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Commodore's Corner - April 2011

Oh the humanity!

Well I have started the spring season off with a bang, literally. My poor formula board bore the brunt of a high velocity catapult, which is the main reason that formula boards don’t make good learning boards. The damage wasn’t that visible on the top of the board and it wasn’t until I heard a mysterious crack as I started sailing again that the bottom let go. I actually feel kind of bad, dinging the board this way. Some boards, by bad design or poor construction are hellish beasts that deserve to be mulched. Not this board. Once a state of the art racing machine, it deserved a dignified retirement, like an old thoroughbred put out to pasture. But then I got a hold of it… Chris McMahon says he can fix it and I believe him, but I don’t think Old Paint will ever trust me again.

The Wind Ceremony was a great way to start the Spring Sailing season. Swami and the Festoons once again brought the house down, particularly the “back by popular demand” encore of ‘Under the Beer Truck”. Mike and Laurie did a great job of organizing the event and herding the cats. The pot luck was one of the best we have had, thanks to everyone who threw in (not up). Despite some siting issues that were easily resolved, the bonfire lit up the night thanks to Digger Dave. We even had syzygy-perigee of the Moon to make the night even more special. The wind has even been cooperating since the retying of the cosmic knot.

SPSC goes digular! That’s right, DJ Booby G has set us up on Facebook, so we are like all the cool kids. Now you have three ways to keep up with SPSC happenings. Obviously there is the SPSC webpage, 20Knotsnob.com which has the club calendar, message board, photos and more. Our yahoo group is moderated by Rick Knerr and you can opt in (i.e. join) this group and receive and send club related emails and messages (Warning: Rick will savage you if you spam the group). We are currently working on a windy replacement that may allow us to take advantage of the inter tubes, thanks to the hard work of Lee Chapin.

Next up is the Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta at the end of April. Make your plans now and don’t miss one of Shell Point’s biggest events! The weather will be spectacular, the racing will be awesome, and the party will raise the bar. Stan D. (hell no I won’t try to spell that) reports some great donations for the auction, so plan on bidding like you vote (early and often). So please join us April 29th weekend as we raise awareness and a little money for the ACS in their fight against a disease that touches us all.

Respectfully submitted, W.D. Olson, Commodore

2011 Wind Ceremony by Mike Levine, This Year’s Chair

Well, another memorable Wind Ceremony came and went! The weather was perfect, the moon was full and bright, the bonfire cooperated (after some coaxing) and the wide variety and quality of the food was excellent! Swami and the Festoons sounded awesome and performed like true professionals. Donna McMahon lead a stirring rendition of “These Boots are Made for Walkin” and the time tested favorite “Under the Beer Truck” was demanded by the lively crowd and the band delivered! The 2011 Wind Ceremony was very well attended as usual with over 120 registered guests for the event. Swami’s long sleeve tee shirt design proved wildly popular and the tees sold out almost completely with only (1) XXL and (6) large tees still remaining for sale.

To spice things up this year we tried a different format for the food and food judging contest. The food format was “bring your best dish” and the judging was “by the people”. Registrants had just one vote for best overall dish (main dish, side dish or dessert). The intent was to have the dishes clearly numbered. There were lots of outstanding dishes including “Sex in a Bowl” dessert which had to be experienced to be believed! There was some controversy (this is the SPSC after all!) for 2nd and 3rd places but first place was a runaway winner with Frank Bastos of Hobbytown USA taking the prize for his crowd favorite Brazilian dish with 18 votes. Second price went to Tina Mazanek with six votes and third price to Judy Knerr with four votes. Some improvements in the process could be made such as ensuring that the numbers actually stay attached to the dishes!

I want to again thank everyone who helped out with the event including Ann and Laurie with beach registration and keeping order on the food line. Dave Denmark for bringing the firewood, Rick Knerr, DJ Bobby G, and Wright Finney for keeping the band sounding awesome and supplying supporting equipment and miles of wires. Special thanks to Deb “Sweetgroove” Berlinger for an outstanding job in maintaining the website, handling the on-line registrations, and taking care of PayPal. And of course everyone else who I failed to mention, for without everyone’s help and contributions this event would not be as successful as it is time and time again.

Well…until next year, see ya’ll on the water!

Mike Levine
2011 SPSC Wind Ceremony Chair

Club Minutes for March 8, 2011

by BobbyG

Club Minutes for March 8, 2011
Meeting gaveled to order at 7:31. His Excellency, Commodore Bill, now has a gavel and has no patience for slackers. 20 members were present at the meeting.

Keys trip
Bill thanked Perry for the great job he did in acquiring the site. A stirring round of applause and hurrahs were heard from the crowd. Perry basked in the warmth of our adoration. Dave killed the mood by mentioning the campground had a special on the motel rooms they have.

Wind Ceremony
Mike said the band was ready to play when asked if a band had been lined up. Surprise showed on the faces of band members at the meeting. Dave volunteered his wood for the bonfire.

Tina quietly made her entrance at around 7:44. The scribe noticed. 21 members are now present at the meeting.

Mike Levine, chair of the Wind Ceremony, showed the new shirt and passed it around. Deb mentioned the shirts were moving well and PayPal is pulling in the virtual dollars. Bob G. raised his hand to be recognized and was totally ignored, so he just jumped right in to thank Deb for putting PayPal up. Bob thanked her because not only does it help those of us who forgot how to write a check, but I love to see Deb blush as she always does when recognized for good work.

Mike explained how the judging of the food was going to take place this year. I still got lost. However, I believe all dishes will have a number and folks will vote on the 1 dish they like best. I also believe that in every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows.

Wright made his way into the room at 7:47. We now have 22 members present.

Major discussion took place on adults paying $5 for just a meal without registering for the event. Adults HAVE to register and kids can get a dinner ticket for $5. The discussion was heated, tempers flared, people were rising out of their seats, THEN, our beloved Swami stood up and said “Why can’t we all just get along, it has always been thus” and everyone settled, realizing they were rebuked by his holiness. Bet you wish you were at the meeting now, dontcha?

Smith Regatta
The Smith Regatta Friday night dinner is a no go. This, I find out, after I PAID the $10 to eat. At least the money is going to a better cause than my stomach.

Scribes report
The Scribe thanked those who submitted articles for the newsletter. Since Bob G. never paid attention at the other meetings, he never realized that the minutes from the previous meeting were never handed out there, something Bob G. did. To all our chagrin, Mark V. noticed we had approved $3k for the Wind Ceremony and was disappointed in such a large amount. Great to have you back, Mark!! No more club minutes will be handed out. They will always be published on the web. Hopefully Mark doesn’t have an Internet connection where he lives.

Pursers Report
“We have a little money” our Purser promised us. Membership is at 46, which means about 71 bodies.

Train the trainer will be after the Smith regatta but before the first lesson in May. Bob A. thanked Linda and Bob G. for their donations of training equipment and Wright and others quickly jumped in to thank Bob A. for his donations. People are already asking about lessons.

Wright asked about the date for the NIMBY and who was in favor of moving it to father’s day weekend on the 17th and 18th. Being on my second gin and tonic by this time, I believe 1 person did not wish to move it and 3 people wished to move it. Everyone else was going no matter what date it was on. No place has been decided yet.

In Closing
Bill asked if anyone else had anything to say. Deb had some new business and mentioned that she was having a 16th birthday bash at the Mockingbird café and all were invited.

Bob G., who, as scribe, seems to be talking more than writing, asked if there was any way the website could indicate that a new newsletter had just been posted. She said there is.

Next Board meeting is on April 5th at Bob Graves’ house.

Tina motioned to adjourn. Ann Seconded, all were in favor. Bob G. asked who was opposed but the gavel came down from his Excellency indicating all discussion was terminated. Damn the gavel.

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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