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Commodore Bob and Sandy

Commodore's Corner - March 2009

What a time in the Keys. Sadly, this was only my third trip there, my first in 1998, second in 2007, and then this one. Best one of the three. Got there on Saturday around 2:30 and Sandy and I set up the tent with help from many of the folks that had setup on Friday or earlier that day. Folks just came by and lent a hand, so setup was quick. That’s why I love this club. People are generous and take time for you.

Sandy was feeling the effect of a sinus infection so was not feeling well. Though she took medication and the likes, recovery was not eminent UNTIL she went out with the other ladies/huzzies to celebrate Liz’s birthday on Monday. A Pina Colada with a layer of Rum poured on the top along with good company was what she needed to turn the corner. By Wednesday she was ready to perform with the Huzzie’s shadow theatre.

I rigged my gear up Saturday afternoon, bringing a Kona and a 7.5 sail. Sunday I got some sailing in, with winds around 12 coming out of the Northeast. Monday afternoon the winds kicked up. I sailed earlier in the day until the wind started coming in over 15. That’s when the short boards came out and great sailing was to be seen. Tuesday morning saw even heavier winds, at one point blowing over 20mph. Too much for me, though I went out later in the afternoon. However, there were many on the water. I sailed Wednesday, which was a lot like Sunday, and was the only one out on Friday with winds blowing around 5mph. I went out because the water was so clear, I could cruise along the top, and standing up, see beautifully into the water. Other than a very large sea turtle, I saw very little sea life.

I learned a lot from watching and sailing in high wind conditions. One lesson I learned, painfully, is to maintain control of the boom as long as possible. I was coming in, attempting to jib, lost my balance and let go of the sail. The sail whipped around and wacked my shoulder hard so that it bruised up pretty ugly. If it had hit me on the head, it probably would have broken the mast. That’s costly.

The weather the entire time was beautiful. No rain, temperatures ranging from 65 to 75. Key West did not seem that busy, except for the Bull and Whistle, even though two cruise ships were there.

For pictures, please see http://gallery.me.com/slayne1953#100147

Commodore Bobby G

The Band in March

We are back to practicing twice a week now. Swami is relentless. And Jack just sits there after listening to a flawlessly played song, yelling “AGAIN!”. What our fans don’t know is the number of band members that require counseling after a performance. Frayed nerves, sleepless nights, new uses for profane language, you get it all at a Festoons practice. Explains the need for beer and munchies at practice and why we now have a metal detector at the door.

We know what we’re playing. That is, we know what we will be playing. Still not sure HOW to play all of them, but are getting there. We have three new songs and are bringing back two from the archives. The three new songs are “I Wanna Windsurf Like You”, “Shell Point Beach”, and “Big Wind”.

Last night was rough. Timing was off, wrong notes hit, words forgotten. Good to know we are right on schedule! See you on March 21st at the show!!!!!!!

Retro SPSC

Attached is an article from the September/October 1993 issue of the USWA News. This was the first article in a nationally distributed publication about the Shell Point Sailboard Club, the Wind Ceremony, and the Great Swami. Enjoy!

Who Is the Swami Anyway?

Click here to find out.
Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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