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The Commodore's Comments - November 2013

Hello again fellow SPSCers! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. It's been a little cool with a mostly north wind to sail lately. A reminder that November is the last general meeting as there is no general meeting in December. That would make November my last meeting as your Commodore assuming of course that my Vice, Mark Powell, can defeat me at the feats of strength competition during the December Festivus celebration. Our next event is the ever popular annual SPSC Christmas Party December 14th. A reminder is that you must be member in good standing (i.e., current with club dues) to attend the Christmas party and please limit your guest list to one guest per member. I would be remiss not to at least mention our undefeated and second ranked FSU Seminoles! They are playing my SU Orange next week and I will have the privilege of attending the game and rooting at both ends of the field! The FSU men’s basketball team is undefeated (at 1-0) so enjoy it while it lasts!

Well that’s it for now. Hope to see as many as possible for my last meeting and I’m looking forward to our Christmas party!

Mike Levine
2013 SPSC Commodore (2014 ex-Commodore in waiting)

“From the Wood”, authored by Tiki Mon

Greetings fellow windsurfing fans. It’s been a season or two since I, a Tiki Mon, has written in the newsletter. I see SPSC has many new members and I wanted them, and anyone else who might be interested, to know what I'm all about. I'm Tiki Mon VII (the 7th for those who flunked roman numerals in school), descended from a line of famous Tikis that have been auctioned off at the Smith Regatta to support the American Cancer Society. All were purchased by art collectors with good taste. They know that a Tiki adds class and character to every home, and sometimes a little mischief.

The list of minions whom my ancestral Tiki’s rule over are (1) Dan Burch; (2) Tina Mazanek aka Teensie; (3) Janice and Wright Finney; (4) Bill Olson; (5) Lee and Leah Chapin; and (6) Mary Rolling, a veritable who’s who of windsurfing greatness!!! After reading about my refined ancestral pedigree, I’m sure you want to know what I, Tiki Mon VII, has been up to. I made my debut this year at the Rum ‘n Root beer regatta but was forgotten by my birth minions and left in the car (Chris and Donna McMahon). Since it was a little damp out anyway I really didn’t want to get warped..like they did.

I made my first grand appearance at NIMBY, at beautiful Navarre Beach, by making my entrance on a fancy rolling cart pushed by one of the many beautiful women of the SPSC. Thankfully, I was just in time for happy hour, and sadly, witnessed a martini etiquette faux pas.

The Endless Summer Sailboard Classic was a blast as always, hangin’ out on stage and the dance floor all weekend! Man that DJ BobbyG knows how to get the SPSC folk up and dancin! Thanks, Adam, for letting me bunk with you since my minions left me again!

The Atlanta fall classic truly was classic. My minions and I really enjoyed the whole experience. The fall colors and weather were so nice and there was plenty of wind and flat water. I spent most of the event in the yacht club. Friday night I stayed up late and talked old times with Dan B, drinking the beer and enjoying seeing everyone. Saturday I watched windsurfing races and college football from the top of the bar, a safe place for a wooden Tiki . They fired up the fireplace and commenced to sacrificing unborn Tikis inside, a strange yet yearly tradition for this Atlanta water tribe . Sunday was sunny with very light wind. After everyone either hitched a ride in or paddled their boards back to shore, they had the presentation of trophies and door prizes. What a great event, thanks to Chris Voith and the LLSC!

Tiki Mon will be seeing you at the Christmas Party, Festivus, and Fiesta Key before he finds a better place to live at the Stephen C. Smith regatta.

Club Meeting – October 2013

Meeting called to order at 7:40, late again. We had a record crowd of 27 people present. The Commodore opened with two readings from the Book of Levineicus, which to this point, has been good.

First reading, Levineicus 6:3-5:
"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday this is sailing yacht Corporate Junket, Corporate Junket, Corporate Junket, over."
"Mayday this is Solenet Coast Guard. Can you give me your position sir, over."
"Solent Coast Guard this is sailing yacht Corporate Junket. I'm a director in a small engineering company, over."

Second reading was from Levineicus 9:1-2:
Q: What sits at the bottom of the sea and shivers?
A: A nervous wreck.

Needless to say, the scripture of Levineicus is getting stranger. Might he be speaking to us in parables? Methinks he is speaking in tongues and we have no one to interpret his utterings.

Minutes approved even though a few people had actually read them. YEAH!!!! Bob G. thanked folks for articles, namely Tina and Lee for writing about the Endless Summer.

Much discussion on life rings to toss to people. Some people wanted rings, others felt we were OK as is.

Purser announced we have money (not gold bars or doubloons) in our checking account but it does not include a lot of Endless Summer expenses and income. Estimate is we made a net of $SFE from the Endless Summer. Still need to pay sales tax for the Endless Summer.

Don wants Donaldo money to go for liquor at the beer truck. Apparently people aren't getting drunk fast enough for him since we all know "liquor's quicker".

Our memberships for 2013-2014 now stand at 43. Now is the time to re-up!! Send us your dues via mail, Paypal, or get your butt to a meeting and pay there! If you have not paid by Christmas party time, you will need to pay upon entrance.

Bob Andrews spoke about the training equipment. All stuff is loaded in the trailer from under the trailer but we still need to get sails de-rigged and are looking at doing this over Festivus at the latest

Since he wasn’t present, Bob G. asked Chris and Donna McMahon to ask Tiki Mon for an article on the Endless Summer and Fall Classic. They said they would.

Bob G. asked Don and Sharman for an article on Café Donaldo's where one day we had Scottie's dogs and the next Digger Dogs. There seems to lots of turnover in that operation. Hopefully they can write an article to explain the employee exodus and what they are doing to correct the working conditions. However, in case they are not forthcoming, we will have our investigative journalist, Gavin, get the lowdown on what is going on.

Meeting ended. Forgot what time but all the proper motions were made, seconded, and carried. I could make up a time, but then I wouldn’t be truthful, and we all know that every word I have put on paper is truthful, don’t we?

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Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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