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The Commodore's Crow's Nest - May 2012

The 39th Annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta (see photos) was in the sober opinion of this Commodore a resounding success. Many thanks go out to Stan, Lee & Leah, Mark V., Perry, Linda Downey, Tina, Adam, Dave D., Bob G., Wright, Bill Olson, Donna & Chris, Ann Getman, John Gilbert and Tigger and all the other SPSC members who helped. The Wakulla County Sheriff's Department certainly deserves a commendation for the professional manner in which they implemented the County's new 'no alcohol on the beach' policy. The “beer garden” operated very smoothly without golf cart traffic snarls or belligerent drunks. SPSC also added new members at the regatta.

Notable in the event's Windsurfing fleet was the first in fleet and first overall captured by SPSC's very own Mark Powell. Out of town competition has owned this event for many years. The story from witnesses on the race course say the Mark not only won but was first around every mark in every race. Not to be outdone however, one Jack May proudly boasted of being dead last around every mark in every race although he was most certainly closing the gap as the wind freshened.

In preparation for the regatta, the club held a work day on Sunday April 22nd at 2PM. New drying racks were installed east of the training trailer by a crew with enough skills, power tools and battery packs and post hole diggers to get 'the job done right and on time'. Thanks to all who helped. The training equipment was also rigged and ready for the regatta.

Our summer training schedule kicks off with our first lesson on May 19th at 11am. We have a full class signed up. I'll be filling in for Bob Graves. Please email me @ andrews5014@gmail.com if you can assist with the training.

Please join us at the monthly SPSC general meeting at Beef O'Brady's this Tuesday, May 8th.

'Til then, festoons!!

Submitted by Bob Andrews, Commodore

NIMBY XVI - Panama City, FL

NIMBY XVI, the 16th Annual "Not In My Back Yard" Road Trip Regatta, is scheduled for Friday, June 15 – Sunday, June 17, 2012. It has now been sixteen years since we conceived the concept of taking our show on the road to different venues. This year, we're again returning to the scene of some of our best regattas, Panama City, FL. We have participated in events in Panama City for years, from the old Shell Island Shot in the 1980s to Rude Roy's Power Run in the 1990s to our own NIMBY events in the 2000s. We extend a special invitation to our sailing friends from the Florida Panhandle, and to the Atlanta and Charleston sailors, to join us at this year's NIMBY location. From the restored old downtown section of Panama City to the beautiful water and beaches of St. Andrews Bay, there will also be plenty for the non-sailor to do. Check out the complete details for the event.

How I Got Off the Porch to Run with the Big Dogs

by Mark Powell

Way back in 2008 I entered my new Kona into the Endless Summer Regatta. I was a relative newcomer to Tallahassee, having spent the last 30 years living in Miami, but I was not new to windsurfing. I was a former U. S. Sailing team member who completed the Olympic Trials a year before in the RS:X class, fighting off a teenager to finish fifth (too bad only 7 competed). I figured the Kona was the new hot one design class and I should do OK.

In the first race I had a bullet but noticed that a few folks were late for the start and had made up a lot of ground on me by the finish. The rest of the races were disasters. I had no speed no matter how much pumping I did and was surprised to see a time warp of Mistral Equipes, F2 Lightnings, and other classic but well equipped long boards dusting me each race. I even got knocked off my board at a start by a port tacker (tackler?), a blond lead singer for Swami and the Festoons! I put up with a couple more years of this punishment before deciding it was time to get off the porch and run with the big dogs.

I went looking on Craig's list for a vintage fast longboard, a post 1993 Mistral Equipe II, an F2 Lightning Race, or a Fanatic Megacat. Jeff Olsen and Chris Voith provided lots of advice over emails. It took me 3 months but I found a 1993 vintage Mistral Equipe II weighing all of 28 lbs with no blades or straps. Then I went about finding a rig. With a bum hip, bum calf, and a back that goes out from time to time, I needed to go light. I figured that I could get a carbon mast and boom and a new Severne Raceboard 9.5 sail and actually weigh in less than my Kona rig with a 7.5 m sail.

Finally everything came together at the 2012 Smith Regatta. It was fun to finally be the "disher-outer" instead of the "taker" but more fun was getting to go against guys I've sailed against from long ago. Dave Stanger and I were competing against each other on original windsurfers back in the early 1980s and even did Windglider campaigns for the 1984 Olympics. Chris Voith and Dan Burch were competitors at the 1996 Olympic Trials on the IMCO board in Savannah. What a blast to once again be competitive with these guys. Also a blast to see our Shell Point folks improving and some new long boards showing up like Charlie Yontz's Exocet 380 Elite and Jerry Myer's Exocet D2. I know everybody will be improving their game for the NIMBY regatta and I'm really looking forward to it, as well as some informal racing after lessons this summer. See you all out there soon and remember,

Go Long or go Wrong!

Club Meeting for April 10, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:43. 19 people present.

El Commodore went over the calendar of events which is now complete with dates.

Minutes from the last minute were approved even though one of the board members, Mark V., had no idea they were posted.

We have 58 memberships and money in the bank. Some in PayPal. Someday the two shall be one.

No money numbers on the Wind Ceremony yet. Colonel Don spoke about the band and the performance at first Fridays.

Linda said the fire from the Wind Ceremony was still hot Sunday at noon. It took 40 solo cups of water to douse the flames. I can envision the fire brigade at Shell point now. 10 people in a line from the water to the fire passing a solo cup back and forth and every now and again someone taking a sip forgetting that it’s not beer. “Red solo cup, I fill you up Let's have a party, let's have a party I love you red solo cup, I lift you up Proceed to party, proceed to party”. They partied anyway.

Changes at the beach. County commissioners have asked the Sheriff to enforce the no alcohol on county parks. Wright suggested no drinking out of bottles and cans or transparent cups. Beer truck will be moved back and a beer garden created.

Smith Regatta. Linda said we have enough water for the event. Ann said we needed someone to do the windsurfer registrations. Deb and Amy will probably do it.

Lessons. Sunday the 22nd workday after 12 noon. Re build drying racks. Bob G. mentioned the Adventure Scouts wanting to take lessons and the kids day on June 2nd.

Summer racing will hopefully bring out some more instructors.

NIMBY in Panama City this year. Racing will start at the St. Andrews Yacht Club.

Linda found the Red Bull markers under her house.

Meeting adjourned at 8:23

Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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