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Questions about mast length and such

Oct 22, 2017 by Robin McDougall

Hi y'all This question is mostly for Linda. I bought your 7.4 Kona (?) sail a few months ago. I have a 430 mast that doesn't seem long enough, even when I extend my mast base as far as I can. Can you tell me what size mast, base, boom and such you used...? What settings did you have them on? Thank you! Robin


Date: 11/01/2017
From: Robin McDougall

Well, thanks to you ALL. I learned a lot (more than I expected - thank you, Paul!), and I can put the information to good use. I love our sailboard club!
Date: 10/27/2017
From: paul

Robin - really, size doesn't matter... All this talk about extenders and settings just gets in the way of a good time...
Date: 10/22/2017
From: Linda

Hi Robin, 1st, I do know that sail (a Kona legal Aerotech Zenith) calls for a 460 mast. My extensions seem to stay set in the 4-6" (?cm) range from sail to sail. Usually the rigging 'guide' is printed on the sail foot, sometimes on the bag too. Other notes - Kona legal boom must be aluminium; mast blends max ?60-70% carbon. Tips -Have seen several on-line forum comments about not using too much downhaul on that sail. Out-haul should be just enough to 'pop' the battens around. Everyone said they initially needed a strong "pump" to flip the sail, and had to manually push the bottom batten to correct curve (convex/concave). Steve G says those sails just need an extra tap, was not my bad rigging. Hoping this is prep for Clearwater!! Linda
Date: 10/22/2017
From: alexb

According to the Kona website for a Kona ONE sail you'll need a 460cm mast and 30cm extension.

Sail size 7.4 sqm
Mast SDM460C75
Boom 160-220 cm
Extension RDM 30 cm

Your 430 will not work as you'll need at least a 60cm extension and they don't make those in adjustable. Though if you have a Powerex mast and you want to try this crazy thing. Only reason I say Powerex is because any other brand would tweek the mast band curve too much with that carbon extension. No idea how well Powerex works with Kona sails either.

You could get away with a 490cm mast and 0cm extension but once again that would depend on the mast and would probably make the sail feel pretty crappy. Also if the sail head is not adjustable you may have issues as not all extensions are 0cm when you put it at the lowest point. I've tried this with my NP 490 and a 7m Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak. Couldn't get downhauled completely.

Get a proper mast, with the right mast curve for the sail to get the best performance.

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