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The Commodore's Crow's Nest - October 2012

by Bob Andrews, Commodore

The Endless Summer Sailboard Classic was here, September 28th through 30th. Judging by the numbers, is was very successful. Judging by the Apology Board, is was rather tame by ES standards. Judging by the whining, we had plenty of cheese (and food) left over.

Some numbers for those who must know:

  • Registrants – 76 (43 via paypal, the rest by mail or on site)
  • Awesome lime green ( I picked the color!) shirts - 102 ordered and sold
  • Meals - 95
  • New/renewing memberships - 32 (22 family and 11 single)
Many kudos for those I may not have mentioned at the awards/trophy presentations:

Ezzy Sails
Hobbytown USA
Isthmus Sailboards
Native Tikis
Linda Bailey Downey
Tri-Eagle Sales
Worldwinds Windsurfing
Cabos Island Bar & Grill
US Tennis Association
Leah Chapin @ Ketchum Realty Group
Dakine Harnesses
Corner Pocket Sports Bar
Sandy Point Progressive Sports
Homestead Imprinted Sportswear
Bill Olson
Lee Chapin
Wakulla Parks and Recreation
The Grey Fox
The real players who contributed the time and effort to make the ES happen so smoothly:

Deb Berlinger: website wizard, the interactive registration forms, the notice of race, the reminders, the SPSC membership sign up made all so easy via Paypal. No stamps, no envelopes, no paper, no pencil, no check, no mailbox trip, no worries. Swwweeettt!

Wright Finney: site prep and getting the tents, tables, chairs, commodes, beer truck and hundreds of other details and the use of his tricked out Zodiac for C-fleet chase boat. There's a true rumour that he declined to be rescued by his own boat.

Perry Morris: the suppah venue, blowing and deblowing (er, inflating and deflating) the race course marks, setting the course, chase boat, fetching and returning the training rigs for C-fleet, charming all the ladies with hug and kisses and suggestive banter and many other duties.

John Gilbert: the tireless muscle behind all the site prep, course setting, chase boat, etc., etc.

DJBobbyG: race scoring, great music, the atmosphere. You just can't have a good party without the tunes.

Bill Olson: first one there, probably the last one gone, site prep, the orange registration bags and the “Heaviest of the Heavyweights” (his words) in the Sport Fleet.

Linda Bailey Downey: Linda's Home Oven is the best!

Sherry Martin: Breakfast casseroles that warm the tummy!

Cinda Reid: A breakfast casserole that was just as yummy!

Rick and Judy Knerr: Superb wings on Friday night and french fries that not even “le french guarde” dared taunt.

Don and Sharman Franklin: Geaux Gumbo! Eight chefs this year put their best roux forward. As a judge, very little separated these magical recipes. So Cafe Donaldo was extra busy keeping the hungry hordes fed. And we won't forget the lime shirts. We probably could have sold 10 to 20 more.

Scott Williams: Scotty's Super Delicious Dogs were a perfect addition to the bowls of gumbo for the racers. Also a good board caddy for Julea. She trounced the Sport fleet.

Tina Mazanek: C-fleet had a very good turnout this year. Tina, our C-fleet master, churned up the fun for the competitors with lots of races both days.

Bill Dolittle: Site prep, bags and bags of ice, gumbo judge and C-fleet chase boat.

Anne Getman: Registration top to bottom and front to back. Putting together the early registration packets and handling the checkin and onsite signups.

Sandy Lane: Registration, selling past event mugs and shirts, keeping Bob G and Bob A on task especially when I looked a little dazed by it all.

Mark Powell: Helping out with registration, providing sailing suitable and meteorologically good weather, and showing everyone how much we have to learn to compete in A-fleet.

Mark (merk) Voigt: A-fleet and Sport fleet Captain. A minute is a minute is a minute plus or minus 5 seconds. Since I was never near the starting line at white flag and protests were not allowed, I have nothing to complain about. Well done, Merk!

Stan Derzypolski: WHELP!! Thanks for the committee boat, site prep and all the other stuff you do behind the scenes.

Lee Chapin: Thanks for the chase boat, helping Merk tell time, site prep and lots stuff we know you must do but we rarely see it happen. It's just done.

Leah Chapin: We missed you but thanks for the generous sponsorship.

Adam Bennett: Site prep, keeping the beer flowing and offering helpful tips to your fellow racers to keep them going in the right direction. We always looking for a few more good instructors. And thanks for recruiting volunteers for the beer truck. Must be a hard sell.

Chris McMahon: Site prep, Tiki Mon handler (and shaper). An SPSC event is not the same without Tiki Mon.

Donna McMahon: Congrats on the Perry Williams award, very well deserved!

Alex Birkovsky: site prep, helping the C-fleet.

Charlie Yontz: site prep and cleanup; getting all the C-fleet training rigs back to the trailer.

Please join us at the monthly SPSC general meeting at Beef O'Brady's this Tuesday, October 9th. We will have a special entertainment event you won't want to miss. Well you might not want to miss. Well it may not be THAt special. There, no expectations; no disappointments.

Oh and see you at Lake Lanier, festoons!!

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Rum ‘n’ Root Beer Regatta 2012

by Gavin Franklin

Rum ‘n’ Root Beer is my favorite regatta. Every year there is a different theme. This year it was based on the Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The name of the place was changed from Camelot to Camullet. There was a costume contest. There were knights and ladies, killer rabbits, a witch, and other weird people.

As usual Bill and Bob made up real cool games. This year they came up with medieval games. I am pretty sure there were five. There were three teams, the French, English and the Vikings. You should have seen the English, they’re cheaters, they’re cheaters! The French where wimps. But the Vikings where winners, that’s what I said.

Tina always brings arts and crafts for the kids. I painted a dinosaur and a tree, Summer painted a butterfly and Zoie painted a horse. Tina helped the girls make crowns. We all got tattooed.

A great time was had by all. I am looking forward to next year.

2012 Endless Summer Sailboard Classic Race Results

by Bob Graves

Overall Open fleet finishers
First – Mark Powell
Second – Dave Stanger
Third – Dan Olivier

Overall Sports fleet finishers
First - Julea Williams
Second - Bob Graves
Third - Linda Downey

Open Light
First – Mark Powell
Second – Dave Stanger
Third – Steve Bogan

Open Middle Weight
First – Dan Burch
Second – Paul Hansard
Third – Chris McMahon

Open Not Light or Middle
First – Dan Olivier
Second – Wright Finney
Third – Gerry Myers

Sport Light Weight
First – Julea Williams
Second – Linda Downey
Third– Alex Birkovsky

Sport Not Light Weight
First – Bob Graves
Second – Bill Olson
Third – Charlie Yontz

Jacksonville Windsurfing Event

by Bob Graves with details furnished by Alex Birkovsky

Went to visit my daughter and grandkids in Jacksonville and to attend the Jacksonville Windsurfing event on October 6th as posted by Tom Ingram on www.jaxwindsurfing.com The decision was made on October 5th to launch from County Dock Road even though the weather and wind were not looking great. I arrived at the dock at 12:40, not realizing the distance from my daughter’s house, so poured a Limon and beer beverage. As I walked the pier, the rain came down. About 12:50, Tom showed up, then Alex from our club and in a short while we were joined by Steven, Patrick, Todd, and David from Jacksonville.

The wind was from the North, mostly, some east in it, and was six to 10 miles and hours. All kinds of equipment got on the water, from an Equipe II with an 11m sail, to a 150 Bic with a 7.5m, an Exocet wind SUP and Alex’s new Serenity. Though the wind wasn’t great, the sailing was still fun on the St. Johns River and the Jacksonville folks that came down were great. With the launch site less than 20 minutes from my daughters place, I know of one place to go, outside of Huguenot, to launch and sail.

Club Meeting Minutes September 11th

Meeting called to order at 7:43 with a mustard bottle. No one paid attention. A ketchup bottle, in my humble opinion, should have been used. 23 people were present. Election year excitement was everywhere.

Minutes were approved. Scribe is still waiting on articles from Gavin and his poppy. I’m hopeful Gavin will come through but enjoy giving Don grief about an article from last year’s Atlanta Fall classic.

Purser stated we still have money in the checking account and that the Wakulla Parks and Recreation have been very, very, good to us. Our previous year ended with 66 memberships. September begins the renewal process, so RENEW!

The threat of hurricane Isaac forced our Commodore to invoke emergency evacuation procedures and they were executed with precision. Someone asked when it will be moved back. There is a desire to put down a thick rubber pad to move the trailer and to get one of the wheels fixed before moving it back. Lee is going to pick up some wheels. Trailer wheels are a specialty item.

We voted to give the driver of the truck that pulled the trailer out a memento for his efforts.

Lessons went well and Bob A. spoke about the Boy Scout troop that had come out and the effort they put into the lessons that were given during a 20knot day on September 8th.

Bob A., since he can’t be elected to anything, handed out the voting slips for people to cast their votes.

Membership dues are now due!!!

Bob G. commended Deb on the on-line registration form. Deb asked if the grand prize was just for early registrants and we figured it was the Commodores decision to make. Our esteemed Commodore said he will take it under advisement. Lots of discussion on how and when to get the early registration numbers for Don to get the shirts made up.

Lots of conversations between people started up and the meeting was getting noisy and out of control. Bob A. saw this and he regained control by throwing the mustard bottle at people talking out of turn, a lot more effective use of mustard than banging it on the table. My gut tells me that the room was just moments away from someone yelling “food fight!”. Thank goodness for our Commodore who stepped in and had a good throwing arm.

Ann asked if there was going to be booze tasting of any kind at the Endless Summer. None yet.

Bill Olson threw down the gauntlet on the gumbo contest. Mike L. asked if the judging would be “professional”. Turns out, all the judges do have professions, some that we can’t mention.

Votes were counted and the election results are in:
Commodore: Mike Levine (Oy Vey!)
Vice Commodore: Mark Powell
Scribe: Bob Graves
Purser: Wright Finney
At Large Members: Lee Chapin, Robert Faircloth, Tina Mazanek, and Mark Voigt.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38. Bill motioned, Perry seconded, and all were in favor.

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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