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The Commodore's Comments - January 2013

by Mike Levine, Commodore

Hello SPSC. A note from your 2013 Commodore.

Well another Christmas party and Festivus celebration came and went! The Christmas party was a blast and everyone had a great time into the wee hours. The music and food were great and the party was especially well attended this year. A quick note on attending the Christmas party. All party goers must be a Shell Point Sailboard club member in good standing (i.e., current with club dues). Also, traditionally a single membership member is permitted to drag along one guest. This is not a major issue but I just wanted to reiterate it here to fill some space.

Festivus was also well attended and the weather was cool but the rain held off. We had a nice fire going and there was lots of tasty food. There were three Commodore challenges and feats of strength this year presented by the vice Commodore Mike Levine challenging reigning Commodore Bob Andrews. The challenges were (1) the Holy Jolly Ball toss (furthest toss wins), (2) the Holy mast ring toss and the (3) Holy Frisbee through the boom challenge. The challenger, due to near constant dog play time with the Holy Jolly ball, clearly won the first event. The reigning Commodore was more challenged by my dog Malcolm who did not surrender his ball easily. The second challenge started off well enough until an errant ring toss by the Commodore knocked a Martini out of Bob G’s hand who was holding the mast and judging the challenges. Bob G immediately called a foul, disqualified the Commodore and awarded the entire challenge to Mike Levine who breathed a sigh of relief that it was over! Bob G promised to get even on the water next year. There were random airing of grievances throughout the evening and a nice flare show as the party wrapped up.

All in all it was a great way to end the year. I will do my best to help make 2013 a year of our usual fun events and lots of great sailing too!

See you at the beach…

Mike Levine
Commodore 2013
Shell Point Sailboard Club


Board Meeting Minutes December 4th

Scribes note: Since there was no club meeting, I am sharing, for the first time EVER, the Board meeting minutes with the world. You will get insight into the intricacies of the political process, the dedication to the task of ensuring the SPSC is viable for the future and we don’t burden the young people with old sails and equipment. Remember, this September, YOU can volunteer to be on the board and possibly get elected to this position of prominence, respect, honor, adulation, and riches. Let the meeting begin.

We all met at Wright’s house at 7pm where a lovely meal awaited us and martini’s made by Mr. Martini himself, Perry. There was also beer and wine for the unclean amongst us. At 7:55 the meeting actually got started.

Minutes approved as printed, un-expurgated and un-redacted.

Bob A. immediately went for a power play to become Commodore for life, or, in words of another board member, BAAAAB wanted to be GAAADD!!! However, the peoples of the SPSC, supported by the rabble rousers of Summer Brook, did not allow this to happen. The picture is from a typical Board meeting.

Wright said he would write an article about the trailer re-insertion. If you read last month’s newsletter, as you should have, he did as promised.

Purser said we had $fnns.th in the budget. Some money was spent for different awards. Trying to get insurance payment to a January 1st date instead of April because an April payment always makes insuring the Stephen C. Smith difficult. Payment for the Shrine club was made and there will be some ham and turkey expenses for the holiday meal and some for more beverage purchases. Martini bar will be there, so bring the main ingredient.

Did I mention we had Martini’s at the last supper……of the year? Well, thanks to Perry and Wright, we did, and about this time during the meeting, Perry called for a happy ending. (The picture is another typical Board meeting coming to an end. Taken at the Commodores house. You may recognize some of the esteemed members.)

We currently have 52 memberships.

The race marks are coming and Wright asked what we might need in the training area. Bob G. started shooting off his mouth in ignorance and Bob A. quieted him saying we need to assess what we have and make an intelligent decision. Bob A. will let Wright know what is needed. For a scribe, Bob G. sure likes to talk a lot. It’s probably because he can’t write and talk at the same time, thus shortening the notes.

Training trailer is done, re-insertion was a success.

Deb is looking good and recovering well. Our hearts and thoughts were and continue to be with her.

Holiday party is a pot luck (lucky if you have pot), and will be supplemented by some honey baked ham and turkey. Bill will bring the booms for the holiday tree.

For Festivus, Perry will install the pole the weekend of the 8th. Gin will be needed for martinis and firewood for a fire. There will be feats of strength and airing of grievances.

The Keys – everything is what it is. It may be the last Fiesta keys trip, but not the last Keys trip.
We had a choice of Red Velvet or Carrot Cake for dessert. Yum. Glad I can’t choose and had to get both.

Meeting adjourned after we gave three cheers to Bob A. for a Commodore’s job well done and for dropping his bid to become Commodore for life.

Scribes Notes (again): How could you NOT want to be in a group as esteemed as the one you just read about? We may not be conventional, but we are the longest running Windsurfing club in the Southeast and are growing. Some of us in the wrong way due to red velvet and carrot cake, but the club in the right ways by increasing membership and reaching out to the community through our training and the awesome talents of Swami and the Festoons!

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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