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The Commodore's Comments - April 2013

by Mike Levine, Commodore

Hello again! For all of those who braved the predicted monsoon to attend the Wind Ceremony part I on March 23rd, a hearty thanks! Until that last squall that sent your fearless leader scurrying in a cold, wet, mad dash to escape to his vehicle, it was going very well. The food was excellent and Swami and the Festoons were playing, via CD.

Wind Ceremony Part II happened on April 6, and the weather was perfect this time! Although my Syracuse Orange being in the final four prevented me from attending Wind Ceremony Part II, I’m sure it was a merry and festive event as always.

The 40th Annual Steven C. Smith Memorial Regatta will take place on April 26th– 28th. On-line registration is open! Please send donations to Leah.

I finally got some sailing in on Sunday and the water is warming up nicely! The Wind Ceremony must have worked because it was blowing at 10-12 which is good for me. Well, that’s it for this month. Hope you all had a great time at Wind Ceremony part II and hope to see you at the beach soon!

Mike Levine
2013 SPSC Commodore


The Rebellion Final Chapter by Trebor Serarg

Well, the day of the rebellion arrived on March 23rd and our question as to whether it would suck or blow was answered once and for all. The ‘Great’ Swami was reportedly there as was his nemesis, this year’s Commodore, Mike. I say ‘reportedly’ because there was no one dressed in mystical garbs, so I’m guessing he came dressed as a lay person. Notice from the picture many of the rebels hiding behind their bumbershoots and the angst in the young man’s face, knowing full well the rebellion would not succeed. A young woman ran for her life as she saw the leadership of the rebellion crumble under the intense battery of rain, wind, and lightning.

After realizing that this Swami was only a One Trick Swami, with the ability to conjure up wind, and that he had no effect against the rain and lightning, his followers looked for solace elsewhere. Fortunately, through the coordinating efforts of the past commodore and the presence of the current commodore, food and shelter were provided. Several wonderful bean dishes filled their angst filled tummys and once again the cosmic thread was tied.

Club Meeting March 12, 2013

Called to order at 7:42. 20 present until Wright arrived, then 21.

We went over the calendar. Bob A. is ready for the Wind Ceremony to break wind. Jack had a venue for NIMBY that has no date yet. Forgot what it was.

Rum ‘n Rootbeer on August 3rd. Beans, the good gas producing kind such as baked beans and chili, will be the featured entrée for the Blazing Harnesses themed event. Endless Summer date has been set for September 27-29.

Currently have 36+ people set up for lessons in addition to the Venture Scouts.

Purser indicated we have money in our account with an insurance bill due and a few more Wind Ceremony expenses. Have four new members since last time, Brian, Bradley, Danielle, and Cinda for a total of 58 memberships.

Linda wanted to know if the folks that will be getting kicked off of SPSC2 were being notified after it was announced the Board decided to do it. Short answer was “no.” Long answer was “huh, didn’t think of that, but they have time, if they read the newsletter, to know about it, so, no.”

After the buoy purchase, we still need 3 anchors. No need for chain or lines. I’m wondering if these guys know how anchors and buoys work together. May be buying more buoys next year.

Keys trip wrap up had Perry speak about the lack of TP at times and only one hot tub working. In addition, the pool was not heated. General discussion took place on tent setups and cost. Good news, hopefully, is that the Fiesta Key resort has been SOLD!!! If the new owners won’t deal with us, Lee found a potential alternative site at Knights Key. Those people seemed to want us there.

Perry announced Martini’s Friday before the Wind Ceremony since Martini’s before the wind ceremony usually doesn’t bode well.

Bill is going to Corpus in May and wanted to know who else might wish to go.

Chris Graves picked up the free equipment someone was giving away and indicated most is not useable. Found out the SPSC Board cannot buy anything over $250 without club approval, so DO NOT buy anything, such as equipment you think training could use, without consulting the board or club first.

Mary gave a talk on the Walk for Water on April 21st. Heck, I’ve seen folks in the club come off their boards at high speed and Walk ON Water, skim on water, and summersault on water. Walking for it should be no problem.

We sold 77 Wind Ceremony shirts to date. That is, we sold 77 individual shirts, not shirts from 1977. Notice there is no ‘ in front of the 77. If I did ’77, then I could understand the confusion, but there wasn’t, so get over it. 5pm start for suppah with 7pm start for the Festoons.

Linda challenged others in the club, namely Bill, Bob A., and Bob G. to attend the Mid Winters next year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43.

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Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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