guy so expect to see more growler action in the future.

So what can you expect from SPSC this year under a new Commodore? Well, the godfather must have also gotten to Bobby Graves so he is my able vice and I will be looking to him for advice. One thing you will see is some new activity at our general meetings. We'll be bringing in expert members and short videos to go over various aspects of windsurfing (rigs, rigging, gybes, tacks, racing tips, etc). Yes, we'll even drag an Equipe through Beef O'Brady's and rig it up in our meeting room! I've also dug up a bunch of old school stuff from way back in the day which I will be sharing from time to time on our web site. Although some time has passed from when windsurfing was 'the sport of the 80s' till now, I feel very lucky to have experienced those times and am happy to have a chance to give something back to a sport that gave so much to me. I gather that SPSC was responsible for Shell Point Beach Park (I hope we can get an accounting of that process on our web page so I can learn more about how it happened… I think the godfather and other board members may have been heavily involved). Windsurfing equipment and technique continues to improve and we have a great location, a diverse program of events, and lesson programs to gain new members and train our family members so SPSC continues to thrive!

Remember, Go Long or go Wrong!

Mark Powell, SPSC Commodore, 2014

Christmas Party 2013

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Another great party with the best people in the world. Everyone had a good time and, due to the advancing age of some of the members that have to go to bed early, lasted only until about one.

The young at heart stayed to help clean up and get things back in order.

People were dressed in their finest.

The donation drive for ECHO was also a big success as can be seen from the back of the truck.

The growlers Bill brought to the party were delectable too many as the disappeared quickly. Tiki Mon of course made his presence, but went home with someone else.

Though we had a bouncer for the first time, he proved to be ineffective, allowing in all kinds of windsurfing people. Thankfully, he let in our spiritual leader, Swami, who was brought to the front on a Kona, carried by his minions, in order to read us a Christmas story.

And to all a good night!

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Foggy Festivus of 2013

Once again, in the waning days of 2013, the SPSC tribe assembled to celebrate the passing of the torch from old to new, to usher out the old year and; as has become customary for the SPSC, as with most primitive bands of hunter/gatherers, Feats of strength were performed to validate the arrival of the new head honcho.

The Commodore Apparent, Mark Powell braved the fog to challenge incumbent Commodore Mike Levine for all the marbles. Perhaps Dr. Powell (aka The Meteorologist) had arranged for a weather control experiment to bring in the fog in a ploy to prevent Southwood Mike from even finding Shell Point Beach to defend his throne. In any event, Mike was there and Mark had to gain the throne by besting the incumbent Commodore!

The diabolical challenges involved catching a tossed item while standing on an Indo board, Whiffle batting, and Frisbee tossing. By the time the third challenge was finished, the incumbent had clearly shown his intention to avoid any sort of conflict. Perhaps he was drugged. Perhaps an unknown party from Atlantic City had called him and said “throw this if you know what’s good for you… In any event , Mark Powell wrested the reins of power from Mike’s surprisingly delicate hands and will guide the SPSC for 2014. All Hail the Meteorologist! Now Mike can take a well-deserved spot at the Past Commodores Lounge with the other SPSC luminaries, great job Mike!

Once all this tomfoolery had subsided, and Adam found out that the Indo board wasn’t as stable as it looked the rest of Festivus ensued in full force. Tiki Mon showed great courage, or callous indifference, as he warmed his tooshie by the fiery final resting place of his hardwood kin.

We were graced with Festivus miracles large and small, especially since Wright had brought the beer and wine left over from Xmas party, a miracle in and of itself, that there even was any beer or wine leftover! A pot luck fiesta broke out and everyone enjoyed some great food, thanks to all who brought the grub.

Grievances were aired, by whom and what they aired I don’t know, I wasn’t listening at that point. I was married for a long time so such things are just background noise to me.

A very Special Festivus thanks to Perry Morris for providing the miraculous martinis.

A Special Festivus thanks to Dave Denmark, who brought the load of fire wood, which provided a very welcome blaze to cut through the damp and fog.

All in all, despite the fog, I think we had a great end to 2013 and we can all look forward to 2014. As the Swami says “It has always been thus”.
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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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