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Commodore's Corner - June 2010

I can't believe it is already June and it is Summertime!! Hmmm, that means 6 more months and I can hand over my Commodore duties to Vice Olson! I'm sure he will be thinking of a feat of strength to display at Festivus! Hope it doesn't involve jello or baked beans! I will probably have to just let him win!

NIMBY is June 18-20 and is right around the corner! NIMBY, is sure to be loads of fun, as usual. There will be a yachting trip on Friday, a happy hour (probably multiple happy hours), trophies, the Saturday pre-supper party, and a great wearable item ALL FOR $20.00!!! You just can't beat that!

Lessons have been going great. We had 11 participants at our first session at the beach and we expect 3 or so for our 2nd session. If you can lend a hand just let our Windsurfing Lesson Coordinator Extraordinare Bob Andrews know.

Nominations for participation on the 2011 Board will take place at our regular club meeting in July. If you, or someone you know, would like to be placed on the list make sure you come to the July meeting and get that name on the list! Elections will be held in August.

Well, that's all for now - stay tuned for a report on the NIMBY in the July Newsletter.

I remain (at least for 6 more months) your

"La Commodora"

Windsurfing Lessons

On May 22, 2010 eleven eager individuals showed up at Shell Point for the first lessons of the 2010 summer. This was by far the largest class since I have been involved in teaching windsurfing at Shell Point. Thanks to a great turnout of instructors, the lessons went very smoothly. Four children: Lindsey, Britain, Alexis and Reed practiced using the wide board and a 2.5 rig that Bill Olson had anonymously donated to the club. Older sister Katie along with Krys and Gail used the Fanatic boards to learn their tacks and jybes off the beach. Three of the students were back from last year’s lessons. We hope to see them at the next monthly meeting. I want to thank Tina for leading the lessons; Bob Graves for ably and patiently coaching the young ones; Donna, our Commodora, and Bill for guiding the older students and Linda Downey for taking some photos to chronicle the event. I especially want to thank all the club members who helped with the work days to get our new training facility ready. It is SWWWEEEEETTTTT!!!!

The next lessons are scheduled for June 12 and June 26. If you know someone who may be interested ask them to check out the lesson link on our website.

Bob Andrews

Check out SCSMR Photos from Jack May, John Goodson and Kevin Smith.

Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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