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The Commodore's Comments - July 2013

by Mike Levine, Commodore

Hello all!

The 4th of July Holiday and the annual NIMBY event has come and gone! We are closing in on the halfway point of summer, sad to say. This year NIMBY XVII happened June 28th – 30th at Navarre, FL. The motel Wright selected was a great location for the event. Although NIMBY XVII took place outside the traditional Father’s Day weekend, attendance was slightly down from last year. However, those who attended had a great time despite the constant threat of rain. At the start of the long distance race on Saturday, there was slight drizzle, decent wind, the distant rumble of thunder and the weather radar was lit up all around us. Since your normally fearless Commodore has had three past close encounters with lightening, he decided to play it safe and hitch a boat ride to the end of the course and the hot dog cookout venue. However, since I didn’t even rig, at least it guaranteed that the rain would hold off and the race proceeded with great weather!

Sailing lessons have been “sold out” and proceeding well. Rum ‘n Root Beer is coming up in August!

Well that’s all for this month. I hope to see many of you at the club meeting and at the beach!

Mike Levine
2013 SPSC Commodore

Martini Etiquette for SPSC Members and Assorted Hangers-on

After a major martini etiquette faux paux by one of our members (witnessed by those at NIMBY XVII), the SPSC Board determined that the proper etiquette for drinking a martini should be formalized in a series of steps so that the unwashed can at least aspire to look refined. Pictures provided for the reading impaired.
  1. When the martini mixmaster honks, you immediately go to the martini table and pick up your martini and your martini only. We need to do this quickly so the martini master knows whether he has to make more. Your martini will have a toothpick with two olives skewered. DO NOT TOUCH THE OLIVES until you get to Steps 8 - 15.
  2. Toast. You don’t need to know all the words first time, but you do need to pay attention. HEY YOU, I said PAY ATTENTION to what is being said.
  3. Here is the four-part SPSC martini toast, as unmercifully butchered by the martini cultists. The syllable accents are shown.
    1. "Na zdrowie" (Poland), pronounced by us as: Nas-tro'-ve-ya.
    2. "Za tee-byá" (Russian), pronounced by us (very incorrectly) as: Zai-beece.
    3. "Kanpai" (Japan), pronounced by us as: Kan-pie.
    4. "Festoons" (Wakulla County), pronounced in your best southern accent as: Fay-us-tewns.
  4. Take a sip and savor the wonders of the botanicals in gin. Vow to stone all who would substitute vodka.
  5. Keep sipping.
  6. Keep sipping.
  7. Keep sipping.
  8. Repeat Steps 4 through 7 only until the top of the upper olive is exposed above the surface of the gin. When this happens, you may call for a SLAP. If no one else is ready, then you weren’t following Steps 4-7 and you were gulping instead of sipping. I SAID SIP.
  9. Pull your stick of olives out of the gin, holding it with your thumb and forefinger, and slap the olives of the other imbibers while yelling Nas-tro'-ve-ya in unison with everyone else.
  10. Gently crush the first olive in your mouth, savoring it with gusto, then follow with a sip of martini.
  11. While holding the toothpick with the remaining olive, push this olive down to the tip of the toothpick using your middle finger on the same hand. To clarify, this is a one-handed operation. Don’t embarrass yourself by using two.
  12. Reinsert the toothpick and olive in the gin.
  13. Repeat Steps 4 through 7 only until the top of the last olive is exposed above the surface of the gin. When this happens, you may call for a HAPPY ENDING (formerly called The Finish). If no one else is ready, then you weren’t following Steps 4-7 and you were gulping instead of sipping. Once again, I said SIP and savor.
  14. Pull your last olive out of the gin, holding the toothpick with your thumb and forefinger, and slap the olives of the other imbibers while yelling Nas-tro'-ve-ya in unison with everyone else.
  15. Gently crush the second olive in your mouth, savoring it, and then follow with the last sip in the glass.
  16. Do what you want with the toothpick.
  17. Return the martini glass to the serving table when it is empty, and compliment the martini master on a fine mixing job.
NOTE: All SPSC martinis normally come with two bleau cheese-stuffed olives on a toothpick. If (heaven forbid) you do not like olives or bleau cheese, there are plenty of beautiful women in the club who do, but they may not care for the gin. Etiquette does allow you to share, just don't be showy about it or expect anything in return.

Club Meeting June 11, 2013

The Club meeting started on TIME!!!!! 7:30 on the nose. Of course, it took the Commodore a good five minutes to quite the excited gathering.

The Commodore decided to open with a joke, bringing groans from the masses.

Here’s the Commodore’s opening joke: “A woman and her friend were sailing in St. John’s River, Jacksonville. The woman was in the middle of a jibe when she sees a long funeral procession coming across the bridge. She stops mid jibe, bows her head and says a prayer and stays solemn until the procession passes. Her friend sails up and says “Wow, that is the most thoughtful and touching thing I have ever seen, you are a truly caring woman. The woman replied “Yeah, well, we were married for 35 years.”

Laughter erupted from the shocked throngs.

18 dedicated SPSC folks in attendance.

Commodore went over the calendar and all things look in order. Have NIMBY, June 28-30, Rum ‘n Rootbeer August 3rd, Endless Summer, September 27-29th, Club Christmas Party December 14th, and Festivus on December 22nd.

Minutes were approved as written with no changes. The scribe encouraged people to write articles about their NIMBY experience knowing damn well they won’t, but he is an optimistic and hopeful SOB.

Bob G. talked about training and said all is good. He cancelled the September 7th class since we are adding the Boy Scout class in July. The 7th will be used as a practice/race day for our beginners!

W had a discussion on parking and may need to start carrying ID cards with us again in order to avoid the $2 fee.

Purser said we had “f,tsf” in the bank Some expenses coming up include the web hosting, incorporation fees, and some expenses at Lowes.

We have several new members in the club, one of whom was at the meeting! Welcome Jocelyn, Mark, and Joerg!! Welcome back to others who paid late.

With the NIMBY coming up word got out that the motel is SOLD OUT, hopefully full of windsurfing folks who like to sail long distance.

The meeting came to an end in a timely fashion, with all the proper motions, seconds, and all in favors. I think the Commodore is hitting his stride!!

Navarre NIMBY 2013

What can I say but Mr. Finney out did himself with this NIMBY. As you may know, the NIMBY was held in beautiful Navarre at the Best Western on Santa Rosa bay. Frankly, I was shocked at how well kept the Best Western was. The rooms were very nicely appointed, and the view over the bay was relaxing. There were restaurants right across the street, though one hour after Bob A. ate at the Taco Bell on Friday, it caught on fire and was closed the rest of the weekend. I arrived at the motel and there had to be half a dozen fire trucks battling the blaze of the burritos.

However, Mr. Finney has provided all this in the past, but what really set this apart were the complete lack of rain on Saturday and the appearance of the SUN. I don’t know how he did it, but though rain was forecast, none came. I think he sent it all to Tallahassee. We sure could of used the Swami there to get the wind up a bit, but there was plenty for the six (yes, only six even though seven started) long distance racers.

Since the weather on Friday was a tad inclement, we moved registration, appetizers, and martini’s to under the pavilion that the next night was host to a wedding reception. Found out later you are supposed to reserve the place but, hey, it was empty and Shell Point rules were in effect on Friday. However, due to a major martini gaff, the martini etiquette article was written. We don’t want any more folks being embarrassed.

Saturday saw seven people start the long distance race to really good wind which, two minutes into the race, dropped a bit. Since we were on Santa Rosa Bay, Wright set up a zig-zag course to the finish line. One racer made it to the first mark and sailed back to the start since he knew he wasn’t going to make the entire course. There he was picked up by one of the rescue boats and taken to the end point.

Lunch at the end point (finish of first race) was grilled hot dogs. Yes, that’s right, they brought a grill along and hot dogs, slaw, chips, beer, Gatorade, and water were provided for everyone. After everyone’s thirst and appetites were satiated, the race began back to the motel.

After the race, time was spent in the pool relaxing, tormenting the other guests, and drinking. Soon the punch would be coming out, and everyone was looking forward to it.

Sunday morning we awoke to no wind at all and the probability of inclement weather, so the sailors voted not to race. Trophy presentations commenced, and the NIMBY was officially ended around 11:30am.

Thanks go out to Wright, Lee, and Andy for providing motorized transportation for those who didn’t sail and for sailors who needed help. Thanks also to the few racers; Mark Powell, Steve Bogan, Chris McMahon, Bob Andrews, Linda Downey, and Bill Olson. Bob G. gave it a go, but didn’t finish.

More NIMBY Photos (Courtesy of Chantel Iacoviello)

BLAZING HARNESSES coming to the quiet town of Shell Ridge August 3rd!!!!

This year’s theme for costumes and games is based on the movie “Blazing Saddles”, but, being as we don’t ride horses, ours is based on BLAZING HARNESSES. Don’t worry, we won’t make you wear a blazing harness, or will we?

If you haven’t seen the movie, try to before the event so you can be prepared for the outrageous games we may have in store. We were working with Gavin on creating the games, but his involved too many real arrows and stuff and, though we would save on swag, we would lose a lot of club members; just planning for the future.

If you have seen the movie, then you already know that the food item to bring is beans of any kind. If you are better at making a side or bread, bring that instead. There will be prizes for the best bean dishes and for most everyone who attends.

Three groups will compete against each other; cowboys, Indians, Irish. Some games may take you into the water, so, being as you are at the beach, please wear something that can get wet. This is a family event, so bring the kids.

The cost of this event is $20 for adults, aka Cowboys, Cowgirls, Chiefs, Maidens, Fella, or a Lassie. For the kids, papooses, and wee ones, we have a fee of $5. Registration forms will be on the beach for you to fill out. More information on start time will be forthcoming.

Check the SPSC Photo Gallery for More Photos

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