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Commodore's Corner - June 2009

As usual, there is a lot going on. We have the NIMBY coming up on beautiful St. George Island, and I know I’ll see most of you there. Lessons are starting on May 23rd and the article on lessons in the May newsletter has all the dates lessons will be taught, so check it out and figure out when you can assist down at the beach. Hopefully the trailer will be in place sometime this summer and the latter lessons will just require taking the equipment out of our own place on the beach.

For those who have had trouble logging into the message board to post something, there is a message there that will assist you in this endeavor. Personally, I think Ms. Deb Berlinger has done one heckuva great job on the new website. The areas that most people are interested in can be reached by clicking on the top are somewhere along the side. The addition of the message board is great and I recommend that folks check it about once a week for any new postings. Deb also allows other designated by the Board to manage the membership list and the events list. Thanks, Deb!

I also encourage those who have NOT paid their dues to do so. Membership in the club is a great bargain. You get Windy, a great Christmas party, and low entry fees into events. Soon we will have our own facility on the beach. The fact that we have members who don’t even live in Tallahassee or the surrounding area and can’t take advantage of all that we do will hopefully encourage you to spend the $2.50 a month ($30/yr) single membership or $3.75 a month ($45/yr)to stay a member. Festoons band members need to remember that the band is limited to members only, so if you wish to be in the band next year, pay up.


Commodore in command of the commode!


Lessons started off with a lot of wind May 23rd. Thanks to Tina, Bob A and Bill for coming out and getting the three brave souls who showed up lessons. A special thanks to BobA for organizing and labeling the equipment on the trailer in such a manner that finding the sails, mast, and booms that went together a breeze.

The three brave students who showed up at 11am were Keith, Steve, and Brianna. When the wind is blowing 15, holding even a 3.7 meter sail on a stationary land board is tricky, but all the students went through the process of up hauling, grabbing the sail, releasing, and tacking before hitting the water. Steve had some prior sailing experience when he was much younger and was able to sail out and back within an hour. Brianna and Keith, who I know were both sore the next day, were able to go out and get back before the end of lessons around 2:30. Though the wind backed off some by that time, it was still gusting to between 12 and 15 and for these new sailors. Due to the wind and the fact there were only 3 sailors, I worked with one, Tina with another, and Bob A. with the third.

By the time we packed up at 3, the sun was burning brightly. Tina, Bill and Bob, with the help of Keith and Steve, hung the sails on the trailer so that the next instructors will not have to rig them up.

As major surprise, one of the folks who came to the beach to help set up graciously donated to the club a BRAND NEW set of boom, mast, and 2 sails (2.0 and 2.5) for kids to use. Did I mention that they were BRAND NEW. Thank you anonymous donor.

Please remember to volunteer to instruct sometime this summer. Seems like we get the same people over and over again. Thanks!

Bob G.

Trailer Update

Trailer is looking good! Thanks to Tina, Dave, Wright, Bob Andrews/BobA, Rick, and Lee for getting the floor down. Lee has been a gracious host every time we have come to work on the trailer, this time providing water, soda, and a variety of beer in an ice cold cooler for our sustenance. Thanks to Tina for bringing Pringles to munch on.

If someone came to watch the work being done, they would have thought professionals had been hired. Henry Ford would have been proud of our assembly like process. Tina and I would haul the flooring planks to the trailer where Rick and Wright would put them in place while BobA drilled starter holes followed by Dave and Wright putting the screws in. We then snapped a line for cutting up the one side where the wood was sticking out and Digger, taking Wright’s circular saw, went straight up the side.

The trailer looks good enough to be a stage for the Festoons! Actually, it looks even better. I had to leave while the rest were fastening up the lights and license to the back of the trailer so that it can be hauled to its next destination where the walls will go up. As I understand, the skies opened, yet the pouring rain did not deter the hardworking crew from getting the electrical work done. As we all know, doing electrical work while wet is always more exciting! It is now time to PIMP THAT TRAILER!!!!!!

Rick, Tina, and I also busied ourselves stacking and spacing all the stuff Amy has provided the club so far. We had to make sure the wood was properly covered and would stay dry until the next phase of construction. Just in time, too.
Thanks to all who spent their Sunday afternoon getting this done.

Bob G.

Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
Enter the year as 'YYYY', select which month and click on "Get Newsletter".

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