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Message Board Login Problems? Solution.

May 18, 2009 by bgraves

If you have trouble signing into 20knotsnob.com to post a message, please check the following settings in your Internet Explorer. You can get to your Internet Properties menu by going to Control Panel and double clicking Internet Properties there or get to it through your browser by clicking on Tools in the upper right corner of your browser and selecting Internet Properties. Once Internet Properties is up, click on the Privacy tab then click on the Sites button. On the “Per Site Privacy Action Screen”, a space is available under Address of Website. Type 20knotsnob.com in this space and then click the Allow button. Exit all this stuff by clicking the OK button. Everything should now work.


Date: 03/31/2010
From: Admin

Disregard the 07/19/2009 message. The website is now located on a new server and has been removed from the www.deborahberlinger.com doman. If you are experiencing any login problem, contact the SPSC Webmaster shown below in the page footer.
Date: 07/19/2009
From: Admin

If the above action does not fix the problem: Go directly to the webpages at www.deborahberlinger.com/spsc. Just trust me on this one. I am using a frame set on the index page at www.20knotsnob.com to bring in the pages that reside on my web server. It is an easy way to make it look like the pages are all at www.20knotsnob.com. Just trust me and go directly to www.deborahberlinger.com/spsc If this second solution does not work, email at the SPSC webmaster link shown in the footer.
Date: 05/18/2009
From: Admin

thanks Bob. Bob Andrews had this same trouble and your solution worked just fine.

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