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Commodore's Corner - January 2011

Hard to believe that it has been four years since I first showed up at Shell Point Beach for my first windsurfing lesson. A tropical depression was spinning up in the Gulf that day and the wind was howling. Despite Amy and Deb’s best efforts, I could barely make it off the beach before falling in many, many times. But the 20 Knot Snobs were out that day, and I watched while Perry, Rico, Chris and others were carving jibes and ripping some screaming reaches and I knew then that I would have to learn how to windsurf like them.

They say that when the student is ready, the master will appear. I have found at SPSC no shortage of willing masters providing words of wisdom and guidance. Here are a few (in no particular order):

Amy C. “No, stick your hips forward!”

Perry M. “Dammit Man, it’s all about the presentation!

Tina M. “Why aren’t you sailing??”

Mark V. “If you smoke it like a heater, it tastes like a heater.”

Dave D. “You can swim, can’t you?”

Chris G. “Oh, you’re back”

Donna M. “Um, Bill, that’s my cooler…”

One can see from this sampling that windsurfing with the SPSC is more than a sport; it is a style of life that seems to suit me. Of course, without the efforts of the SPSC, I would not have found any of this enlightenment. Googling Tallahassee + Windsurfing got me to 20knotsnob.com and the efforts of all the teachers in the lessons program that first year kept me coming back for more. And the rest, they say, is history.

We have a year full of wonder and amazement to look forward to (at least I do). Perry Morris has once again laid the groundwork for the “Last Fiesta Key Trip” in February, which is just around the corner! Southwood Mike Levine has “volunteered” to coordinate the shirt sales and potluck dinner for the wind ceremony in support of our very own Festoons Band. Vice Commodore Bob Andrews will be doing another stint as lessons coordinator, probably the most important job in the club, but I am biased. And I hear that Wright Finney has his eye on a new place for us to invade for the NIMBY (some of us should avoid Fernandina Beach and Cumberland Island for a while). Of course, I will try not to travel so much this year that our past “La Commodora” Donna McMahon will have to take up too much slack, and she can enjoy the past commodore’s deck all summer long. So it looks like another great year ahead for the SPSC and I can’t wait for the weather to get warm!

His Excellency

Scribbles from the Scribe

Board meeting on January 4th was brought to order by His Excellency (he makes us call him that) Bill Olsen, our new Shell Point Sailboard Club Commodore. As is usual at these meetings, most everything we said was ‘off the record’, so we got 10 minutes of business done in 90 minutes. But it was a good 90 minutes. Hope your ears weren’t burning too bad.

My first job as scribe was to ask for articles and I asked Donna to write one about Festivus. She informed me to look at the web site because she HAD ALREADY DONE ONE. I’m gonna suck as a scribe, so get used to it.

My job as scribe, as I understand it, is to write down what is said at these meeting because no one can remember due to the excesses of alcohol and the aging members. So, basically, I can make stuff up as the meeting goes along, and since I have the OFFICIAL copy, well, they will do my bidding. However, alliances must be formed, so when the minutes are looked over, I have someone to immediately make a motion to accept them as is and someone to second, hoping no one really reads them.

For those who go or were thinking of it, the Calema midwinter’s have been postponed for this year but will start up again in 2012. Next event for the SPSC is the Keys trip, only 4 weeks away. Thanks, Perry, for once again getting the site lined up and working out the details.

BTW, if you missed the Christmas party, your loss. The facility was very nice, though a little hard to find. The party lasted until 1:15. The beer was cold, the drinks cold, the women liquored up, the Swami in great form for his reading, and everyone there had a good time.


Landscaping at Shell Point Beach

For those who have been to the beach recently, you will have notice new trees and shore enforcement for the trees that have been there for some time. The folks that did these plantings ran their own irrigation along the beach. Thought it looked like it was the same route we took, we are fortunate they did not run into any of our stuff with the exception of a light pole that had the electrical connection cut. The beautification of Shell Point is underway but, unfortunately, money was not available for a Perry Morris makeover.

For more information on this beautification, please go to www.wakulla.com and type in "being planted" in the upper right search box. Use the quotation marks when doing so.

Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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