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Andrea's Leg

Sep 3, 2018 by LunarU4EA

At last Sunday's Practice Day, Andrea, in her second year of sailing, successfully brought the board back in to shore. The dismount was a different story. She jammed her foot, rolled her ankle, and jammed her leg all the way up to her hip. This drove her tibia into her knee joint hard enough to crush the bone. She's been unable to bear weight since. We didn't have it looked until Monday when it was apparent it was more than a sprain. She had surgery on Wednesday morning to fix this and is recuperating nicely. Her season is done, however, as she won't be allowed to put any weight on it until after Endless Summer. Here's where the story gets funny, though. This has been the greatest recruitment tool, ever! "How did you injure yourself?" (She's had to answer this dozens of time to her cadre of professionals.) "I was windsurfing." "Really?? I gotta try that!" As the comedian once joked about amusement parks; "Four people just died." "Can we get on??" The tech who initially saw to her at the ER had just taken our lessons the day before this happened. The nurse that night wanted to know more so she could sign her kids up. All the surgery interns wanted to know more. Even the in-home physical therapist was intrigued! We can not thank enough the people who were there that day and assisted, and continue to. Especially Linda, Bill, Kristin, Carol, the Levine's, Rose, and especially Perry and Mary. She was unable to shower after being in the water Sunday, and when we knew it was going to require surgery, I texted Mary and asked about getting her in just to get her hair washed, knowing that that was going to be the hardest, most down-the-list need to be met for a while. Mary not only washed it, but gave it just a quick trim. Through this ordeal, she was easily the most glamorous patient in that whole hospital. I know that the response we got that day would have been equal, no matter who was around from the club, as anyone would've gone out of their way to help another club member and friend at a time like this.


Date: 09/03/2018
From: Admin

. . .and poses very well. Ouch! Take care.

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