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The Commodore's Comments - October 2013

Well here we are in October already. The 26th Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic is in the history books! (Go to FaceBook for photos.) In addition to all of the people and businesses I thanked in my thank you to the sponsors and volunteers speech (see link to youtube clip), I neglected to thank Rick and Judy for Friday night’s “Rick and Judy’s wings” and Linda for Saturday and Sunday morning’s “Linda’s breakfast”. Both were terrific! I also want to thank Wright for all of behind the scenes site preparation that takes place. And lastly, I wanted to thank the registration committee of Sandy, Ann and Laurie for keeping a semblance of order during the hectic beach registration process and our Web Master Deb who made sure the on-line registration was easy to use and glitch free. Our give away and grand prizes were among the best ever and Moe’s did a terrific job with dinners for 80 people. It’s truly amazing how everything and everyone came together to make our major end of summer event so special! Thanks again to everyone who came and enjoyed the event.

Sponsor and Volunteer Thank You Video

Well that’s it for now. It’s all downhill from here for your 2013 Commodore and the title of “past Commodore” is getting closer every day. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s a great way to get to know people in the club better and to get an appreciation for everything that goes on behind the scenes. There is still plenty of great sailing weather left so I hope to see you at the beach soon, and if you haven't attended a meeting recently please consider doing so!

Mike Levine
2013 SPSC Commodore

Message of Thanks by Gus Duliakas

I want to thank all of you at Shell Point for a great weekend. The food, fun, beer, music, camaraderie, and oh yeah.... the sailing, was top notch. It has been years since I've been to any of your gatherings, but I always feel welcome every time I'm there. It was nice to fall into easy conversation with those of you I've known from the past, and it was nice to be introduced to those I've seen but never met. Watching ya'll get together on the dance floor Saturday night brought back memories of when JAWS use to cut up on the dance floor. I miss those days and I somewhat envy your club. You don't know what you have until it's gone. Whatever ya'll are doing to keep your club together, keep it going..... Again, thanks again for everything, and I hope to see you at the wind ceremony next year !!!.......... Oh, one more thing, I hope to never have to witness another near drowning again. Make that boy wear a friggin' life jacket !!!!

The 26th Endless Summer Novice Fleet Report
By Tina Mazanek (2013)

(Click on image for larger view) The success of our Novice Fleet is a reflection of our whole club. It starts each year with our Lessons Program funded primarily by the club’s treasury along with donations from generous members. Others donate invaluable time to teach. Coordinated by Bob Andrews and Bob Graves, our thanks goes to this year’s instructors; Linda Downey, Bill Olson, Charlie Yontz, Bob Andrews, Bob Graves, Tina Mazanek, and Adam Bennett, with guest appearances by Mark and Kathy Voigt, Gerry Myers, and Mark Powell.

Two Saturdays before the event we held a race clinic. About a dozen sailors showed up ready to practice and get time on the water. I could tell this was a determined group by the screams of joy as each eventually finished their practice heats.

This year’s fleet had five competitors (four on the water each day), racing five heats on Saturday and three heats on Sunday. Both days the wind started out of the northeast and turned slightly east as the day wore on. This meant that is was a day of learning what a center board can and cannot do for you while windsurfing. Yes, it helps you to go upwind-but this meant almost nothing to the Novice fleet. “OK, try the center board in different positions and see if that helps you go in the desired direction.” The learning curve was incredible.

Each one of the racers scored a bullet on Saturday Afternoon. The first bullet scored was by Deb Green, who is new to the sport (not for long!). Second and third heat went to Mark (yes it is a tee shirt and a hat) Sussman. Colbi King took the fourth heat (first time on a board this year). And “beer truck” Adam Bennett won the fifth heat. On Sunday Cobi was the most successful using her centerboard strategy and took first place in all three heats.

Meanwhile, we had others whom we’d like to acknowledge. They did not race but are the future of the sport: In the junior category under the age of 12 were; Zoie Hill, Gavin Franklin, Ayberk Ozgen and Matthew Williams, and a guest from the Atlanta area who is hooked, Debi Baber.

Many thanks to Bill Dolittle for captaining our rescue vessel (Wright’s Avon) and also to Suzanne and Keith Long, our avid audience members, who are always there to cheer the Novice Fleet on.


Competitor Fleet Standing Class Standing
Colbi King First Place First Place/Female
Adam Bennett Second Place First Place Male
Deb Green

Third Place

Second Place Female
Mark Sussman Fourth Place Second Place Male
Jocy Bourgeois Fifth Place Third Place Female

Thanks to all! See you at the Stephen C Smith in the spring!

26th Endless Summer Sailboard Classic – Racing

Once again Mark Voigt, Stan Derzypolski, Perry Morris, John Gilbert, Tina Mazanek, Bill Doolittle and I enjoyed ourselves on the water at Shell Point and as an aside conducted some thoroughly enjoyable racing. The weather was as good as it has been in a long time for the weekend, with sunny skies and relatively cooperative wind.

We started our regatta weekend on Friday evening with another enjoyable gathering at the beer truck complete with friends from near and far, beer and a round of cigars; it was truly a fitting beginning to a great regatta weekend. Once again, great wings and fries were served up by Rick and Judy, though some may have thought the hot too HOT! Saturday morning we woke up to great weather and an east-northeast wind that was blowing a steady 10 knots.

We had a good turnout at the skippers meeting with a dozen and a half sailors in ‘A’ & Sport fleets and a half a dozen ‘C’ fleeter’s. Perry & John set another interesting offshore course for ‘A’ & Sport fleets while Tina & Bill set the ‘C’ fleet off the beach. With ENE winds the seas were comfortable and the wind speed was good, which made for fun racing. There were several memorable things to watch, with one start that had half the racers starting on a port tack and the other half starting on a starboard tack. It was a lot of fun to watch! There were some interesting mark rounding’s and some close finishes, all in all great fun to watch! ‘A’ & Sport fleets got in three races before breaking for lunch at the fashionable Café Donaldo complete with Scotty dogs and gumbo. After a visit to the beer truck for a “quick one” it was back for an afternoon race. This time the course was out the channel to the Flasher and back for the ‘A’ fleet and out the channel around the tri-pod and back for Sport fleet. With the wind dying we decided to call it a day and head to the beer truck.

Suppa was hosted by our Commodore Mike Levine and his lovely wife Laurie at the village with a really nice bunch of door prizes. Then it was back to the beach for some dancing to the tunes provided by the always great “DJ BobbyG”, Bob Graves & Sandy Layne, with a few beers to finish off the evening and another great day ended.

Sunday morning was an unusual surprise for the normal Sunday morning at Shell Point Regatta weekend, in that we had great weather once again and ENE wind at 8-10 knots. Perry and John reset the offshore course and we got another two races in before the wind died. ‘A’/Sport fleet averaged 15 racers per race for the six races. ‘C’ fleet had several spirited races with a nice turnout of novice racers. First Place finishes were distributed among all of the ‘C’ fleet racers so everyone got the thrill of being first. Tina managed to not only conduct a half-dozen races for ‘C’ fleet, but she conducted some impromptu lessons and one quick race around the tri-pod that resulted in a third place trophy. The day was finished off with trophies awarded to the racers and certificates awarded to the folks who participated in the lessons. It was another fun weekend regatta!

Race Results

‘A’ Open-H Men
‘A’ Open-L Men
1 Chris Voith
2 Dan Olivier
3 Wright Finney
4 Lorcan O'Healaigh
5 Paul Hansard
1 Mark Powell
2 Dave Stanger
3 Dan Burch
1 Julea Williams
2 Linda Downey
3 Tina Mazanek
1 Chris Graves
2 Gus Duliakas
3 Chris McMahon
4 Neils Wade
1 Bob Andrews
2 Bob Graves
3 Bill Olson
4 Gerry Myers
5 Mike Levine
6 Mike Haskins

Club Meeting Minutes – September 10, 2013

As usual, the Commodore started off with a reading from the Book of Levine, Chapter 4, Verses 7-10:
"A windsurfer had broken his mast at Shell Point and was in the channel being pulled out to the Gulf. A boat came by and asked if he needed help and he responded "no, God will save me". He floated a while longer when another boat came by and asked if he needed help and he responded "no, God will save me". After spending a night on the water and his family calling in a missing persons report, a Coast Guard chopper came by to offer help and he said "no, God will save me." Later that day, the man was viciously attacked by sharks and killer bacteria, with the bacteria dealing the fatal blow. As the man crossed the Pearly Gates, he ran straight to God. "I placed my faith in You, and You let me drown?! "Hey!" said God. "I sent two boats and a helicopter".

After the scripture reading, our Commodore got down to business and briefly went over his few remaining items on the calendar. 21 people were present at the meeting, the most in a while.

The Scribe had the minutes approved as unread and completely ignored. All were in favor of the motion to approve.

Please let it be noted that the Purser, who is still Wright Finney, was present when the Purser’s report was needed. It helped that the meeting wasn't called to order until 7:46, but, nonetheless, he was there when it was his turn to report.

We have cash in the bank and just paid $60 for our P.O. box. Wakulla Parks and Recreation is kindly charging us $20 to reserve the smaller picnic shelter at the beach and to take over for the weekend. Wright paid $508.11 for our insurance General Liability which is good through June 26, 2014. However, to Bob A's chagrin, it does not cover the Taco Bell fire he denies setting in Navarre, but has darn good pictures of. When Bill heard the insurance was paid for, he told everyone of the serious injury he incurred during lessons, running into an underwater stump that would not budge. Bill is now waiting for his settlement.

We have 68 memberships to close out the 2012-2013 season since all memberships are now up for renewal. Dues are due. To quote Perry, "I upped mine, so Up Yours!"

Bob A. spoke about training for a while and that he and Bob G. will be going through stuff at the trailer after lessons on Saturday. Looks like we may be having a good C fleet at the Endless Summer this year, so a call went out for additional boards to be used by the novice sailors. Sandspur rodeo will be Sunday, September 21st.

Lee found out that ants chewed through the gasket containing the Windy battery bringing in salt air and messing stuff up. Turns out ants get high off of ozone. Soon as that message went out, we had a bunch of SPSC member crowding around Windy. There were complaints that Windy has not responded with wind speeds suitable for the 20 knot snobs in quite some time.

Our election results have the following officers and board members: Commodore – Mark Powell, Vice Commodore – Bob Graves II, Purser – Wright Finney, Scribe – Bill Olson, Board Members – Linda Downey, Lee Chapin, Mark Voigt, Tina Mazanek. The one non elected position, Past Commdore, will be filled by Mike Levine.

Wright said Linda was now at the America’s Cup in San Francisco. Bill mentioned that on Friday, October 4th, Deb's Blues Band was playing at the Legion Hall at Lake Ella.

Meeting adjourned around 8:30.

Check the SPSC Photo Gallery for More Photos

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