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Commodore's Corner - February 2011


The first time I planed

By the time you read this,, the 6th Annual Last Fiesta Key Trip will be well underway. I don’t have any tales to tell yet from this year, so I will flash back to my first trip to Fiesta Key four years ago. I was riding my old Starboard Start with a 7.5 sail (the rig and board in the picture actually). The wind was blowing 6.0/6.5 so I was well overpowered, and didn’t have harness lines. I decided to just hang on and see what happened and leaned my 200+ pounds on the boom with a death grip. A gust came and the board jumped up on top so quickly, I had no idea what was happening. I actually believed the fin had broken off as I skipped on downwind about 100 feet and crashed. The fin was still on the board so I thought “ Damn, that must be planing! Cool!” I have been chasing that sensation ever since.

As the weather warms, things will start to heat up at Shell Point as well. The wind ceremony in March and the Smith Regatta in April are next on the calendar. And of course there will be plenty of stories about this year’s trip to Fiesta Key.

Respectfully submitted, W.D. Olson, Commodore

Scribbles from the Scribe

Minutes from January 11th Club Meeting
About 21 members present.
Meeting was brought to order by Commodore Bill at 7:37. Went thru upcoming events, noting their different dates and chairs.

Upcoming Events for 2011
6th Annual Last Fiesta Key Trip – February 3-14 (Perry Morris)
Wind Ceremony - March 19 (Mike Levine)
Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta - April 29 - May 1
Lessons – May 21 thru September 10, the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month (Bob Andrews)
NIMBY XV - June 10-12 (Wright C. Finney)
Rum & Rootbeer - August 6th (Bob Graves)
Endless Summer – October ?? (Bill Olson)
Christmas Party - December 17th (Bob Andrews)
Festivus – December 18th

Commodore wanted to make sure everyone recognized that Festivus is the day after the Christmas party.

Scribes Report
The scribe spoke profoundly about scribe stuff during the scribe report. Nobody cared.

As the Vice Commodore and Lessons coordinator, Bob A. spoke about the desire to have a train the trainers’ day prior to lessons for all would be trainers.

Linda mentioned a local person wanted to know where to buy windsurfing gear and Leah mentioned giving coupons to new students for windsurfing gear purchases. Discussion ensued about how to direct students to purchase new and/or used gear. No conclusions reached.

Don and the waitress worked on fixing the door to the main eating area in order to keep out the noise. They were successful.

Purser Report
Purser reported we had money. Wright said the audit by Dewey, Chetum, and Howe showed our books were in order. Our memberships are at 48. Wright then spoke of the Fiesta Key campsite since he went down for a visit in December and reported on his findings. He said it is looking fine!

Wright presented Donna an award for being La Commodora last year. Donna graciously accepted the award as her invitation to hang out on the “Past Commodore’s” porch from now on.

Stephen C. Smith
Tina spoke about the Stephen C. Smith Regatta meeting that took place on 1/10/11 and mentioned Stan D. is chair of the event. Lee is race committee chairman for the SPSC. Ann is in charge of registration and Linda the food. Leah is heading up the auction.

Wind Ceremony
Mike Levine wanted to know what the budget for the Wind Ceremony was last year and was told it was $3,000. Mike then asked for $3,000 for this year, Bob G. seconded, all were in favor. Mark wasn’t at the meeting. Get well, Mark.

Lee mentioned the old Windy system can’t be fixed. Lee is working on a new system that will be accessable by phone and web. Talked about possibility of becoming an iWindsurf site. Lee spoke about where he was in regards to the new system. He mentioned voice systems are no longer popular and is part of the reason the old system is not being worked on by the Oregon folks at this time. Something about the popularity of medical marijuana in Oregon also was attributed to the attitude of the technical repair folks. Some club members objected to this finding.

Next meetings
Bob Andrews will chair the next Board meeting since our Commodore will be out of town. Next club meeting may or may not be held at Fiesta Key.

Ann motioned to adjourn the meeting, Bob G. seconded, all were in favor.

Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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