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Commodore's Corner - January 2009

And in the corner I will stay. This here is my state of the club address. The state of the club is good. The Commodores that preceded me did a great job, which will make mine that much easier. They kept us out of disputes with other clubs, kept our finances responsibly which means we are NOT eligible for a federal bailout, dang it, and ensured that the worse forms of torture were hangovers from self imposed truth serum the night before. I know I ran on a platform of change, and that is what you’ll get. For this year, the Commodore will be known as Bob Graves and NOT Lee Chapin, who is now our Past Commodore. If that isn’t change enough for you, well, the Vice Commodore is someone different as well, Donna McMahon, so there. I do wish to thank Wright Finney, our Purser, Ann Getman, our Scribe, and Bill Olson, Board Member, for staying over from the past administration. Talk about reaching across the aisle. Welcome to the new Board members who are certainly not strangers to the club or serving on the board, Tina Mazanek, Rick Knerr, and Andy Reich. As an FYI on those who keep calendars, the club meetings will still be on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Beef O Brady’s with the EXCEPTION of February, when I hope to hold it on the 3rd Tuesday due to the Keys trip on the second week. I have not confirmed with Beef’s yet on that day, though, so pen it in pensively.

The celebration for the rest of us

It was one of those days where it was getting cold and the weather outside was damp. You just kind of wanted to stay inside and not go anywhere, but it was time to celebrate Festivus. Once you got to the beach for the celebration, grabbed a drink, got some food, stood by the fire, and best of all, talked junk with the others that were there, you were certainly glad you came. This past Sunday was my first Festivus celebration, and a wondrous time it was. Not just one, but several Festivus miracles occurred, grievances were aired, and feats of strength were demonstrated. I could describe them, but the wonder and joy of seeing them occur could never be put on paper, especially by a hack such as myself. Ya need to be there next year to experience it.

The eight foot tall aluminum Festivus pole at Shell Point attracted nearly every woman/girl there, most of them making the climb to the top. Men shied away from the pole, content in watching the feats of strength performed by the women, drinking, and speaking monosyllabically.

Though the weather was on the chilly side, everyone dressed accordingly, and Dave brought LOTS of wood. The man was magical with that fire, having it providing warmth in a matter of 15 minutes. Watching him handle his axe was amazing, his deftness in holding it, hitting the right spot, time after time. Oh my.

Food was brought by everyone. Wonderful chocolate cake, great sausage meatballs, hot soup, chicken wings, fried chicken, Andrew grilling sausage dogs, lots of finger food, and more items than I can recount. I know I tried darn near all of it. Once again, Martini’s were beautifully prepared by Martini Master Morris and joyfully drunk. Na Zdrowie! Za tee-bya, Kanpai! Festoons! For the hearing impaired, such as myself, the toast is pronounced Nas-tro-ve-ya, Zai-beece, Kan-pie, Fay-us-tewns (thanks to Wright for the correct spelling and colloquial pronunciations).

Though Festivus was slated to go from 4-6, it didn’t break up until 8pm. With the winds settling around 6, the fire burning hot, the refreshments warming the insides, there was no reason to leave. I know I’ll be there next year. Pictures of pole climbing, fire jumping, wood chopping, martini drinking, and all around good times and be seen at the 2008 Festivus Photo Gallery.

SPSC 2008 Holiday Party

As the Vice Commodore responsible for putting the holiday gala together, all I can say is that the Shell Point Sailboard club is the most helpful and fun group of people to be around. In planning this, one of the past officers told me the setting doesn’t really matter because it’s the people that make the party, and they certainly did.

I have to give a special thanks to my sweetie, Sandy, for taking charge of getting decorations together for the event and for buying the beer and soda. Ann and Sandy were there early to begin setup soon followed by Andy Reich. Linda came by to drop off some propane tanks so we could get the much needed heat generation begun. While I setup the music and lights, the three of them were busy getting everything to look as nice as it did.

The food was in abundance. Blintzes, smoked turkey, ham, pies, FOOD galore!!! What better to wash food down with then a great drink made by the two best bartenders in town, Susan and Sharon! We had to be careful when bending over because Susan was dishing out ‘spankings’ with a ladle she carried with her. After eating, the cocktail of choice was the delectable taste of a Martini made by Martini Master Perry Morris!! Shaken, not stirred.

Though the weather was chilly, the dancing inside was HOT!!!! The Red Elvis’ Belly dance spectacular, with Dave and Jack in the center ring, had both the girls and boys swooning.

Since we were supposed to be out of the 621 by 1am, we stopped the music at 12:30 and all I can say is WOW! The number of people that chipped in to break down and get stuff put away was amazing. Most places you go, people are gone before cleanup. Not with this club. Everyone chipped in and we were done by 1:20. My thanks to all of you who helped with the cleanup.

Thanks also to 621 for allowing us to come in a bit early and for helping us put stuff away at the end. The party was great and we missed those who did/could not make it this year. My only wish for this party was that it could have gone longer. See you at Festivus!

Pictures for the event can be seen at Sandy's photo gallery.


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Newsletter Directory

Newsletters are available starting with year 2009.
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