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The Commodore's Crow's Nest - August 2012

The Rum 'n Root Beer certainly lived up to its' billing as a family event you wouldn't want to miss. Bob Graves, aka Monsieur Arthur King, and his creative assistant Sir William of Olson challenged everyone with games that required the intelligence of a fifth grader, the cunning of a mad Viking and the teamwork of a British soccer team. The French team found the rules very difficult to understand or follow perhaps due to the significant language barrier. The French did get first place for taunting but sadly this was not one of the scored competitions, so they had to settle for a bronze medal for third place among the three teams. Ah, but they still have the “Holy Grail”. So Ppppffffttttt to all you Brits and Vikings. There are many other stories to be told about the 2012 Rum 'n Root Beer. I leave it to those with less bias to add other articles to our SPSC newsletter.

The Endless Summer Sailboard Classic is coming up on September 28th through 30th. This is the club's biggest event of the year. So get involved. We can always use help, planning, organizing, and executing this event. We have a meeting scheduled for 6:30pm on Monday 8/20/12 at the Fourth Quarter on North Monroe St. Please attend if you can help or email me andrews5014@gmail.com.

Don't forget to join us at the monthly SPSC general meeting at Beef O'Brady's this Tuesday, August 14th. Nominations for the 2013 Board will be accepted.

'Til then, festoons!!

Submitted by Bob Andrews, Commodore

Newletter Addendum Following August 14th Club Meeting

2013 Officer and Board Nominations:
Commodore: Mike Levine
Vice Commodore: Mark Powell
Purser: Wright Finney
Scribe: Bob Graves
At-large: Robert Faircloth
Tina Mazanek
Lee Chapin
Mark Voigt
Ann Getman

This is a short article from one of our Crew members. There were 11 teens and 6 adults at this event. All the kids took time to learn and even a few of the adults tried it out. Thanks again for a fun adventure. We are looking forward to joining the club again for a sunny, windsurfing-filled day. Patty Wagner, Venture Crew 44

Windsurfing by the Point

by Muireall Brown

(click image for larger view)
As I'm sure any coastal community could attest, windsurfing holds an almost inherent allure. And who could be surprised? There is something undeniably exhilarating about deftly gliding through the waves of the sea with nothing at all but a sail, a board, and your own skill to aid you (plus the watchful eyes of instructors). Neither quite sailing, nor quite surfing, windsurfing is a delightful mingling of the two into something rather unique. Though my only experience with the sport is with the Shell Point Windsurfing Club it was more than enough to get me fully and irrevocably hooked on it.

The club members met my group (Scout Venture Crew 44) and me with open arms, jumping right into the mechanics of the sail and the board. After a brief introduction and some helpful words of advice, the boards were dragged into the water and the surfing began, accompanied, of course, by many an unceremonious wipeout! Despite this, the instructors had only patient words and encouraging faces--even a newbie to the sport couldn't help but feel welcome. By the end of the day, we were zipping around with what bordered on competence, feeling quite accomplished with ourselves, and thankful to the outstanding instruction of the Windsurfing club members. And without further ado, the majority of our group (including myself) was captivated by this fascinating sport.

Click on images for larger view


Lessons have been going great only because I have had great volunteers all summer long. This past weekend, August 4th, saw 13 people come down. They were a fast learning group. After doing so many lessons this year, I must comment that women seem to enjoy the sport more than the guys because they are on the water longer and getting the hang of the sport quickly.

This lesson was attended by a small hammerhead shark that decided to patrol close into the beach. I noticed a tiny fin cutting the water and thought it was the tip of a ray, but it stayed out of the water too long. Two women that were sunbathing on the beach were all excited and telling everyone, “look a shark”. Fortunately, none of our students let it bother them.

I would like everyone to know that we are keeping an eye on the guy with the blue hat who seems to be around whenever someone falls. We caught him on film here, no doubt tinkering with a sail to make the sport more difficult than it is. Unfortunately, we didn’t see this until this picture came out because we were all busy with our own students.

Our only guess is that this creature lives in the channel right off the beach because he is too big to live in the shallow part. Every now and again, he surfaces, but strangely, no one seems to notice. Is he even visible to the human eye or only digital technology? Does Shell Point have its own mythological creature in the water?

Check out the complete set of photos from this day of fun n' sun.

Summer Race Series

(Click on images for larger view)

As unplanned, the Summer race series had another race on Monday, July 9th, at 1pm. Present were Bob Graves and Robert Faircloth. Don’t know where everyone else was. The wind was kicking around 15knots, so Robert had to down size from his 6.5 to something a little more comfortable until he can get harnessed in decently. Anyway, Robert sailed Sport Fleet and I sailed Open Limited.

The conditions were so good with the south wind that we raced for about three hours. The spectators on the beach numbered about five, but there applause and huzzahs over our racing was warmly received. Needless to say, Robert took first place in sports fleet, but surprisingly, Bob took second in Open Limited. Bob filed a protest, wondering how he could finish second when he was the only one racing. Bob G., the race captain, informed him that his sailing was so bad, that a first place just couldn’t be given. Bob agreed with the call.

The Summer series will go on as unplanned. Maybe.

Rum ‘n’ Root Beer 2012 CAMULLET, “Get Medieval!”

(Click on photos for larger view)

Great fortune rained on this year’s R&R event. I left my home at 10:15 to get ready for the event, fully expecting it to be pouring when I got to the beach, but nary a drop. The wind was blowing pretty good, and the cool air from surrounding storms was welcome. The whole day was overcast, but no rain. When you consider we have this event in August in Tallahassee, the overcast skies kept the temperature around 82 degrees and the slight breeze kept the bugs away. In other words, the weather was perfect for the event we had planned. (pictures are posted on our website)

We had 36 registered adults and 3 kids for the games, all of whom came ready to have fun. We broke the folks up into three teams, which turned out to be a mistake. We had the Vikings, English, and French. Needless to say, the French were hard to control, never wanting to do things the way the rules stated, moving slowly (except when they had to “run away") and, of course, hurling epitaphs the entire time with their silly French accents. Out of all the events; Mullet pulled from the pond, bring out your dad, Holy cast net of Panacea, Steeplechase, Jousting, Three Headed Knight Race, the Castle Siege, and the racing of the Mullet Dragon, the Vikings claimed victory, but the French had excuses. The English all kept a stiff upper lip and served Bangers and Mash for the Potluck.

However, the originality of the costumes this year was wonderful. Considering the basis was Monty Pythons Holy Grail and the theme, Camullet, everyone who dressed up did great. Gavin came out as one of the knights searching for the Holey Sail and his little sister, Summer, came out after him as the killer rabbit, with blood stains on her chin. In the same theme, Mike Levine came out beating on a rabbit attached to his neck with blood running down his shirt. Tina and Donna came out as the leaders of Castle Anthrax, Zoot and her twin sister Dingo, both looking for chaste. Lee was dressed as a knight of Camullet, with a fishing pole as his sword and a beautiful mullet adorning his shield. With emphasis on the mullet, Chris McMahon came out in camouflage and a mullet haircut, kind of like the picture y’all have seen of him from the eighties. Lizzie was the mullet goddess of the lake and Leah and Dave were the monks, pushing a wheelbarrow, and yelling out “Bring out the Huzzies”, after which all the women present jumped in the wheelbarrow! Michael Getman with full-knights armor on and his mighty stead was a customized motorized chair. On his lap was his damsel in distress, Lindsey. As far as the judges were concerned, everyone who came dressed up did a great job and all received prizes.

The root beer chug was slower than most contests. One of the child contestants attempted to poor some of the beverage on the ground but was caught. The winner was Donna and in her acceptance speech as winner had this to say “BUUUUUUURRRRRRRRPPPPPP!!!!!!”

As co-chair of the event with Bill Olson, we would like to thank everyone for coming out and taking part in the games. Most of these games have never been played by anyone before, nor will ever be played again, so it takes a leap of faith and understanding to run a Steeplechase while galloping like they did in the movie, to fight a black knight that is nothing but balloons, and to run a three headed knight race while stuck inside a hula hoop with two other people. While cheating took place, it was all done in good fun and, unlike the Olympics; we have no standards to measure ourselves against!

Thanks to Cornet Pockets on Apalachee Parkway for all the great swag they gave us for giveaways. For those not in the know, this year’s swag item for registering was a 16oz, insulated, Swami Certified Non-Alcoholic beverage cup. They will be sold at club meetings and at the Endless Summer Sailboard Classic.

I didn’t even mention yet that we were graced with the presence of Tiki Mon 2013. He will be making further appearances as the sailing season goes on. Here he is seen with his attendant, Chris, and next to them is Perry with his Holy Hand Grenade behind him. Watch out Perry, Tiki Mon wants the Grenade!!

Check out the complete set of photos

Club Meeting Minutes July 10th

Meeting called to order at 7:35, 12 present. Others came in later on. Ended up with about 16. Just so you remember, just because you are not at the meeting doesn’t mean you can’t be nominated for the board at the August meeting.

Mark V. said minutes were pretty good. Minutes from last meeting were approved.

Folks noticed that Don did not write about the NIMBY after Bob G. said he would at the last club meeting. Everyone thought they heard Don say sure, and laugh heartily.

The update on the NIMBY is that Mark Powell did not get kicked out but that the yacht club enjoyed us!

Lessons have been going well. Deb suggested we buy come training equipment for the club which started lots of discussion. Linda mentioned using proceeds from the Endless Summer for training. As it is with most August bodies of decision makers, no decision was made.

Nominations for new officers and board members are in August. Elections are in September and dues are due in September.

A requested budget of $500 for the Rum ‘n’ Root Beer was approved. Nora mentioned that the Hop Yard was showing “Monty Pythons Holy Grail” on July 19th. As you should know by now, the games for this year’s R&R are based on that movie.

Purser’s report: We have more money in checking then we did last month and, after Deb asked about the CD, we found out we still have money in that and will probably keep it there until interest rates go to negative percentages. Mark asked whose idea it was to have a CD and no one knew.

NIMBY income was about $50 more than the expenses. Membership in the club is now at 65 and Paypal has had all money transferred to our checking account.

Dan Burch address in our on-line directory is incorrect. Hey Dan, what’s your address?!?!?!?

Next board and club meeting announced.

Meeting adjourned. Mark V. had new business. He wants to know when a new directory will be printed. The board will consider this.

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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