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January 2020
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Commodore Comments
Greetings all! Kristin "Krash" Korinko here! On behalf of the Board, I would like to welcome you to 2020's Shell Point Sailboard Club. As your newly elected Commodora, I am excited to get the year started. I would like to also thank the outgoing Commodore Adam Bennett for his 15+ years of friendship and 4+ years of SPSC guidance. (Since I beat you at Festivus in the Feats of Strength, I have rested up and am ready for what is to come! hehe!) What a fast-paced three years this has been for me! In 2017, I joined the club. In 2018, I became a board member. In 2019, I served as Vice Commodore. Now, as Commodore, I hope to maintain and/or exceed the high standards set and expected by the club. Please join me in welcoming in all of the newly elected Board members: Vice Commodore Rose McCaffrey, Scribe Bob Graves, Purser Wright Finney, and Members at large, Jack May, Joe Sisson, Mark Powell, and Deb Berlinger.

Our first club meeting will be held this Tuesday, January 14th, 7:30pm, at Momo's Pizza (1410 Market Street). We will be meeting in the back room. Please feel free to make your way to the back room in the 2nd building. It's going to be a great year! Festoons!
This Club Travels Well!!
If you are new to the club (or if you are jotting down vacation ideas), please take a look at the website. Members of this club have traveled far and wide to exotic places like Maui, Bonaire, the Gorge, Caberete, Dominican Republic, Charleston, South Carolina, the Galapagos Islands, Fiesta Key, Bahia Honda, South Padre Island, Sarasota and Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater. These travels have all been in search of the optimal wind conditions-- It has always been thus! Be on the lookout for opportunities to travel with the club and please feel free to share any ideas that you have for future venues.

Thank you all:)

December 2019 Club Minutes
There was no club meeting in the month of December, so for those hoping to make at least one meeting in 2019, which is most of the club, you missed your opportunity.  Hopefully a new year’s resolution will be to make AT LEAST one meeting in 2020. 

Kristin is our new Commodore and Rose is the Vice, so come out and support these two in their endeavors.  Remember when you were Commodore and how it felt to have people care about what you said? 

Meeting location has been switched to Momo’s on Market street which has a backroom that is private and roomy.  Just enter the front door, take a left and keep walking through the dining room ‘til you find it.  The food is good and the beer even better.

Instead of a club meeting, many folks on Christmas day decided to go for a kayaking/SUPing journey leaving from the back of Mark Powell’s house at Shell Point.  This has become a yearly event, with this being the 5th iteration.  Hope to see you next year!
Christmas Party 2019
Even though the day for the party was changed at the last minute, we had over 50 people show up for this year’s festivities.  Instead of a holiday tree, Bill made a sail of lights.  This year’s charity was the Shriner’s children hospital, with people donating money and toys.  Everyone who attended appeared to be very generous with their gifts and ready to have fun!

This year we had as our guest bartender Professor Jim who emcee’s trivia at the 4th quarter on Tuesday nights as well as bartends there on a part time basis, and his wife, Rosie, who was the DJ for the evening.  In the tradition of Friday the 13th, which was the date of our party, there were some early issues with the music, but all these were cleared up and the dance floor was jumping and jiving all night long.  Amazingly this year, when Rosie put on a polka, the dance floor filled right up with some folks trying to polka for the first time and not hurt themselves or others.

Traditionally, we had our Night Before Christmas reading by the great Swami himself!  Close to the end, the men folk went to the front and sang along with “All I Wanna Do (is make love to you)” by the Red Elvis’, and they were in fine form.  If you weren’t there, we missed you and hope to see you next year.
Beer Bracelet
There has been controversy during past SPSC events regarding the coveted beer bracelet. All we need is one incident of someone underage or not registered for the event for us to permanently lose our ability to imbibe on the beach. The standing rule of Wakulla County is that no alcohol is allowed in any County park. We do not have the right to drink on the beach, but with a permit, the County allows us to do so during the Smith and Endless Summer events for which we had to increase our liability insurance.

To protect the SPSC and all of its members, whoever gets a beverage bracelet MUST be present for someone at registration to put it on. If you don’t drink beer, you cannot give your bracelet to "a friend" who has not registered. You cannot pick one up for your spouse who is also registered but not physically present. The folks at registration VOLUNTEERED to do what they are doing, so giving them grief because you want to run off with a beer bracelet to give to someone is not kind. If you think of an alternate scenario that will accomplish the same thing as these rules, please email Bob Graves at djbobbyg@gmail.com so that he can invite you to the next regatta planning meeting and you can state your case.

This year we also hope to have different colored beverage bracelets to give to the under aged or non-beer drinkers so they may get free beverages at the lunch tent.

The bottom line is, if you are not present at the registration tent when registering or picking up your packet, you won’t get a beer bracelet.

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