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Commodore's Corner - October 2009

This is just a brief note on what's up. Much more about the regatta in next month's newsletter, but just a short note here to get it in this months. The Endless Summer has come and gone and what a time it was. As Commodore, the 22nd annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic was my event to chair. Being a member of this club meant that I did not have to do it alone. The 21 years of experience from past events was readily available to me, making my job one of listening. Heck, I didn't even have to be the decider most of the time. The willingness of everyone to help is what sets this club apart from any other. Many of the folks from outside the area also jumped in to help out. Thanks to all of you. A special thanks to my sweetie for putting up with me for the last couple weeks and for helping me every step of the way.

The one thing I couldn't control, Mother Nature, was good to me. Saturday started at still, but enough wind blew in to get 5 races in. Sunday morning was the same, but around 10am the wind started building for the long distance race, at 10:30 was the white flag and the wind was doing well. The long distance race took about 40 minutes for most. At around 11:15 the wind died down. Mother was good. Pictures are available on-line now, so check out our picture site. Again, we'll have more, much more, about the event next newsletter.

Commodore Bobby G

A Sport Fleeter's Point of View

The Sport Fleet Course racing was a blast at the Endless Summer Sailboard Classic! Our very own Course Master Extraordinaire Perry Morris set the box course on the flats Saturday morning. Thanks Perry! The competition in the Sport Fleet was exhilarating. The morning races turned out to be Julea Williams and Gerry Myers battling for 1st place - they were neck and neck. Perhaps if Julea would have put her boom in Gerry's neck she may have taken 1st for all 3 races. "Starboard, no, I'm Starboard, no I'm Starboard!" Now Julea knows not to listen to Gerry! What trickery! There was a ton of good racing in the morning with the Commodore, Vice, Bob Andrews, Bill Olsen and Mike Levine chasing after Julea and Gerry. Three races were completed and we all made our way back to shore for lunch. We feasted upon Gumbo, carefully crafted by several culinary artists, some Hot "Scotty" Dogs and a beverage of your choice all cheerfully served up by Café Donaldo's.

Around 2 or 2:30 we went back to the course and participated in two more races. It was an "all start at the same time" and we were reversed to counter-clockwise on the course due to the wind change. I made the decision (but wasn't alone) to hang back and watch the A Fleeters start. I do enjoy watching everyone push the envelope at the start line. If one person drops their sail or takes an unexpected spill it tends to have a domino effect. I was just a little disappointed though as there was just one start where chaos ensued with the A Fleeters.

The afternoon sea breeze brought a bit more wind than the morning races and I was able to get a better view of the Sport Fleet battle. However, it was not only the Williams/Myers battle because Linda Downey joined us on the race course which gave Gerry and Julea a bit more competition. Perhaps just a bit more than they counted on? Linda succeeded in giving Gerry & Julea some competition because the last race happened to be Gerry, Julea and Linda ALL hitting the finish line before me and all I could do was watch. I believe Linda took 1st place in that one. Don't you just hate it when you drop your sail at the last mark in the last race of the day when you just might have been able to cross that finish line first!

The Endless Summer Sailboard Classic was once again a huge success. Awesome course racing, terrific camaraderie and all due to folks who enjoy this fine sport we call windsurfing! Thank you DJ Bobby G for chairing this event. I Hope you won't mind me calling on you next year to give me pointers and tips so that the 2010 Endless can be as successful as the 2009 Endless Summer Sailboard Classic!

Donna M.


The Endless Summer Sailboard Classic Regatta was looking to have nice weather, tropical breezes, sunny days and beautiful people. I arrived on Friday evening and it was in full swing. I got registered and checked out my bag. What a far out and groovy shirt. I got in my favorite spot on the flagpole and was ready for a long weekend of looking cool.

The Friday night tradition of Rick and Judy's "cooked before your eyes" chicken wings was magical. There appeared to be a taste test of some spirit in very small cups. It seemed to have a mystical power over a few. To me it kind of smelled like varnish but it looked like fun.

Saturday dawned with Linda's breakfast on the beach then skippers meetings and sailors hitting the water. I watched the races from the beach and they looked very exciting and colorful. There were competitors from faraway places like the Carolinas, Georgia, Daytona Beach, Fort Walton and Panama City. There was also an international C Fleet that looked very competitive - - watch out sport fleeters.

The midday ritual of lunch was a site to behold. Café Donaldo's hosted the gumbo contest and served up some "Great Scott Dogs" I myself am a vegetarian but I do enjoy my preservatives from time to time.

Saturday night DJ Bobby G's beats had the natives restless and, of course, I had to get in on the action. A large time was had by all, some larger than others. I stayed up way too late and in the morning I felt like I had been sanded against the grain.

Sunday there was a long distance race which had me on the edge of my stand. It was awesome to see that many sails on the water at one time. Next came the ceremonial golden idol presentations to the racers. There were also awards for the gumbo winners and the coveted Party Animal trophy went to the most deserving competitor.

My roots run deep in the S.P.S.C. and I am a proud member. I want to thank every one who made this event happen.

Check me out on Face Book. Be my friend. nativetikis@embarqmail.com

Roots, Rocks, Regattas!!!!
Tiki Mon III

The 22nd Endless Summer Novice Fleet Report

The success of the Novice Fleet started with our Lessons Program which was coordinated by Bob Andrews and Bob Graves. A dedicated group of people showed up all summer to retrieve the equipment trailer from Linda's, transport it to the beach (can you say Beverley Hillbilly's gone windsurfing?), take the equipment off of the trailer, teach, and reverse the whole process without anyone getting seriously hurt. May not sound like a lot-but those who have done it know exactly what I'm talking about. I actually talked to that trailer as we "toted" it from the beach back to Linda's after the regatta-sand, dirt and a lasting love for the wind is what's holding that thing together. I promised it that the trip back to Linda's after this event would be its last.

The Saturday before the event, five novice would-be racers took advantage our of race clinic, four ended up racing. (Though Suzy Sinke was unable to race, she was there to cheer for her husband, Eberhardt and her daughter, Leni.) They picked out their gear from club equipment and assorted other items from club members (including a sail from Bob Graves and an entire rig from Nora Loyd).

The fleet raced five heats on Saturday. Each heat was intended to be a broad reach from the beach to the mark and back. "Intended" is the word, because as the wind shifted onshore, the reaches became more upwind. John Gilbert facilitated moving the mark for us twice in order to make the reach more friendly. Kathy Voigt helped during one race by sailing ahead of the fleet, demonstrating strategy skills on how best to sail to the mark. This was a competitive group and I knew I was in for a challenge when they started asking about rules beyond "starboard has right of way".

On Sunday they raced two more heats, for an event total of seven. It was obvious that each windsurfer learned and improved their skills with each heat. Their competitive nature continued all weekend. After the sixth heat we had a tie for first and it took the seventh heat to determine the overall winner.

Many thanks to; Kevin Smith for photos; John Gilbert for course-setting and making sure I had a VHS radio; Chris Hill, Franz Roeder, and Kathy Voigt for starting sequence flag duty; Scott Williams who got caught as we were creatively loading the equipment; Bill Olson and Mike Levine for "toting" the trailer with me-especially Bill who did it all summer; Linda Downey for letting us store "our stuff" at her house (again-still); and of course the members of the Novice Fleet:

Competitor Class Standing Fleet Standing
Eberhardt Roeder First Place /Men's First Place
Olga Sorokina First Place/Women's Light Second Place
Leni Sinke First Place/Teenage Light Third Place
Merilee Jorn First Place/Women's Lighter Fourth Place

As you can see, I consider all of our Novice Fleet winners!

Thank you for letting me be a part of the fun for the 22nd Endless Summer Sailboard Classic. It was a blast!

Tina Mazanek

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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