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Pre-Smith work day April 22

Apr 19, 2018 by MackOS

Wright has suggested we have a work day to get ready for the Smith Regatta: "I would like to call a work day at the beach this Sunday to get ready for the Smith. How about 2:00 pm Sunday, April 22. Some of the tasks that I'd like to get done are: 1. Clean up and organize the chase. 2. Do some planning and prep work for the stage trailer insertion. 3. Repair the old water line that ends in a spigot near the NE corner of the teaching trailer (this is not our main water line). 4. Uncover and label the main water shutoff valve near the shitter building. 5. Add steel railings and safety rope to the stage trailer. This trailer is on Lee's lot in Snug Harbour. 6. Work on the washing and drying racks. 7. Perhaps (if I can buy all of the materials) start on the lattice work skirt around the perimeter if the teaching trailer. 8. Other tasks as needed, including Bob's items below. Come down at 2 pm Sunday if you are available." From me (Mack): People have often brought their own tools to help with whatever needs to be done. In addition to some tools I'll bring some beer. Mack


Date: 04/19/2018
From: counkris

We will be there!

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