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Commodore's Corner - September 2011

The sea was angry that day, my friends…

Tropical Storm Lee provided some epic summer sessions, just in time for the Labor Day weekend. Saturday started off with clear skies and excellent 5.5 to 6.5 winds from the east. On Sunday, the winds were lighter, 7.5 conditions, but the outer bands of Lee were making their arrival, which cut short the afternoon session. Everyone had derigged and packed up when the weather arrived and we huddled high atop the Snug Harbor Studios on the lee side and enjoyed the storm. Monday, ah! Monday was a different day altogether. I arrived around 0800 and the wind was already a solid 20 +. Small rigs were the call that day and I rigged a 4.7, the smallest sail that I own. I spent the day trying to get a water start, which may have been entertaining if I had managed to get on the board and went screaming off towards St. Marks.

The carnage tally for the weekend of Lee was:

One board and rig separated, board and rig recovered

One board and rig blown by a 50 mph wind band into the end of the trailer, cosmetic damage only

One board nose busted in a catapult.

For those of you living under a rock, the Endless Summer Sailboard Classic is barely 3 weeks away! Our sponsor hunters have done it again and there will be door prizes galore and a most excellent grand prize drawing. Perry and John will set an excellent course for Sport and A fleet, as usual. We expect to have a strong C fleet this year, thanks to our lessons instructors and Tina, Queen of the C fleet captains. Café Donaldo will be up and running so bring on those gumbo entries. See the notice of race for all the details. Register early and often to guarantee your swag and we will see you at the beach!

Respectfully submitted, W.D. Olson, Commodore

(Click on photos for larger view)

Lessons Review

(Click on photos for larger view)
Bob Andrews ran the last lesson of the season on September 10th and what a successful season this has been. Through lessons, run and organized by Bob Andrews, and the ever inspiring leadership of our Commodore, His Holy Highness, Bill, we have increased membership by 10%, and these new members have learned to sail really well in a short time and all seem like really swell individuals.

The lesson this past Saturday was a lot of fun, with every student in attendance learning very quickly how to sail. The wind from 1:30pm to 3pm was between 6-8mph, enough to get some good practice in AND some racing. Bob G. had the lam brained idea of having a race around a channel mark amongst the male students. In hindsight, a channel mark is pretty intimidating to go around for your first race, unlike a buoy that is nice and soft. Bob A., Linda, and Tina got together and put a buoy out a ways for the women’s race which went well, but the buoy was still a bit far out. When we finally got it together, we had another men’s’ race and then women’s race which were a lot of fun to watch and hopefully fun for the students. The men’s winners were Matt and Brendon and the women’s winners were Mai and Lani. Hope to see them all at the Endless Summer Sailboard Classic!

There are so many people who have done so much to make lessons as successful as they are. I am not going to name them since I would probably forget someone but thanks to those who conceived and all those who executed the building of the training trailer, and thanks goes out to those who have acquired equipment for the purpose of training. Some of this equipment was donated to the club because of its age and some was bought brand new by club members and donated for the sole purpose of training. Thank you to all, the club has benefitted from your philanthropy.

However, without the trainers, lessons would be nonexistent. A special thanks to Tina for being a trainer for longer than many of students have been around (sorry Tina), for Bob A. , Linda, Bill, Bob G., and Chris and Donna McMahon. Many of these folks showed up twice a month on Saturdays to help others learn the sport we enjoy. Hopefully next year we will have some other people come out on these Saturdays because teaching is fun and many of the students are truly grateful to get the opportunity to try this sport in an enjoyable environment.

Changing a Tire, a story of inspiration!

I went down to Shell Point on Saturday to oversee a sailing practice lesson by some previous students. Upon my arrival, lo and behold, his Excellency, our esteemed commodore, Mr. Bill, was hard at work taking one of the tires off the trailer that need to be fixed. Being one of his many minions in the club, I expected him to jump up, hand me the tools, and supervise the project from then on out. However, I was in for a surprise, and this is where you will realize why this commodore will be elected to the Commodores hall of fame, a shrine at Shell Point beach in the first stall at the bath house, men’s side.

I offered to help, but Bill said “There is no offer, just do”. He then closed his eyes, extended his right arm and the trailer started to lift of the ground. His right arm was the only one that could reach the jack. He was hard at work, loosening rusty lug nuts, and sweating like he was sitting in a sweat lodge. Wait, he was, he was sitting in the sand at Shell Point Beach in August with 100% humidity and 90 degree temperatures. Sweat lodges aren’t that hot or humid. Bill got his jack out and slammed that sucker as high as he could under the axle but it was not quit tall enough. Most people at this time would have just quit, but not out fearless leader. He ‘MacGyvered’ that sucker, WITHOUT using duct tape. Utilizing some of the massive amount of debris housed under the trailer, he was able to get the jack to lift the axle and remove the tire, inserted the axle stand, and all was well.

This entire time I just stood there, awed by his abilities and, when most people would have quit, he just kept going, seeing it through. In my mind, I kept hearing the song “Eye of the Tiger” as Bill triumphed over this gnarly, unfeeling, uncaring, hard to move object. He “rose up to the challenge of his rival” as he was “face to face, out in the heat, hangin’ tough” and he was probably hungry.

Anyway, I needed to share this story of inspiration or else it never would have been told. I believe stories like this are everywhere; we just need some folks to take notice and write about them.

SPSC Club Meeting August 9, 2011

Once again, Ann was kinds enough to take minutes for me since I was busy vacationing down in Vero Beach area, sailing on the Indian River. If anyone reads these minutes and doesn’t remember, we’ll just mark it up to your forgetfulness and not my inability to read Ann’s notes, OK?

Opening remarks
Mark presented a flag to Lee in a very compelling, filled with emotion, tears, and huzzahs, presentation of the colors aka flag ceremony.

Scribes report
The minutes the scribe posted on the website were approved except by Mark who didn’t see them, but figured they were wrong since they were written by Bob G. and Bob wasn’t present. Ann, who was subbing for Bob as scribe, and was scribe last year, didn’t much care for Marks comments, but I don’t dare repeat what she wrote down on the paper and the pictures she drew. Shocking.

There are only three sessions left for lessons, with 9 confirmed for next weekend. Lessons are providing new members to the club and they are not only new members, but quality new members.

Pursers Report
Purser reported a balance but did not indicate whether it is negative or positive. NIMBY was a success. Rum & Root beer money and shirts had gone missing since Bob G. did not show up at the meeting. Rumors circulated as to where he absconded with the dough and threads, some people claiming he’s using the money to pay off the massive debt he piled up after last year’s Viva Shell Point extravaganza.

We currently have 55 memberships with 78 members. Four have already paid for next year. Someone claimed that the games at the R&R were great. Thanks went out to Bob and Sandy.

Dues are due next meeting. Do bring the dough for the dues that are due. $30 single, $45 family.

Political Stuff
Next meeting is the election. Committee recommended Bob A. as commodore, Mike Levine as Vice Commodore, Bob G. as Scribe again even though he rarely shows up and Ann is stuck with doing the minutes again, and Wright as treasurer. Need four at large board members.

Meeting was open to accept nominations for at large Board members
Mark Powell was nominated as was Ann, Perry, Rich, and Chris. Linda and Tina declined. Mark V was nominated but would like to take a year off, or so it was thought since he was speaking in some strange Minnesota dialect that few people understood.

Endless Summer Discussion
Endless summer kick-off meeting next Tuesday at 7:30 at the 4th quarter.
Sponsorships – BP may be a candidate.
Basing Endless Summer budget on last years. Donaldo’s will once again host the Gumbo contest.

Bill requested $5500 for budget. Don F. Seconded. Something about Bill asked for cost of last year and about Sergeant of Arms Mark Voigt. I’m guessing what happened is that Mark didn’t like the request, and being a Sergeant, decided to beat some sense into the Commodore, with people on both sides of the political equation jumping into the melee. But then, I may be overstating what happened.

Misc (everyone knows it Windy)
Windy – found a box full of modems that may work. They are on the way. This is last gasp attempt as analog modems are outdated. Power not an issue. Problem is analog modem. Rick and/or Mike may have if this doesn’t work. LC at place to see if modem will work, then will go from there.

Trailer contingency follow-up. Bill checked the tires and found three of the four tires were ok, with the bad one needing to go to the tire store but it needed to be taken off first.

SPSC directory is on the website. Check it out. Someone wanted to know if members would be able to update their own information.

Bob A. said next board meeting is September 6th at Tina’s and the next club meeting September 13.
Tina motion to adjourn, Mike seconded.

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