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Commodore's Corner - December 2011

Commodores Corner by his Excellency Commodore Bill Olson…

Ah! December. My tenure as Commoodory winds down and I have one last chance in a lame-duck (yes, DUCK) Commodore’s corner to reflect upon the year that has passed and dispense the pearls of wisdom I have gleaned…

It was indeed an eye-opening experience to be involved at a deeper level in the many activities of the SPSC. The Keys trip, The Wind Ceremony, Stephen C. Smith Regatta, teaching lessons, Nimby, Rum ‘n’ Rootbeer, Endless Summer, the Christmas Party, Festivus. Now I know why windsurfing at Shell Point is so special – The Club! As I have travelled a bit and seen a little more of the windsurfing world, I recognize the unique, even odd and disturbing way that things are done in the SPSC and I think that I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has been a privilege to follow in the foot-steps of the people that have kept this club going for so many years and I think we have what it takes to keep the SPSC going for many more.

On with the holidays – The Christmas Party is at the Marzuq Shrine Temple again this year – please bring a covered dish and a non-perishable, non-expired food item for the 2nd harvest food bank. I already have a couple of full boxes of food that I conned out of people at work (like I won’t take all the credit). This year Festivus falls right on the heels of the XMAS soiree, so join us at the beach when Bob Andrews attempts to rest from me the mighty gavel in a as yet undefined feat of strength. Airing of grievances and festivus miracles are sure to occur around the Festivus pole, kindly installed by U.P.

Finally in the spirit of the season thanks to all in the SPSC who made being Commoodor an awesome experience.

Finally submitted, W.D. Olson, Commodore

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The New Windy

Something to help you when you call Windy.

Club Meeting Minutes, November 8, 2011

The meeting was opened by Commodore Bill Olson. This is Bill’s last club meeting and there was much gnashing of teeth, wailing, and beating of chests. About 20 people were in attendance.

Guests Robert, Christin and Kelly were introduced. Welcome!

The calendar of events was reviewed by Bill and he reminded everyone of the Club Christmas party on December 17th with Bob Andrews as Chair, and that the Festivus celebration was the next day, December 18th. The Commodores last request to his minions is to attend both events.

The minutes of the last meeting were motioned by Perry to approve, all agreed.

The commodore thanked those who submitted articles and asked others to do the same. Yes, please do.

Bob Andrews thanked all those that helped with sailboard lessons. Through the lessons, we gained new members and additional participation in the Club events this year. Since Bob A. will be Commodore next year and was the lessons coordinator this year, we need a volunteer to coordinate next year’s lessons.

The Purser reported a bank balance of $s,nts.zt. We still need to pay our sales tax, trophies and insurance. Windy costs $45 a month. We have a total of 49 memberships (69 bodies, some nice, some needing work). We have one recent new member, John Mascaro.

Windy is back in operation.

We need to de-rig the training gear, do an inventory and develop a wish list for training. See web site for details pertaining to de-rigging.

Don Franklin reported that the Fall Classic in Atlanta at Lake Lanier was a great party with good food and good sailing.

Appreciation awards for assistance at Endless Summer were given out by Bill to Linda, Tina, Mark, Perry, Don & Sharman and Ann (Ann’s need to go to Kathy Quinn and Sandy Layne who took care of everything in Ann’s absence.

The Perry Williams award was awarded to Sharman Franklin at the Endless Summer Sailboard Classic and Bill Olson was recognized for being chairman of the event. Was he in disguise?

Perry reported on the 2012 Keys trip. We are reserved for the 7th annual last Keys trip February 2 thru the 13th. The site this year is better and Perry explained some of the changes that will make it so. Anticipating 30 people, always a great time, Windsurfing, Kayaks, Martini’s (bring a GOOD bottle of Gin. Though the plastic bottles are nice, the good stuff doesn’t come in them.), bicycles, there may be a hot tub and heated swimming pool. Cost $30 for the week plus $9 per head per night.

Bob Andrews proposed a $2,000 budget for the Christmas party, Linda made a motion to approve, the budget was approved.
Christmas party: bring food, dress up, any suggestions for responsible bartenders? Lee asked that everyone bring a donation of a can good etc., for the shelter. Any questions about the Christmas party please e-mail our man in charge of all things Vice, Bob Andrews, at andrews5014@gmail.com

Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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