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Fiesta Key

Aug 7, 2017 by Trey

Hello, I will be without kids this XMAS and told myself no way am I sitting here in Atlanta all alone. I have been to the Keys many times but not lately. I plan on a very "low Key" vacation and would like to camp in a tent at Fiesta Key. I will be driving down from Atlanta for the week with my windsurfing trailer in tow. Couple of questions. I know the wind can be fickle (Atlanta is the worst) and I primarily sail in Hatteras and the gorge. Can you sail out of Fiesta Key? Is there another site you would recommend? don't see many public launch sites for windsurfing, at least not when I google them. Does any one else plan on being in the keys to windsurf that week? Your guidance is appreciated. I have equipment from 7.6 sails and down to 3.7. I understand whatever I sail I will need a weed fin. Is that true. As I sail Hatteras, I have plenty of weed fins. Thank you. Trey Olney 470-233-4714


Date: 08/13/2017
From: paul

Hi Trey. You can definitely launch at Fiesta Key, especially if you're staying there. It's bay sailing, a little rocky close to shore, and there are a couple of sandbars to watch out for, running to the north on either side. As I recall, the one on the west is marked, the one on the east not so much. We have sailed there on west - north - east winds. You can also launch at Bahia Honda State Park, which is good bump and jump if there is any south vector. Also, there used to be a Holiday Isle launch, just off the road or down by the tiki hut past the Hojos - nice on an east-southeast - but my info there is dated, not sure if any of that is still there! Have fun!

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