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The Commodore's Comments - February 2013

by Mike Levine, Commodore

Dear SPSC members:

Well here we are, it’s mid February already! Mother Nature is teasing us with some warmer weather but it is sure to get a little chilly before the cold is gone for good and we can get back on the water again. Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Many members are enjoying the Last Annual Fiesta Keys trip and the weather in the Keys is beautiful!

February’s meeting is canceled but please try to make it to the March meeting.

Until then keep safe and warm!

Mike Levine
Commodore 2013
Shell Point Sailboard Club


Beware the Rebellion

Written by Trebor Sevarg

It has come to my attention there exists a dissident group in the midst of the SPSC. The leader of this group is a holy leader who goes by the name of Swami and the militant group is known as the Festoons. As we know, these holy groups are fanatical at times, ignoring "what has always been thus" and marching to the Rico beat. This group knowingly and willfully scheduled a band practice during one of the clubs meetings, the first meeting of the year, with our new Commodore in place. This group knew better than to mess with the previous, very experienced and tyrannical Commodore BAAAB, but apparently feel they can do as they please with a new Commodore coming on board. No doubt they want an agenda that frees them in their ideology, which, from a shirt I read of theirs is "F%$k you, you f%$king f%$k". Fortunately for the new Commodore, there were others who came to show their support for his upcoming administration. I noticed that this subversive group also managed to split a household, with the wife of one of the subversives attending the meeting.

How can we get this group back in line? Who is funding them? Are their cracks in their rebellion? Do they all have beards or just the men? We were thinking of trying to capture one of them and water boarding them (putting them on a board on the water, right?), but they would probably enjoy that. This is the only picture we have of their leader, this Swami creature. It’s a bit fuzzy, kind of like a Big Foot sighting, and his face is hidden. His style of dress is common for these parts so they can’t be used to identify him, but I believe the drumstick and mast may lead to his identity.

In the famous words of one of the great minds of our century, Pogo, “We have met the Enemy and He is Us”. There are only 10 meetings a year (no meetings February or December), please join us on the second Tuesday of the month at Beef O’ Brady’s on Thomasville road in the same shopping center as Hobbytown USA and Joann Fabrics. Meetings start at 7:30, but get there early and get some grub. The SPSC can only exist through the ACTIVE support of its members.

Wind Ceremony

Register by March 9 with PayPal to Get Your Coveted T-Shirt in the Size You Want

The 2013 Wind Ceremony is set for March 23! Make sure you reserve the date to come join us at Shell Point Beach!

We have a fun cooking contest for everyone this year. While we are having a pot luck dinner, we (meaning all the registrants) will be the judges. Just bring your favorite "bean dish" for the pot luck and it will be in the contest. If you want to join in on dinner, you must bring a dish of some kind.
Registration or checkin on the beach will start around 3pm with "suppah" around 6pm. Swami and the Festoons will arrive around 8pm or so to entertain us with some oldie but goodies along with some new tunes Swami has added to the music lineup. If you have any questions regarding the Wind Ceremony or would like to offer your help, send me an email at andrews5014@gmail.com. FESTOONS!!!

Pack your coolers, bring your chairs and come toss your wishes to the Wind Gods so we may be blessed with another year of windy days at Shell Point Beach!!

Registration starts at 3:00pm
Dinner at 6:00pm
Swami & the Festoons around 8:00pm

If you have any questions, call Bob Andrews at (850) 556-5014 or email andrews5014@gmail.com.

Club Meeting Minutes January 8th

Called to order by our new Commodore, Mike, at 7:39. 15 folks present. A nasty rumor went around that the band was practicing that night, basically giving the club meeting the finger.

Briefly went over the calendar. The Wind Ceremony will be on the 23rd of March.

Since there was no club meeting in December there were no minutes to approve.

Purser reported a positive bank balance in the check book which might have encourage the Purser to buy a round for everyone there. Purser reported money went out for taxes, US sailing membership, Marzuq rental for next year, and some miscellaneous Christmas party expenses. Our insurance bill is coming up. At the next board meeting we will discuss the budget for the Wind Ceremony. We currently have 54 memberships.

Old business
Wright purchased 3 new marks for course racing. Perry and Wright are going to get anchors for them. Wright mentioned if any Prodigy or Exocet Pacer boards comes up for sale that are $500 or less to let him know so we can purchase for training. Perry said the same thing goes for any AMC Pacers found out there. Perry also mentioned, in one of the very lucid moments he gets whilst soaking in his hot tub, that there will be a brand new type race course this coming regatta.

In regards to the Key’s trip, Perry mentioned we will be looking at other venues in the Keys or maybe elsewhere for our annual sojourn since Fiesta Key is no longer giving us a break.

Mike is going to cancel the February club meeting because it will be held when many members are in the Keys.

Linda brought up a concern about people signing for our events and insurance coverage. The concern is that all attendees at our events do not sign the forms. They will need to.

Next Board meeting is at Bob Andrew’s house.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12.

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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