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Commodore Bob and Sandy

Commodore's Corner - February 2009

It just occurred to me, after taking what I thought to be the prestigious title of Commodore, that Commodore and commode are mighty similar in spelling, so I thought I would look into it. Most of us know a commode as a more ‘refined’ name for a sh***er or a toilet. When I looked up the definition of Commodore, it all became clear why this similarity existed. A Commodore in the Navy is “a grade of flag office next in rank below a rear admiral”(dictionary.com). The operative term here, of course, being “below a REAR admiral”. Oh well, I’m honored none the less. Just don’t s**t on me.

I am gearing up for the Keys trip. Set my new tent up out back to check for leaks in case of rain. I must say, though, that when I look outside at the tent and the temperature is 27 degrees outside, it does not look very inviting. Thank goodness I’m going south where the temp at night has been in the mid sixties and during the day, the low to mid seventies. Imagine a place where the fluctuation in temperature between day and night is 5-7 degrees and not 20-30 degrees. John Lennon forgot that line in his song.

Your Commodeor, sorry, I keep forgetting the ‘e’ come after the ‘or’.

Your Commodore

Trailer Trash

Yes, that’s right, we took a trashy trailer and cleaned it on up. January 10th saw us gather at Lee Chapin’s house to take the rusty mobile home trailer under frame and make it worthy to put down at fabulous Shell Point Beach. Starting around 10am, we got three pressure washers going on that thing. To show the intelligence of the lot that was there, 2 out of 12 people that came thought of bringing boots. Needless to say, when you get 3 pressure washers, ranging from 1700 to 2600 psi, squirting a metal trailer that has all kinds of nooks and crannies, you will get wet. Fortunately, the day was absolutely perfect for this endeavor.

After washing the trailer off, out came the grinders and metal brushes to further eradicate the rust. Three electric grinders were cranking away, with the rest of us scrubbing away with the brushes. Andy, grinding away for a good 45 minutes, near completion of the trailer, looked up with a rust mustache under his nose and a rust goatee on his chin, and asked Lee “do you have any breathing masks?” Alas, he got to use it for about 5 minutes. After the grinding, we blew the dust off with Lee’s leaf blower.

Lee and Leah, always gracious hosts, had hot dogs on the grill and cold beer for lunch around 12:30. We sat by their pool under shaded chairs to enjoy the sustenance.

Around 1:45 we got to painting the frame. Lee brought out a portable radio so that we could hear the Duke vs. FSU basketball game while we painted away. We finished the first coat around halftime of the game and, to our surprise, were treated to a taste of some incredible tasting rum that Lee had brought back from his trip. The rum was from Guyana and was truly smooth and delectable, putting everyone in the right mood for a second coat of paint.

We finished up around 6:30 with cleanup and everything. Though it took a while, the results were astounding. Thanks to Wright, Lee, Guy, Ann, Bill, Andy, Linda, Tina, Rick, and Perry for coming out on a beautiful day to get this done and thanks to Amy for all the brushes. We are on our way to having our own abode for equipment. Next up, moving the axles, getting some spinners on the wheels, and putting down the floor.


From Your Vice

Donna McMahonNow how did this happen – Vice Commodore? Guess it all started when Chris took one of those . . . “I wonder what’s happening at Shell Point” trips a few years ago. He drove to The Point expecting things to be as normal as ever. He was overwhelmed by the changes – no hotel, no ship store and the Coast Guard “house” was moved to a brand new building & location. Since it was a nice, windy early Spring day he decided to hang in the parking lot and watch to see if anyone was out and about sailing. He observed a kite boarder and a couple of windsurfers rippin’ and shreadin’ and wondered to himself – when did the pros take over Shell Point? He decided to take a walk down and check it out just a bit closer only to find out that those “pros” were some of our own SPSC members – Richard, Hugh and Andy W.! So he hung around to shoot the breeze for awhile and that’s when it happened –something inspired him . . . “Who feels it knows it. It has always been thus.” Must have been the Swami telling him was time to hit the water again!

Chris came home and said “Let’s get back into windsurfing.” I was more than happy to oblige. So, we set to work, we built a board rack for the truck, paid my 10 year old nephew $5 bucks to crawl under a spider infested man cave shop and pull out the boards. We got the rest of the equipment out of storage and checked it all out. We decided well, it’s old but what the heck, it’ll work just fine. We anxiously awaited the weather report for just a breath of wind, packed up the truck with our old, but useful, gear and headed down to Shell Point.

Needless to say we were just a little rusty with our skills but once back on the water things started to fall back into place. We had been away from the Club for quite a few years but ya know, it’s like we never left. SPSC has a camaraderie that is like a family and we are so happy to be back among some of the best people we know!

I’m excited about the Keys trip ‘cause I want to get on a shortboard! I can’t help but wonder what spontaneous, outrageous and/or adventurous activities might take place this year in Fiesta Key. Guess we will all find out soon enough as it is right around the corner!

I’m looking forward to serving as your Vice this year!

Donna M.

The Band, February Log

Swami and the Festoons are back at it, practicing weekly, to get ready for the Wind Ceremony on MARCH 21. Mark your calendar because this is truly the largest and best attended rock concert on Shell Point Beach. Why, no one has yet discerned, though it could be because it is the ONLY rock concert every year. True, other bands show up to entertain during the Stephen C. Smith and such, but the Wind Ceremony is all about the Swami, the Festoons, the fire, and just having a great time. People from as far away as Tallahassee show up.

The band was in form last night. Not sure what kind of form, but there was something there. Dusted off some golden oldies from past iterations of the band and did a decent job on them. Tried some of the ones we did last year and really sucked. No, they were ok but need work. Didn’t try any of the new ones, but will next practice. We have at least three new songs that we hope to spring on the crowds.

No disasters occurred, though the guitars ignored Debs and my airing of grievances during Festivus, so we can air them again later this year. Swami unveiled the design for this years shirt and all I can say is “WOW!!!!”. The colors and the drawing are totally unlike anything seen before. And you can OWN this picture by coming to the Wind Ceremony on March 21st, sponsored by Miller, Busch, Heineken, Grey Goose, Dewers and whatever other booze y’all bring down!!! See you there.


Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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