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Commodore's Corner - August 2009

Sorry for missing last month's; just slipped right by me. Fortunately, July did not have lots going on. August, however, is off to an interesting start. I left August 17th to visit my brother in St. Paul, MN. Temperatures there never got over 75, and our trip back (we drove) did not require AC until we were in Atlanta (we stopped by House on the Rock, Mammoth Cave, and Rock City, so you can say we had a rocky trip.) You can thank me later for bringing the cool weather back with me.

First off, Bill Olson did a wonderful job at the Rum and Rootbeer, keeping in mind that August is usually HOT, and having a game that included squirt guns, or, more correctly, squirt canons! From crossing a gathering of sharks blind folded, to eating strange foods, and costumes that were wonderful, Survivor Shell Point lived up to its name. Check out the photo gallery.

The training trailer has been moved to Shell Point thanks to Lee and is sitting, I believe, on his vacant lot down there. Linda has given us permission to work on it at her home in order for all the electrical tools to work well. I know the skills incorporated in members of the SPSC, the training trailer will be the envy of all other owners of training trailers.
Endless Summer Sailboard Classic is coming up. If anyone, ANYONE, has suggestions for this year, please let me know. I have a group of people that have volunteered to get me going down the right path and to help get this thing together. However, if you know of a company that wishes to help sponsor the event, or just wishes to unload some excess inventory that we can give away, please let me know.

Commodore BobbyG


Only 2 lessons left, August 29th and September 5th. I cancelled September 14th because there are too many other things going on and I don’t believe I could have gotten enough instructors. We have lots of folks that want to get lessons over the next two training periods and I could use some help at the beach.

We have already trained in excess of 25 people and have at least another eight that want to come done for lessons. I want to thank Bob Andrews for getting the training off to a good start. Bob A., Tina, Bill Olson, Mark Powell, Donna and Chris McMahon have all done a great job in teaching or helping with lessons. Special thanks to Linda for not only helping with lessons but letting us once again store our training trailer and equipment at her house until we finish our training trailer.


Hey Y’all. I know it’s been a long time since you have read any of my dribble. Well here goes. We’ve been doing all kinds of things in the club lately; everything from building a “manufactured” home for training equipment, to armadas descending on an unsuspecting pristine shoal. Regattas, board meetings, band practices and coming soon - free elections.
I personally am of the Wig party and we haven’t had a candidate in over one hundred years. I’m thinking of crossing over to the Swig party.

Last weekend we experienced the expected bad behavior of a bunch of thirty-eight year old children. It was the annual Rum and Root beer Regatta and it was an absolute hoot. The games’ integrity and rules diminished the later it got. (Most excellent) If you were a first timer or have not been exposed to this type of event I hope you enjoyed yourself and thank you for coming. If you get the chance let Bill O. (aka The Mule) know how you liked it. Good job bud.

The next party re-form will be at Shell Point Beach Fl. It is one of my favorites of the year. It is the annual Endless Summer Classic Regatta. Unlike the R&R this has some mighty fine racing. It is part of the Southeast Series. We have had live bands in the past and last year we had DJ Bobby G. spin all of our favorite dance tunes for our listening pleasure. It starts Friday night and goes through the weekend.

Then the party re-forms at around Christmas Time for an evening of glamour and dancing. That’s right I said GLAMOUR. It’s our only dress-up event. It usually starts around 7 pm and ends, when it ends. Club normally supplies the liquor, except the designer gin for the best dad-gum martini you’ve ever had. I have always enjoyed this one. This year it’s Donna’s Mac tonight.

There’s the vernal party re-form. Better known as Festivus. It’s for the best of us. It happens to be on the shortest day of the year. It comes complete with feats of strength and airing of grievances (fussin and pole dancing sort of).

One of the strangest party re-forms is the Sand Spur Rodeo. I should let you just experience that one for your self.

I’ve had people ask do we have alcohol at these functions? My answer to that is “Did Col. Sanders do chicken?” But never on the beach, it’s against the law unless you have an official non-alcoholic beverage cup. In the event you haven’t caught on. This is as much a social club as it is a sailing club. Mostly it’s about the water and having fun. I’ve been a member of the club for over ten years. I’ve been the party animal, Commodore, asked to leave, emcee, belly dancer and Howdy Doody hauler. And still can’t sail worth slug spit. So there is something here for anyone with a sense of humor and thick skin. Hope to see you at the beach for the next party re-form. The Dig.

By Digger Dave

Staying In Touch With Your Club

A few people have mentioned to me that they never get notified as to what is going on in the club. The reason for this is that the SPSC does not e-mail people who do not wish to receive e-mails. If you wish to be on the SPSC mailing list, you can opt in to do so.

The steps to get this done are as follows:

1. Go to www.20knotsnob.com, your source for all things SPSC
2. Go to the very, very bottom of the Home page, to the line that reads “To join or update your email information in the SPSC Yahoo Group, please contact SPSC Yahoo Coordinator” and click on SPSC Yahoo Coordinator. Send an e-mail asking to be added to the list.

All Done.

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Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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