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Killer Deals on Masts and Sails

Aug 13, 2010 by Chris Voith

NP 6.5 V8 Street Racer (L=488, B= 200) 2 cam older model in Very Good condition but tiny tear in luff sleeve $75 Fiberspar Sport 460-25 mast Like New $100 with sail above : $150 North Prisma 7.5 (490-230) 3 cam, mylar. Great race sail for longboards. Good condition with plenty o' miles left in it $50 NP CK55 490-28 Very Good. Ideal mast for the Prisma– $100 or $125 w/ sail. Neil Pryde Race 7.5 (513-229) mylar, fair condition, 5 cams– Mucho HP! with its ideal mast- Carbon 60 500-32 ... But that's not all... Also comes with Sailworks 9.9 XT Racing sail fair condition-taped bot wait there's more! 47cm carbon extension. Rig either sail on this mast. Both sails and mast and extension $125 What-a-deal !! See me at SP Aug 14th or call 404-386-8505 Chris Voith (Atl)


Date: 08/16/2010
From: Chris Voith

Still remaining: Neil Pryde 6.5 V8 Cool colors. $75. Fiberspar 460 mast now $75. Mast & sail for $125. Prisma 7.5 only $50. Carbon 60 mast $75. Contact Chris Voith 404-386-8505 Had a great time Saturday learning how to do lessons from the Shell Point masters. Thanks ya'll. There was a perfect breeze for newbies and later it picked up for some great longboard shreddin'– woohoo!

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