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The Commodore's Crow's Nest - April 2012

Long before Swami cranked up the Festoons for another magical night of wind summoning tunes, there were whitecaps on the waters off Shell Point stirred by a steady 15-20 knot blow with gusts near thirty. A portent of good sailing in our future? Only he/she “who feels it knows it”. I feel it, I think, but then again I was not elected to this august position to feel it. Many thanks to all who helped make the 2012 Wind Ceremony a resounding success.

The 39th Annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta will be held on April 27th, 28th and 29th. You likely received a registration packet in the US mail. If not, you can get the particulars elsewhere on our website. In preparation for the regatta, the club will have a work day on Sunday April 22nd at 2PM. We will be installing new drying racks (aka fences to some.) and rigging our training equipment for the C fleet and upcoming lessons. Come on down and lend some support. It's not just a work day. It's a social event!!

The Wakulla County Commission and the Parks and Recreation Department are implementing some changes at the Shell Point Beach. Join us at the monthly SPSC general meeting at Beef O'Brady's this Tuesday, April 10 to get the details on those changes.

'Til then, festoons!!

Submitted by Bob Andrews, Commodore

Swami and the Festoons

The cosmic thread to the wind was tied so quickly on March 24th that the wind blew the entire time the Festoons were setting up and playing. We are talking gusts over 20 and steady winds around 18 at the time we started, dropping to around 10knots when the second session started. The wind blew so hard Swami had a wardrobe malfunction. Thank goodness for the TV time delay so nothing obscene was shown to the kiddies.

During the concert break, we were entertained by the air music madness of Groin who performed both an AC/DC songs and a Rolling Stones tune. Groin later came out when the Festoons played “I’m Too Old” and danced with their adoring fans aka the intoxicated masses.

After successful Wind Ceremony, Swami and the Festoons were on the road shortly thereafter to play at First Fridays on April 7th at Railroad Square where we entertained a new group of people. Bobby G handed out cards for free lessons to anyone that would accept them, which was everyone once they found out it wouldn’t cost them anything.

Once again, our great and noble Swami came up with a shirt design that will be the envy of all those who don’t have one. There are still a few available that I’m sure will be sold out during the Smith Regatta. If you would like one before then, please contact Bill Olson.

Club meeting for March 13th, 2012

Meeting called to order with 14 in attendance. Linda said there was no valid link to the Jax race. Deb said she’ll look into it.

Minutes were approved even though only one person read them on-line.

Purser had not yet arrived so we spoke about the Wind Ceremony. Bob A. asked for 3k for the WC. Bill was out of town and not at the meeting. Colonel Don is still asking for money for the band with the same result. Rejection!

Commodore spoke about his Trans-Siberian Orchestra attendance and recommends Swami and the Festoons use more pyrotechnics to liven up the show. If we did that the ‘group’ would be called the Festoon.

Budget of 3k approved for WC.

Don said method of marking dishes that are brought to the WC for consumption needed improving.

Linda said the risers for the stage are at her house but moved over a bit.

Spoke some about lessons and Amy said a Girl Scout troop is interested. June 2 is family day.

Bob A. mention racing in the summer series. LSD (Bob G.) mentioned best of 5 races.

Purser said we have money in the bank and 58 memberships, a combination of family and single.

New acting director of Wakulla Parks and Recreation is Brian Roddenberry. New county commission is trying to tighten regulations and make them apply to everyone. Gate to beach has been chained and locked. Wright has combination. During regatta’s it will be kept open. Permit fees may increase and the Chase storage area is still ok for us to use. The club may have to give land based lessons at Hudson Park one day. An appearance at the park would be good for us politically.

Drying racks removed because the county thought it was an old fence. We can put them back but on Joann’s side. They will be rebuilt before Smith. Wright has to diagram the water supply we have.

Don asked about the boat ramp. The HOA of the new places that were built said we could use it during events. There is no public access for launching. However, discussion centered around a place called the Ski Lodge and the rough ramp they have there.

Next board meeting is at Mike Levine’s.

Ann motioned to adjourn and it was immediately seconded and all were in favor

Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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