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Commodore's Corner - December 2009

And now it’s time to say goodbye to all responsibility. It’s been great serving as Commodore to the SPSC club. The talent, skill and dedication by members to get things done amazed me. Thankfully Wright continued to push forward on getting the trailer done and it’s almost there; should be ready for this coming summer training session. Deb has done great things with the website, allowing me to make changes to the members’ database and upload pictures to the central site. Many of you helped with lessons, but of special note are Tina and Bill, who seemed to be there most every time. A special thanks to Linda who not only let us store the training equipment at her house on the small trailer, but is also letting us build the larger trailer on her property as well. There are many others that have helped me tremendously, too many to list here, but I do indeed thank you.

Christmas party was great. Good food, good people, incredible music! Welcome to our new members who were there, Eberhardt, Suzy, Kevin, and Sharon.

However, after seeing the superb job Donna did on the Christmas party, I know the club will be in great hands. Enough of the nice stuff; for those who don’t know, Donna claims she is going to kick my butt during the feats of strength at this year’s Festivus. She has it in writing on the message board. Come down on the 20th at 3pm and see for yourself. No way.

In Conclusion, I’m concluded,
Your Commodore

Christmas Party

Well, I worried and fretted all year about the Christmas Party. Folks told me - don't worry everything will work out and be just fine. That's because SPSC members come together to do whatever it takes to make sure our events are very well prepared!

Many thanks to everyone who came to the Marzuq Temple to help set up and to those who stayed to help break everything down at the end of the evening. Chris, Tina, Bob, Sandy, Bill, Lee, Leah, Ann, Linda, Mark, Olga, Amy, Dave, Lizzie, Adam, Scott, Julea, Eb and Suzy. Thanks to Lee for the one-on-one Bloody Mary mixing lesson Saturday morning, but mostly for being a member of the Shriner’s Club! The venue was terrific and we couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks to Chris for the awesome Tiki Bar setup. Be prepared Chris, rumor has it that Bill O will be expecting a Tiki Bar for next year too!

Our usual bartenders could not make the party this year but drinks were mixed, wine was poured and beers were opened because the Huzztenders were on the scene. They jumped right in and took charge, thank goodness. Thanks to Leah, Lizzie, Sandy, Judy and Janice for helping us out in a pinch! Thanks to everyone for bringing some truly delicious dishes to share! We sure do have some fine cooks in our club.

Thanks also to Dave and Jack for their contribution to our entertainment. What an expertly choreographed “special” rendition of the belly dance, tassels and all . . .

Special thanks to DJ Bobby G. The tunes went on, and on, and on, until the passage of time (which went by way too fast) that forced us to stop and clean the place up.

Again, thanks to everyone for doing your part to make the Christmas Party a success! Looking forward to being your Commodore in 2010! Visit the SPSC Photo Gallery.


Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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