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The Commodore's Crow's Nest - November 2012

by Bob Andrews, Commodore

The 34th Annual and Final* Atlanta Fall Classic & End of the World Spectacular was held at the Lake Lanier Sailing Club on October 19th through 21st. (*Pending Apocalypse) A large contingent of SPSC members camped, partied, sailed, raced, drank and ate their way through the weekend. The weather was nearly ideal with nice brisk conditions on Friday and Saturday. Sunday was calm and the racing was called, a welcome relief for some of us whose stamina was sorely tested on Saturday. The food all weekend was outstanding with Sherry Martin showing off her culinary skills to all. Saturday night Chris Voith choreographed the End of the World Spectacular, an amazing display of fireworks bursting to carfully selected and theme appropriate tunes from DJ Bobby G's sound system. It was a great time for those who were able to attend.

The training trailer site was reinforced with concrete blocks to make way for the trailer “reinsertion” on a date and time to be announced at the next monthly meeting. New wheels and tires for the trailer were also swapped in for the leaky one. The drying racks were also modified to accommodate suggested changes. Thanks to all who contributed their time and effort to this project.

Come to the next meeting tonight at 7:30pm and hear about the plans for next months' events.



Club Meeting Minutes October 9th

18 present when meeting called to order at 7:45. Bob A. replaced the ketchup bottle with a fairly loud horn that had the whole restaurant out front attend the meeting. Went from 18 to 40 in attendance. The other 22 left after realizing we weren’t giving anything out.

Endless Summer over now and the Atlanta Fall Classic is coming up!

All approved minutes.

We have money in the bank and have bills to pay for Endless Summer. So far we have between 20 and 40 members for this upcoming year. Not many other expenses coming up except for some stuff on putting the training trailer back.

Deb asked if the club would be willing to absorb the cost of the PayPal fees. The Commodore, with the esteemed board members, will consider it.

Bob A. wrapped up the Endless Summer by referencing the article he wrote. Read the article! We did get 32 membership renewals through the Endless Summer registration process. We had quit a few sponsors and the board is going to review the process of the number of giveaways to insure everyone gets something.

Lee passed out tickets at the meeting to raffle off an anemometer. Didn’t take down who won because I was jealous I didn’t win. I couldn’t think straight. Or maybe it was the beer.

Discussion began by Mike Levine on communications between committee boat and sailors. The committee was communicating just fine on the boat. I saw them and they were talking, smoking cigars, and drinking lemonade, communicating just fine.

The training trailer is going back on November 4th and 11th. Fix site on one day and move trailer back on the next one. People were asked to bring shovels which devolved into a discussion about spades and shovels. Design of the platform was done by Mark Voigt. Lee wanted assistance in loading up the concrete blocks from his home onto a trailer. Meet at 12:30pm at Lee’s.

Training is looking for more light weight booms in the 145-180 length. Need to de-rig the sails for the year.

Bob A. mentioned the board approved $250 for more marks and anchors.

Next SPSC event is the Christmas/Hanukah party aka the immaculate reception.

Board meeting scheduled for November 6h but Bob G., who said he would host it, can’t anymore. Bob A. stepped up and said he would host it.

At 8:38, Perry moved to adjourn, so we did.

Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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