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Commodore's Corner - July 2010

The NIMBY has come and gone and what a great time was had by those that attended. I can’t say it any better than WCF did in his email: Huge, nice hotel rooms.....Friday yachting expedition to Cumberland Island.....Carnegie mansion ruins.....pergolas and peacocks and wild, wild horses.....7.5 feet tidal range.....poolside martinis.....soft shelled crab.....Dave's unwilling "bodyguards".....trebuchet.....Harp.....Saturday scramble.....5 bags of ice each day.....long distance beach start.....trying to set marks in 50 feet of water depth.....no submarines in sight.....fighting 3 knot current.....black quicksand.....tack-tack-tack back.....dodging 2nd floor weddings.....Bahamian Iced Tea.....marsala.....dishwashing tub.....AC on 60, fireplace roaring.....racing called on Sunday (as usual).....impressive St. Mary's Pass (north breakwater = 2.5 mi., south breakwater = 2 mi)......long drive home in rain.....where will it be next year?.....

Thanks to Wright for once again chairing the NIMBY event. The sailing was awesome and the Bahamian iced tea was a palate pleasing libation!

Nominations for your 2011 Board will happen at our meeting on Tuesday this month. If you want to support your club by serving on the Board (or perhaps protect yourself from being nominated and elected to the Board?), come and join us on Tuesday, July 13, 7:30 Beef O’Bradys on Thomasville Road! Your current Board has a slate of Officer and Board member nominees for your consideration. And the nominees are:

Commodore: Bill Olson
Vice Commodore: Bob Andrews
Purser: Wright Finney
Scribe: Bob Graves
Board Member: Linda Downey
Board Member: Ann Getman
Board Member: Tina Mazanek
Board Member: Mike Levine

Non-Elected Position: Past Commodore: Donna McMahon

Additional nominations for the Officer and board Member-at-Large positions will be taken from the floor at the July meeting. Any club member may be nominated for any Officer or Board Member-at-Large position. After the close of nominations, no further nominations may be made. Keep in mind that only 1 individual from each member household may sit on the Board. Elections will take place at the August 10th meeting.

Our next event is the Rum and Rootbeer set for August 7. I’m sure that our Chair, Bill Olson, and Co-Chair, DJ Bobby G have a great time in mind for us all. Stayed tuned to our 20knotsnob page for more information as August will be upon us rather quickly!

Hope you had a terrific 4th of July and hope to see you at the meeting on July 13.

"La Commodora"

Check out NIMBY Photos from Jack May.

Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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