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The Commodore's Comments - June 2013

by Mike Levine, Commodore

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Well here we are in June already! The best part of June is not Father’s day or even my birthday, but the annual NIMBY event! This year NIMBY XVII will take place June 28th – 30th at Navarre, FL, well outside of the Father’s Day “NO GO” window. I hope you made reservations as our block of rooms is sold out. Last month’s club meeting was sparsely attended with only me and the Vice Commodore in attendance (a slight exaggeration). Hopefully I will see more of you at the June meeting.

Last month we said a sad farewell to Nora who is off to a new job in Dallas, TX. Those of you who know Nora, know that she is a very determined sailor and her determination was rewarded with first place in C fleet at the Smith Regatta! Tina is shown presenting Nora’s award. Congratulations Nora and good luck in Texas!

Well that’s all for this month. I hope to see many of you at the NIMBY. It will surely be a memorable event as usual!

Mike Levine
2013 SPSC Commodore


Club Meeting May 14, 2013

(Thank you to Ann for doing the minutes for the Scribe who was absent)

Meeting called to order at 7:43

This weekend lessons are the Venture scouts.

Sept 27 is the Endless Summer Sailboard Classic!

Dec. 14 is the STILL the Hanukah/Christmas Party

Mark moved to approve the minutes and was seconded by Linda and Tina.

Linda said Stephen C. Smith probably raised at least 16k, but more likely 18 to 19k to the American Cancer Society. Two boats are going up on Craigs list that were not auctioned off, so there is more money a coming.

For training we have has 6-7 adult sails rigged. Chris McMahon repaired the new wide board we bought. Thanks Chris! We appear to be decently equipped for training this year, though if someone wants to donate some LIGHT booms, masts and small sails we will gladly accept.

Bob A. encouraged folks to assist with training. We prefer one trainer per board with 2 students per board.

First lessons this weekend with the Venture Scouts and lessons 2, 3 and 4 are booked. Bob G. in charge of sign up list. Wakulla news carried a piece on the lessons.

Tina presented a trophy to Nora for her “C” fleet accomplishments. Nora is moving to Texas. We’ll miss you Nora!

NIMBY is June 28-30 at Navarre. Make your reservations.

Motion to adjourn by Mark, seconded by Linda, all were in favor.

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Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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