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The Commodore's Crow's Nest - December 2012

by Bob Andrews, Commodore

The year has passed quickly. Our club has shown a renewed sense of vigor with a very active training season, new memberships and great participation in our traditional events. Once again I want to thank all the members who help make this club endure. The diversity of talents and willingness of members to put in the time and effort to complete projects, sustain ongoing activities and execute such a wide range of events is a tribute to the character of our characters (members.) Thank you for a great year!

My apologies to all the beautiful women of our club who wanted a dance with the Commodore at the Christmas/Hannakah Party. I was coughing and sneezing, sniffling and wheezing enough to contaminate a large city block, so I stayed home.

I do need to recover my strength for the announced Mike and Bob “smackdown”. It looks like an ice cream social to me. But what do I know, the challenger makes up the game and the rules (if any). Check out the Festivus announcement on our website and plan on attending our annual holiday “for the rest of us” celebration. There will be the “smackdown”, other feats of strength and lots of “whining”, the airing of grievances especially from those disappointed that the Mayan calendar was misinterpreted.

Final Festoons!
Submitted by Bob Andrews, Commodore

Teaching Trailer and Windy Updates

As most of you know, the teaching trailer completed by the SPSC in 2010 was moved from Shell Point Beach to higher ground on Sunday, August 26, as a precaution against the perceived threat of Hurricane Isaac. The trailer remained parked just off Harbor Point Drive until mid-November, when a return to the beach following hurricane season was planned. When the trailer was first installed on the beach, the wheels and axles were not level because the beach slopes toward the water. The trailer tongue had to be lowered and the rear deck jacked up to get the floor level, but the axle nearest the road was compressed, while the axle nearest the water was expanded. To remedy this issue, a design was formulated to provide a more stable, level, and permanent foundation.

On Sunday, November 4, the process of trailer re-insertion was initiated by first loading about 60 cee-mint blocks and re-bar lengths donated by Lee onto a flat-bed trailer, and transporting said flat-bed to the teaching trailer site at Shell Point Beach. After unloading the blocks and re-bar at the site, two foundation ramps were built by digging in and leveling two 8 ft. long lines of blocks, upon which the trailer tires will rest. Since the trailer had two gimp wheels, these were also changed prior to the move, and all tires were aired up to 100 psi.

Final trailer re-insertion occurred on Sunday, November 18. Dave towed the trailer back to the beach with his diesel pickup, and it took only three or four stabs to back the trailer into place on the cee-mint ramps. All of the boards, kayaks, and construction materials were also returned to the beach. The stairs to the back deck and the fence section were both replaced, and the lattice skirting was reinstalled. The end result is that the teaching trailer is now level and is about one ft. higher above grade. As a bonus, by moving the tongue closer to the sidewalk, we gained about 2-3 ft. of additional rigging room at the seaward end of the back deck.

As a side note, Windy Windtalker, which sustained some lightning damage in August, has been repaired. The telephone interface module was replaced, and Windy has been working well ever since. The SPSC officers appreciate all of the usual suspects and new members who assisted with both the trailer reinsertion and Windy repair; thanks to donations of parts and and labor from our members, both were effected at little cost to the club.

Club Meeting Minutes November 13th

We met outside since Beef’s saw fit to eject us in favor of someone else. They are now on the naughty list.
Meeting called to order at 7:34 by Perry’s car horn.

Minutes approved as not read at 7:37. The trust the scribe currently has he better start taking advantage of, like asking for a 200% increase in his non-existent compensation package.

Landing spot for trailer is installed, the new tire was put on and a spare was bought. On Nov. 18th the trailer will be re-inserted beginning at 2pm. The drying racks have been modified. Linda would like the sailboards and lumber removed from under her house where it has been stored since removing the trailer. Thank you, Linda, for allowing us to do that. Suggestions were made to burn the wood during Festivus, hopefully after it is removed from under the trailer.

Fall classic had good winds on Friday and Saturday. Great Event. Sherry cooked good food. Steaks on Saturday night. Lots of fireworks on Saturday night that was choreographed to end of the world type music. The bat boat made its first appearance, with rockets being launched from the back. Awesome event.

Purser reported we still have money, moola, cash, Benjamins, however you want to say it, we have it. Obvious from the chauffer service our Purser now enjoys to all events. We had one bounced check from the Endless Summer.

Christmas and Hanukah party chairman, Mike Levine, requested a budget of $750 for the party. In Marks absence, the budget was approved in record speed. Discussions ensued on the starting time for the party. Check out our website to see what was decided.

The Festivus celebration is on the 23rd. No tinsel at this event because as we all know tinsel is distracting. Check our website for the time of the event.

Training: Richard Ginett offered his board and sails to the club. We will either de-tension or de-rig the sails shortly and take inventory of what is needed for next year.

Keys Trip sees an increase in cost. Discussion on price went on for a while. Dates for the trip are Feb 7-17.

Wright presented Bob Andrews with the Endless Summer plaque, thanking him for all the work he did in coordinating it. Bob thanked all those who helped.

Linda announced that Windsurfing is BACK in the Olympics.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:23 because being outside was chilly and noisy. From what I hear, it was outside in order to put the masses in an uncomfortable position whilst our Commodore seeks to consolidate his power in perpetuity. For those who haven’t noticed, Bob A. is attempting to hold on to the power he enjoys, the riches and lifestyle he became dependent on, and the adoration of his following that he feeds off of. Mike Levine and the opposition are fighting this. BAB want to be GAD. Picture shows is contempt for his ‘subjects’ as he uses WMDs (similar to the ones Iraq had) to subdue his people.

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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