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The Commodore's Comments - August 2013

by Mike Levine, Commodore

Hello again! The Rum ‘n Root Beer was held August 3rd. Everybody had a great time but Mother Nature did not quite cooperate. There were lots of bean dishes and one or two games were held despite the weather. The theme of course was “Blazing Harnesses”, a take-off on the Mel Brooks 1974 satirical Western comedy movie Blazing Saddles. The winners of the costume contest were Bob Andrews as the Waco Kid for best male costume, Sandy Layne as Miss Stein for best female, Summer Franklin as the Sheriff for best child and Gavin Franklin as an Indian Chief for best overall. The winner of the other bean related contest shall remain nameless unless they wish their identity know…

There have been some great lessons and sailing lately as the weather has been good and it is now safe to drink the beach water again (no… still can't drink the water)!

Our next event is the 26th Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic to be held September 27th -29th. Early and on-line registration opens Sunday August 18th and closes promptly on Wednesday September 16th. You are guaranteed a coveted designer tee-shirt(s) of your size only if you register during this time. Early registration snail-mail orders must be post marked by Friday, September 13th to qualify. This year’s dinner will be catered by… “Welcome to Moe’s!” There are some really good major sponsor raffle items as well. I’m sure this will be an Endless Summer to remember!

Well that’s it for now. I will send out additional information on the Endless Summer as necessary and look for updates and more information on the website. In the meantime, I hope to see you at the club meeting and at the beach!

Mike Levine
2013 SPSC Commodore

Rum n’ Rootbeer 2013!!!!!!!!!!!

It rained and it blew, but the folks that came hung around and we all had a good time despite the inclement weather and maybe because of it. Bill Olson and Bob Graves had derived several games loosely based on the movie Blazing Saddle. Unfortunately, they were only able to play about half of them. As you know, one of the contests was the “pretend” wind breaking contest. Out of about 12 contestants, only two of them scored a perfect nine, Perry, as y’all probably figured out, and a newcomer to the group, the son of Jocelyn, Ayberk. The fish kill at Shell Point is due to this game.

The four bean dishes were delectable and the sides went very well with them. Fortunately we broke down and cleaned up just before another shower decided to pass through. So many of the participants stayed behind to help cleanup which made the work go very quickly.

Though this year’s event was not well attended, the folks that came were there to have a good time and nothing was going to stop that. In addition, a fellow windsurfer, Doug Smith, came by and gave the club a generous donation.

The pictures are of Mr. Morris rocking the new Bandanna, Mr. Andrews as the Waco Kid with his two gun harness, and the Gov with Miss Stein, Hello Boys!

Click on images for larger view.

Written by a trainer who wished to remain anonymous

Mark the date, July 20th 2013, the day the lead trainer finely lost it. This lesson was setup for the scouts, come rain or shine. On Friday evening the scout leader gave me a call and said he saw a sign at Shell Point that said there was a swimming advisory out for the water due to all the rain we have had. I sent an e-mail to all the scouts letting them know, but that we would have trainers at the beach in case they still wanted to come. They all came down and we had a great and energetic group.

However, this is where it gets a little scary. Lessons start at 11am, which is when some rain started falling, and then more rain, and the temperature was in the mid seventies, and the wind was around 15 knots. The lead trainer, whose name will be withheld due to mental health confidentiality, started the lesson anyway using the simulator on the shore, teaching shivering, soaking wet kids. He had all the kids on the water by 11:30 in the midst of a downpour. If you can picture Ahab when he finally spotted the white whale or Jack Nicholson in the Shining you’ll get an idea of the look on this trainers face. Nothing would deter him! He seemed to be enjoying it! When he assigned kids to a board, they didn’t walk; they ran out of pure fear of this madman!

The other trainers came down to help out, figuring this crazy ba$+&rd was going to get the kids killed if they didn’t pitch in. Finally around 12:30, thunder was heard by one of the sane trainers and we took the kids off the water for about 20 minutes.

As the wind calmed down and the weather brightened, and knowing he had beer waiting for him when lessons were over, the lead trainer quieted down and showed brief signs of sanity.

A big thank to all those who braved this, namely, Linda, Bill, Charlie, and Adam. Tina came down, but with the conditions the way they were, didn’t wish to worsen her chest cold. Several parents mentioned how great a time their kids had and how thankful they were that the club did this.

Lessons Equipment Update

This is just a short note to some of the old timers in the club. Many a time the trainers have sought out lighter booms, masts and sails to allow for easier learning by the student. This request has fallen on the unsympathetic ears of some of the old timers, mentioning that they had learned the hard way, so the newbie’s could as well. However, I would like to mention that back when some of these old timers learned there was no combustible engine or kite alternative to sailing. Heck, the sail had just been introduced so that paddling and waiting for the right current wasn’t always necessary. In other words, unless you wanted to paddle, windsurfing with crude and unforgiving equipment was the only alternative.

Today there are easier alternatives to windsurfing, but none give the thrill of hanging on in 20knot winds and flying across the water, so making the learning part easier is just to get them hooked. Easy learning equipment is just a gateway into the hardcore sailing.

Click on images for larger view.

Club Meeting minutes July 2013

17 present.

Commodore went over calendar which you should all have a copy of since he puts them in his agenda AND they are on the website, so I’m not going to waste my time and keystrokes putting it here. Sheesh, some of you are never happy.

Bob A. would like Bob G. to write more articles like the martini one about some of the clubs traditions and such. Bob G. will begin interrogating/interviewing the appropriate folks. Water boarding may be involved to get the truth.

Training equipment update: Had a boom break and a sail has a rip. Need to purchase some outhaul line and we need a new sail that is under 5m2. Donations are accepted!

Wright talked about the id cards needed to get into Shell Point free and had one for everyone there. Bob G. has yours if you haven’t gotten yours yet.

We have money in the checking account and we have insurance due with some NIMBY expenses still to pay.

David Lane re-upped and we know have 65 memberships!

Lots of accolades went Wright’s way about the NIMBY venue. It was perfect.

Bob G. asked for $750 budget for the Rum n’ Rootbeer and everyone there approved it. The Saturday before the R&R will be a showing of Blazing Saddles at Perry’s house, Martini’s will precede.

Our Commodore and chair of the Endless Summer, Mr. Levine, went over a list of what people have done in the past to get an idea of who to contact for an Endless Summer meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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